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Episode 16 · 1 year ago

Are You Willing to Invest in Your Podcast?


If time is money, how much are you truly spending on your podcast? Who is mentoring you? Is anyone mentoring you? Before you spend another penny or minute on your podcast, learn why you must start treating your podcast like a business and why should invest not just in your show, but in yourself, too!

In this episode, Travis shares…

  • How starting a podcast is similar to starting a business
  • Limiting beliefs that keep podcasters from investing in themselves
  • Why taking a loss now can pay off in the future
  • The difference between spending money and investing money
  • The benefits of investing in yourself
  • Details about the Podcast Builder Club

Memorable Quotes:

  • “If you’re intending on having a successful podcast at some point in time, it needs to make you money.”
  • “Money doesn’t even exist. Money is like time and we choose where we spend it.”
  • “Look at the podcasts you love. Do you think they’ve invested in themselves?”
  • “If you do the same things, you’re going to get the same results.”
  • “Lifelong learners are going to be the ones you see at the top of the food chain.”

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Today's episode is all about investingin yourself investing in your podcast. If you're not investing in your podcast.Now you don't want to miss this episode. Starting a podcast is easy. A growingan audience can be hard podcastres face, so many challengesthat can make them want to quit. So I'm here to help them stay in the game. This is codcast there. You may have heard the term takes money to make money. Now that Ithink, applies to a lot of things, but I think it can also apply to podcasting. I see a lot of podcasters starting pod casting for free, which isawesome, there's no buryer to entry, it's easy to get into, and anybody cando it, which is why podcasting is so amazing, but there are outliers thatrise to the top and those outliers and podcasting tend to have invested inthemselves. Now, I'm not talking about...

...building a fifty thousand dollarpodcasting studio, I'm talking about investing in your podcast, just likeyou would a business. So if you think about college, we apply to a college get accepted andwe invest in learning something and getting acertificate we invest in our future. We invest in the fact that after Icomplete this, I'm going to have something that's going to help me get ajob and that job's going to make me money and I'm going to have a careerand I'm going to be fulfilled. So it's an investment, it's an investment wemake blindly when we're eighteen years old and don't really know what we wantto do anyway, or maybe you've started a business or want to start a business.Well. The first thing you need to do when you start business is have startup capital theire costs to having a business there are permits. There arelots of things that you're going to...

...need money to start that business.That's why people are Angel Investors and invest in all these differentbusinesses, like oober and and Sounder FM, and all these start up companies,because those companies need seed money, they're planting seeds to grow. So Iwant you to think about you'R podcast as a business, because what does a business do abusiness puts out product and that product makes them money? Soif you're intending on having a successful pockess at some point intime, it needs to make you money and if you're not investing in it, becauseit's not making you money right now, there's a chance that you might notever make money. So here's what I want to share with you.There are some limiting beliefs that keep people from investing inthemselves. This could be in their podcast ind, their health in theircareer, their relationship. The first is that they don't want tochallenge themselves, it's easier to...

...just stay. Where you are it's safer tonot take the risk, you might not have a learning or growth mindset. You mightnot want to keep learning new skills, new strategies, and that might beinhibiting your growth in all those aspects. You also might not know exactly whatyou want to learn or need to learn, and finally, you might not believe thatyou can afford it. So these are all limiting beliefs thatkeep people from investing in something. Now I just got off a call with apodcaster who has a top one hundred podcast on the apple charts, he'sstarting to get all kinds of traction, he's getting big guests and he'sgetting inundated with requests to be on thepodcast and be another pod cast he's overwhelmed the call we just had. He said thisthing is taking off. I didn't expect it to take off this fast, so we discussedhis strategy and he shared with me that,...

...right now in the first six months ofhis podcast, he is investing a ton of money in the right gear, the rightcamera, the right software to record and building a team, a team of peoplewho take the content edit. It put it into video form, make it in a socialmedia post, which frees him up to continue to makeawesome content. It frees him up to continue to grow his business, butright now he's actually taking a loss, but he now has momentum. He now haspeople offering him money to sponsor his podcast, and I don't think thatwould have been possible had he not invested right now and built a team, soyou have to ask yourself: is podcasting worth investing in for you. It may notbe, and that's totally fine, but by investing in things like some decentgear and even educating yourself on how...

...to improve your podcast can be a supereasy thing to invest in so I run a company called PODDECX and I makeunique interview, questions and episodes starting prompts in the palmof your hand, in the form of decks of carts. It's a tool for podcasters tohave more engagement, to have better conversations and hey have phonepodcasting, and there are people that love pod ducks and when they purchasethat what they're doing is they're making an investment in their podcast.No, I'm not saying you need to buy pod ducks. What I'm saying is. I know thatall the podcasters that purchase this product are interested in growing and Isee that they're making an investment in their show, and you can tell whenyou watch a podcast who has a good microphone and who doesn't now. Youdon't need to run out and buy a microphone right away if you're, juststarting podcasting, definitely dip your tow of the water get in there forfree use what you have, but if you find...

