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Episode 32 · 8 months ago

Clubhouse for Content Creators, featuring Guillaume Dorméus


Have you heard of the social media app Clubhouse and been itching to get on it? Or maybe you have an invite sitting around, but you’re not sure yet how to utilize it? Today Travis is chatting with Guillaume Dorméus, an expert content creator who has lots of good ideas for leveraging Clubhouse. Guil is a photographer, a catalyst and connector of people, and the host of his own podcast, Culture Theory -so you know he’s got brilliant ideas for fellow content creators!

In this episode, Travis and Guil talk about:

  • The new app Clubhouse, which is for entrepreneurs and professionals to meet and listen to each other.
  • How Clubhouse is awesome for podcasters because it takes a lot of the audio features of a podcast, without ads and intros, and adds in a whole new level of interactivity.
  • Ways Clubhouse differs from other social media platforms, and how those benefit entrepreneurs.
  • How you can use Clubhouse to network with people outside your current bubble.
  • Tricks to run a successful room on Clubhouse, attract interesting people for a mutually beneficial conversation, and keep folks in your room.
  • How rooms with two people hosting, especially two with differing viewpoints, can make for really engaging conversations.
  • Specific ways that podcasters can leverage Clubhouse to grow their show, allow their audiences to interact with hosts, find new guests, and more!
  • How to get on Clubhouse if you’re not on there already -and reasons why you want to use your extra invites strategically.
  • Advice for podcasters using Instagram to promote episodes, especially when you may not be the best photographer.

Tips for content creators to face social media overwhelm.

Memorable Quotes:

“That’s what I love about Clubhouse, it gives us that nostalgia, that vibe, where you gotta watch it now or it’s gone.”

“When you have an opportunity to create urgency, you’ve got to capitalize that.”

“Creators with the same wavelength, the same mentality, communicating, and collaborating, and sharing their knowledge.”

“Take a break, relax, find something you actually love to do. And then get back to working, because you’ll have fresh eyes.”

Links to Resources

Join Clubhouse here, then find Guil at @shinguil and Travis at @poddecks

Guil’s Culture Theory Podcast

Check out the new Black History deck on the Pod Decks app for Apple and Android.

If you need help with launching a podcast, taking better photos, or getting your gear set up, hit Guil up on Instagram at @shinguil
Go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/poddecks to join the Podcast Builder Club!

Today's episode is All about Club House,a new social media APP that is audio, only allows you to go into rooms withmoderators and listen to panels and, of course, interact with them. It's becomewildly popular, it's only available on IOS devices and its invitation. Only sothis. Last Saturday, I was invited to speak alongside John Ly, doomis MarkSavant, Sebastian Rusk and talk about podcasting, and we went for almost twohours in this room, answering questions about podcasting and networking withpeople, and it was just an amazing time. So, if you do have a chance to get aninvitation, a club House make sure you take it. Now. Today, I've gotGeamidormius, also known as Gil, also known as at Shinguell, on Instagram, aguy who inspires me literally daily okay, and we talk all about clubhousehow you can use it to grow your podcast, how you can use to grow your networkand a couple more details about what the APP actually is. Now I don't wantyou to miss the end of this episode. Gil Drops some fire bombs about how youcan use social media to grow. Your online presence, he is a master atinstagram and engagement, and I just want to make sure that you know thatthere's a little extra in this episode with Gild today in addition to clubhouse. So let's just get into the show, buckle up, get your favorite hotbeverage and, let's rock so gilt. Can you explain very brieflywhat is clubhouse? It's the newest social media, APP that everyone'sraging about we're going to we're going to unpack this this APP for podcasters.But just in your words, can you give me a brief explanation of what clubHouseis Club House is to me at least, is a dope place where creatorsentrepreneurs can come and meet and then Thereis Lik there's? No. What'sthe word, I'm looking for no gatekeepers, you don't have to have ablue check mark. You don't have to have...

