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Episode 47 · 4 months ago

7 Things to AVOID in Podcasting


  1. Stop making everything about yourself. Your audience is the hero of the journey. Be the guide
  2. Stop using the Spray and Pray method! Instead of saying check out my episode, tell them what's in it for them! Make it easy to want to press play.
  3. You have no niche or any clue who your ideal listener is. You are trying to be everything to everyone. Start tiny and branch out. Make sure to exclude people so the right people show up and stay
  4. You waste the most valuable part of your podcast - the first 60 seconds. Whether it be an anchor ad, long winded intro, or small talk. The first 60 seconds is where you HOOK someone. Tell them what they will gain in the episode!
  5. You don't invest in learning. Show me your friends and I'll show you your future. The reason you aren't growing is because you're not investing in courses, books, and masterminds that put you in a successful circle.
  6. Your social media is all over the place. Your page is dogs, steaks, and selfies. You post and wait for engagement but don't engage on your own. You get what you give. Be the first to engage and make sure your profile makes sense.
  7. You set weird imaginary milestones. Most podcasters have some arbitrary goal of X # of downloads. It's great to set goals but what does that get you? Vanity? Instead focusing on download numbers, focus on COMPLETION RATE. Does anyone finish your episode? If not, improve the content! Fix the audio, get a better format!

ps. read this. you only need 1000 True Fans to win. 

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