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Episode 17 · 1 year ago

5 Things You Can Test to Grow Your Show


Growing your podcast audience can take time and it’s tricky to know what causes your downloads to skyrocket or stay at the same number. Thankfully, Travis has 5 easy ways to test your show to get the growth you want!

In this episode, Travis shares the 5 Things to Test on Your Podcast:

  • Length of Show: Ask your audience what they prefer
  • Format of Show: Experiment changing from solocast to interviews or vice versa
  • Posts on Social Media: Try out audiograms, videos, ear nuggets, behind the scenes pics
  • Titles: Use questions, juicy hooks, and phrases that’ll make your audience click your title
  • Video: Incorporate video in your podcast so your audience can consume your podcast in different ways

Memorable Quotes:

  • “We want to constantly be optimizing but don’t test everything all at once.”
  • “It’s super fun to know people want to know more about who’s behind the mic and not just how they can improve on the mic.”

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If you're looking to grow your podcast,you need to be testing and learning, and in this episode I'm going to sharewith you five things that you can test in your podcast to grow your audiencestarting, a podcast is easy. A growing an audience can be hard podcastres face, so many challengesthat can make them want to quit. So I'm here to help them stay in the Gan. This is podcast ther, so, whether you're a podcaster or abusiness owner or doing anything where you're looking to grow it. You need toconstantly be testing and learning. You may have heard of AB testing wherepeople will test two different captions or two different email titles to seewhich one performs better. What they're doing is they're testing things andlearning from them. So today I want to share with you five things that you cantest on your podcast to learn and grow...

...your audience. We want to constantly beoptimizing now before I get started. I don't want you to test everything atonce. I want you to pick one thing and you're going to test that one thing andthen learn from it, so I'm going to share with you fine things you can test.You can pick anything just don't do them all at once, because you won'treally be able to see if the thing you're testing is effective if you'retesting five things at once. So the first thing that you can test and learnfrom with your pod cast is simply the length of the show. Does your audiencelike shorter episodes? Do they like more long form episodes so by testingthis length? You can see if the download numbers go up or down, and youcan even ask your audience for feedback. Do you like the shorter episodes? I amtesting shorter episodes due to people not commuting as much, and I want toget in and out and give you as much value as possible as fast as I can now.That might not be what people want from my podcast and if you don't like theshorter episodes and you like more long...

...form, conversations or interviews,please let me know so. I can make you more content, but you can test thiswith your audience. If you're doing an hour and a half long show and you'rewondering why people aren't sticking around, it might be a great thing totest a shorter episode. Now the cool thing about podcasting is there's norules. You can have a potcast, that's two minutes long. You don't have tohave an episode, that's an hour and a half every single week or it. The nextthing that I want you to potentially test is the format of your show. Areyou exclusively doing interviews? Are you exclusively doing solo podcasts ifyou're just doing interviews, I'd like you to experiment with maybe just doinga solocast and if you're only doing monologues go ahead and try to findsome people to interview and see how those episodes perform? I've got agreat example. One of my clients, Tom from the contractor fight, did one ahundred interviews in a row and after the hundredth interview, he called mein a panic and said. I think I ran out of people to interview. I really don'tknow what to do. I said Tom. You are a...

...commanding guy, you have lots to sayyou're a marine and you have a great voice. Why don't you try to do like arent or a monologe for your audience, and we call it a solo cast at the time,and so he said. Okay, I think I liked that idea, I'm going to try it so. Thenext week we released o Solo cast and the week after that we released asolocast and his audience went crazy. They actually preferred listening tohim rent because he's got such a powerful,inspiring voice then to the interviews. So we changed. The formout of his showto have three solo casts and one interview, so you can learn by testingnew formats to your show. Now. Third Posts on sociamedia socialmedia could be a challenge for podcasters. They don't know what topost. They don't know when to post it, and so my advice for you is to simplystart by testing different kinds of posts. You can post an audiogram. Youcould post a video of you giving a sneak peak into what the process ofyour recording looks like you can put...