...a million something followers. Youdon't have to have a business there' somebody who has some knowledge andyou're willing to listen. You come in and just listen to them talk. So it's it. In my opinion, it's sort oflike going to a trade show or like a like a meetup Lis. You don't have toleave the comfort of your own home and your getting access to rooms of otherpeople that are either listening or moderating a room so for podcasters. Ithink this is an amazing platform, because it's basically everythingpodcasting what we want from podcasting. So there's no ads. There's no intrommusic, there's no editing you either you go in you consume it, but one of the other benefits is that youcan actually raise your hand and ask a question and start to interact whichwell talk about more. So what's your club house, user name, Gil Clok House,Usyour name is Shin Gil, Shin, gu, io, awesome so make sure you can ack withboth of us, I'm at at poddecks and connect with Gil. So why do you thinkclubhouse is so popular like right? Now I feel like clobhouse is popularbecause because of Zoom Zoom is popular because it brings a lots of peopletogether. But not everybody is ready. You know camera ready, not everybody'scamera traine and he can just get on a a club house call in your car in yourbathroroom, and you were ink e. just listening, raise your hand, havesomething you want to say you can go ahead and say pop in and pop out yeah.So I think this also plays into podcasting, which you can do whenyou're walking the dog you can do when you're doing the dishes. You know waysI was on club Hous the other day just listening. I just went in to be alistener and I was sweeping the floor and then all of tha sudden I heardpeople saying my name and asking me questions and then they wanted to makeme a moderator and I was a little unprepared for it. But and I love beingincluded in those things, but it's really shows the interaction you knowwhat we want from our podcast audience...

...sometimes is for them to raise theirhand and ask a question. They can't do that and so club housas sort of allowedyou to be able to have a room or join a room. Ask a question and get thatinteraction. So it's very interesting to me to see how this is all rolled out.Now, if you're not on club house you, this is an invite only platform which Ido also think makes it a little more mysterious. It's sort of like you knowyou go to the club and there's the red rope and you got TA. You got a wait inline. You got to be led in it's Fomo, Fomo, fear of missing out a lot ofpeople are seeing it on social media people screenshotting I want to get in.How do I get in? I don't have any invites sorry. Yeah and people areselling invites on Ebay and there is like you know: People are on the formsGong. Does anyone have an Invi, I'm Di've had people say I'm dying to getinto clubhous, so we'll share we'll share some ways: somecreative ways where you can get an invite for clubhouse, but there's onceyou get into the APP now, if you're already in the APP that's awesome, ifyou're not in the APP yet there's a couple of community guidelines that Ireally like about club housing. The first is that you cannot record ortranscribe the club house is taking place, meaningyou can't turn it into a podcast. So me and Gil had a phone conversation thisearlier this week and accidental he butt dialed me and then I called thimback. We had this like thirty FT conversation that could have been thispodcast right, but we were talking about in Gi. This is what you said.Clubhouse is happening right now. Can you elaborate on your thoughts on that? It's happening now with the podcast.Hey Travis is talking to Jeff bazos. You know what I'm busy right now I'll.Listen to it later. You know you have the with content creation. It'sOndemand! I can watch you whenever I want. That's the power of these cableboxes, apple TVs, but clubhouse brings us back to the S and s. You missed thewrestling match. It's gone, you can't...

...rewatch it. You know and that's why Ilove about club House. It gives us that that nostalgia that that vibe were hey.You gotta Watch it now, or else it's gone yeah. So so with instagram andfacebook you know you can go live and you can let it replay forever right. Sothere's there's not as much of an urgency, and this is this is a lesson Ithink podcasters need to know is like when you have an opportunity to createurgency. You want to capitalize on that right, so I wrote that down when we talked was,was that it's happening right now, and you mentioned something earlier aboutno blue check marks and on the conversation he said, you don't gounread. Let's talk about that, a little bit right. So we've all pitched people,we've all sent messages. Let's talk about not going on red. You ever sent.He message to somebody you admire and love, and you just want to speak to,and it's just you know what you go in the General Inbox or actually you justblock because or deleted, because ar they going to look on your page Wat, ahundred something followers. He has nothing of worthy to tell me and youcould be just be the most. You could be the person that could put them in theright direction, but clubhouse I've met so many influential people that I wouldhave never have been in contact with the clip when you get into a clubhouseroom, hey rule, everybody follow each other, especially photogaphers go ontheir page goin, their bio click, their instagram or twitter be sure to reachout, because this is a conversation. This is creators with the same wave, ling, thesame same mentality, communicating and collaborating and sharing theirknowledge yeah. Absolutely I love that. Now we also on our phone conversation,which I really wish we were recorded right now right. You were talking abouthow you know facebook and instagram sort of limit you in the audiences thatyou get served to without either paid ads or or different type of strategies.Let's talk about how how you've used clubhouse to reach New People and getnew blood into your. Let's just call...