...that you're falling in love with it,and you want to get traction- and you want to make this a real thing- youwant to be a podcaster professionally. You need to consider investing in your podcast, because if you do the same thing overand over again you're going to continually get the same results.podcasters always ask me how to grow their audience, how to get betterguests, how to edit their podcast and all they're doing is going into facebook groups and asking questions. I see the same questions over and over andover again and when people answer those questions with a tool or a microphoneor some type of suggestion, it generally costs money and then theresponss. Well, I don't have money for that now. The truth about money, there's a truth bomb right here is thatmoney doesn't even exist for the most part, everyone's usingdigital money right now,...

...but a dollar bill is just a piece ofpaper. It's an agreement between me and you- and I say when I give you thisdollar, you accept that this dollar represents a dollar and when I ventmo you, you accept thenumber on the Venmo is equal to what we both believe. That is worth and money is like time we choose wherewe spend it, and most people who tell me they don'thave money, may have an expensive car payment or they just got a new tattooor they just bought a new electronic toy or a new gaming system, and they dohave money but they're choosing not to invest it in their podcast. And so it'seasy to say. I can't afford to invest in my podcast because it's easier tosay that, because then you can blame your podcast success on not having theresources to afford squadcast or a software tool to have better interviews.So look around you look at the podcast...

...that you love. Do you think they'veinvested in themselves? Do you think Joe Rogan invested in a podcast studio,the answer's, very clear, the people that are investing in themselves believe and you need to believe inyourself too. I'm telling you right now. Anybody can do it, but you have to bewilling to put in the work, be consistent and you have to invest inyourself and it doesn't it just apply topodcasting. This could be investing in a fitness DVD. This could be investingin a book. This could be investing in coaching. I personally have a mentorthat I pay a lot of money to to help me grow my business and the money I spendis worth ten times what I'm paying, because somebody has done all thisbefore and is helping me. So are you willing to invest inyourself? Are you willing to get a...

...coach get a mentor? Are you willing tojoin a group of people and start to learn more about how you canbe the next big podcaster? Are you willing to get a great microphone andsound like butter over the Mik, sound professional, because that's what it'sgoing to take to get a sponsor cereal, the podcast about a man who wasaccused of a crime just sold to the New York Times for twenty five milliondollars, twenty five million dollars now thatshow took a lot of work to produce hours and hours of editing field,recording, scripting riders equipment, and that show wasbuilt on an investment and that investment paid off. So you can win by investing in yourself.You just have to ask yourself. Look yourself in the Miror and say: am Iwilling to invest in this to make it...

...my thing now, there's nothing wrong if you don'twant to, if you're, just having fun pod casting and you're doing it for free.That is awesome. There's no better hobby, in my opinion, than to shareyour stories or interview people and learn from them. But if you really want to take yourpodcast at the next level, if you really want to do this, you need toconsider investing. So I want to remind you that if you do the same thing,you're going to get the same results- and I want to invite you to somethingI've put together what I call the podcast builder club. If you go topogcasbuilder club otcom, there are horses on how to do everything inpodcasting, launching monotizing, editing social media running adseverything that Youd need to do in order to build up your podcast to bethe next big thing, and I put everything into one place for you, soyou could access it easily. I've even got it priced insanely low. So for amonthly fee you can access all of the...

...content, so you're looking to learn andgrow from someone who's been there before you check out Pod cassbilderclub dotcom also go to the library. Get a book find a book on a topic that you wan tolearn and grow about, there's all kinds of free ways to learn. I will also saythat you tube is a huge resource every time something in my house breaks. I goto outube and somebody teaches me how to fix it. Lifelong learners are goingto be the ones that you see at the top of the food chain, they're investing inthemselves, they're, investing in their network they're investing in their gear,and I an to remind you. It does take money to make money and you can makemoney from a podcast, but you have to really want to invest in yourself. So that's all I have for you today. Iwant you to invest in yourself in all aspects of your life. You will behappier you will go farther and, let's be honest, you're worth it so before Igo just want to ask you one question:...

What one aspect of your life? Can youstart to invest in right now, pick one thing and go all about thanks for listening. If you enjoyedthis episode, the number one thing you could do to help is to subscribe rateand review this codcast or, if you know another codcast who may be strugglingand needs a little bit of podicast therapy, just click that sheer buttonand share it with the podcaster. You love the most I'LSEEA IN THE NEXTEPISODE.

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