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Episode 44 · 4 months ago

What Happened to Apple Podcasts Connect?


Big news in the world of Apple Podcasts! They just announced that they’re rolling out a new dashboard for Apple Podcasts Connect and there are loads of changes. Today, I’m joined by Billy Thorpe to chat about what we know now about the changes. We’ll be sure to do an update once we learn more!

In this episode, Travis and Billy talk about:

  • That lots of podcasts went missing from the search feature in the podcast app and how to fix this issue.
  • The stats on Apple Podcasts Connect, including the completion rate - which is an invaluable stat.
  • How they’re changing the language from “subscribe” to “follow”.
  • How CPM is going to change quite a bit, which should give you more accurate stats about how many people actually listen to your show.
  • The paid subscription option and how it may affect (or not affect) companies like Buy Me a Coffee and Patreon.
  • What the paid Apple Creator feature does for you, what it costs (including financial costs, and other costs), and whether it could be worth it for your podcast.
  • The importance of the mindset of investing in your podcast and your business.
  • Overall opinions about whether or not these changes will be good for podcasting, and why.

Memorable Quotes

“The sky is gonna be falling on CPM, because once people realize that a bunch of devices are subscribed but people aren’t...this is a vanity metric.”

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