...out, video of yourself odcasting or alittle golden dugget or an ear nugget. As I like to call it, you could postpictures of your family or behind the scenes. I am posting mostly oninstogram tips and tricks for podcasters 'cause. I want to bring thema lot of value and O help them. I also post pictures of my prox and services,but every time I post a picture of me and my family apple picking or goofingaround I get like twice as many likes, which tells me that people are actuallyinterested in who I am as a person. They don't just want to see the latesttip and trick. So I've started to incorporate that into my social mediaprogramming here I'll share more about my lifestyle and it's Super Fun to knowthat people actually care who's behind the Mike, not just how they can improveon the Mike all Right. Fourth titles, so we mentioned a B testing before and people testing titles of emails. Iwant you to start to test different...

...kinds of titles. Titles are the firstthing that people are going to see when they see your episode and the title canreally be make Er break with whether someone presses record or not so,experiment with titles. Can you make it simply a question? Can you make itsomething juicy that they just can't resist? I can't believe I'm publishingthis podcast or a question like do you know how to blank write? Whatever your niche is, doyou know the fastest way to blank and create a situation where you're puttingthem in a position where they're actually asking themselve? If they knowthat information, if they don't they're going to want to click the button,because they're going Na want to learn because you're going to share it withthem or if you're doing something like a comedy podcast, you could use justjuicy hooks that have irresistible clickability on them and I don't wantto say Click Bait, but you want to do something. That's really going to makesomeone say: I've gotta find out what's happening here so test your titles andfifth video. So I'm really hot on video...

...right now, I used to think that thepodcast was everything and I'm quickly learning that video is converting a lotmore to bring me new podcasters and that's as simply as me, filming thispodcast right now now, if you're not comfortable in front of the camera, youcan just simply do something like this, where you record the side views you'renot staring into a lens and feeling insecure or you know, overwhelmed O'rgetting that video red light fever. So you coal, do a side angle shot or youcan look directly in the Lens, whatever you're most comfortable with and beforeyou run out and buy a camera or any type of live streaming rig or anything.You can start by just doing it on your phone there's a great app called thesure motive. APP that's free hit, allows you to record fourk video onyour phone, so you can get a great shot of yourself, recording your podcast andnow the other things you can do with that are cut it into little chunks andshare it in different places. So taking one large piece of content and makingit into a bunch of little ear nuggets...

...that you can spread out whenever youwant now, I'm going to make an entire video on how to take a podcast and turnit into a bunch of different pieces of content, but for right now I just wantyou to start getting comfortable on video five years ago. It was easy tojust have a podcast. Three years ago, people started using audiograms, andnow the trend I'm seeing is that I'm seeing a lot more video eclips ofpeople doing their potcast. So can you incorporate video and your podcast andwill your audience appreciate that if your show's visual or if you have agreat style, I think that it will convert more people to fall in lovewith you as a podcaster and hit the subscry button, so they don't miss thepodcasts when they're out and about at the gym, walking their dog washingdishes all the things people do when they consume contents. So there's fivethings that you can test right now on your podcast again, don't test them allat once. Pick one thing and test it for a little while and see what the resultsare and then optimize and then maybe go...

...to the next thing. But if you test themall at once, you'll get mixed databack and you won't really know which of thethings actually worke, so just make sure that you focus on one thing at atime. So tell me: What's one thing you're going to test for your podcasthit me up in the DMS on Instagram, and let me know I love to hear fromeverybody and if you're struggling with an issue with podcasting, join myprivate facebook group, it's the podcast builder club, where I helphodcasters find their voice grow their audience and take over the world withtheir potgans. I'll, see you the next episode thanks for listening. If you enjoyedthis episode, the number one thing you could do to help is to subscribe rateand review this codcast or, if you know another codcast who may be strugglingand needs a little bit of hodcast. There be just click that sheer buttonand share it with the Podcaster Youl love the Bost I'llsee A in the nextepisode.

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