...your world yeah. So the way I would usea club house all create a room content creators one on one. ' Let's call itthat and I'll say this is going live at eleven pm, I'm Easter Standard Time. So it'seleven pm for me, but for Travis it might be ten PM and he's probably justfree- and he has all the time in the world at the moment and he's youChicago right, Yep, so he's far away and I can get Ino. I can get in contactwith him and there's some other people who was like hey. This is content.creatiing thing is going on. They don't follow me. They don't know who I amwith instagram and especially facebook. It kind of keeps you within thatnetwork of your friends and family. Be You went to high school with people.You actually don't even associate anymore you're, not even the same typeof person anymore. So when you're trying to create content, you want toreach out to get newpetestel clients, not the same old blood right yeah. Ilove that yeah, because you know it's basically clubhouse is giving you anopportunity to to put a billboard on a wall. Saying like hey I'd like to helpyou with s and then everybody who comes in that's interested in that topic isable to decide themselves hey. Do I want to listen to this and jump intothis conversation? So you mentioned starting a room or scheduling a room,so in the club house APP there is a little calendar icon at the top, solet's say you're a podcaster, and maybe you have a specific niche right. Maybeyou have a o you're, like Gill, you're, a contant creator and Gills one of myfavorite content creators make sure you follow Mon instagram because he does abunch of rearly stuff that I want to steal, but I'm going to ask permissionto steal like doing quizzes and really engaging stuff and really greatphotographer and one of the early adopters of POB decks and actually thephotographer of all of my products. So thank you for that. Gill. If you wantto schedule a room, you're going to go to this calendar and then you're goingto be able to schedule a room at a specific time and what you want to dois you want to be very specific on what you're going to talk about? You canschedule that room and then it will...

...show up in the calendar o events basedon what people have said, they're interested in so do you have any bestpractices. I know you've been a moderator. I know you've been alistener. What are your thoughts on some best practices for how somebody,let's say a podcaster, could run a successful room on club house. I would description is everythingbefore you even get into the room? The title has to be catchy and clubhouse.There is no way to add any photos, no post, no videos. So all you have areyour words, that's it so make sure you write a very descriptive description, areally good description at an tells what you're going to be talking aboutwhen you're going to be talking about it and give people enough time therewhere they can get. You know what this is like in an hour. I got time. Sothat's the best way. I would do it also outside of Club House. You knowannounce it somewhere else. Maybe tell a friend Hey. This is what I Tis imgoing. This is what going on in a couple of hours I'm going to be inclubhouse and if they were your followers, they know that this room isgoing to be popping yeah. Absolutely a couple. Other thingsI'd like to advise people on is don't put the you know the first part of yourtext. I've seen a couple people saying like the name of their business colon,then what they're going to talk about well, what happens in the preview isthat that only shows the name of Your Business and you need to just leaveyour name out of the entire thing unless it's in the mini description,but just tell people today, I'm going to be telling you three ways that youcan monetize your podcast without a sponsor right, tell them exactly what you're going tobe talking about. So they know this room's for me, or this room is not forme at this time. It's very similar to your podcast titles right, tell themwhat is in the episode now. Another thing that I've seen prettysuccessful in these rooms is is telling people hey, hit the plus signand invite some of your people to this room that you think would be interestedin this topic and that will grow your audience. And the third way is, I think,is te partner up with someone so...

...to say: Hey I'm going to be speaking onthis and I'm gonto invite Gill to also speak on this, and I think thatsomething I'm seeing a trend in is having two people that may have twodifferent views right, so you're going to get two different aspects. So it'snot just a there's too many clubhouses going onwhere everybody's just like super complimentary of everyone, I'm happyfor everyone to be in the community, but let's see two different views. IfI've grown something without a sponsor, I'm going to try to find somebody whohas a sponsor and create some type of. I don't want to say drama, but like a arespectful debate, what do you think about inviting other people to yourroom, skill? I've seen that a lot where it'll be two speakers, and I, when yousee that the AL that obviously means hey this room, has some engagementthereis going to be some back and forth? There's going to be some dialogue, Ireally hate the rooms. Where is just one person? Hey I'm business and alsoyou said this on your last club house, sounding to Selsy hiit's, a turnoff sohaving two people and the dialogue, it's perfect yeah, absolutely so thatsecond person could be a moderator as well. It also gives you a break andsomething I've been studying in the background is how to keep peopleengaged in live content, podcast and there's proof that about every tenminutes, your brain sort of resets, and if every ten minutes you don't switchvoices or switch, what you're, showing you will lose people along the way. Soit's really healthy to have you share some value and then say: Hey,I'm going to switch over to Gil Gill's, going to share his thoughts on this.Ask questions from the audience. Let people actually interact to have thesesuccessful, podcast, so Gil? I would. I would consider you sort of a catalyst,a connector of sorts. I want to talkabout networking on Club House, so you've talked to some people that youhold on a pedestal and you've probably...

...help some people that are at thebeginning of your journey. Can you share anything that you think aboutnetworking that clubhouse is really something that podcasters o capitalizeon the people that I've met on a clubhouse? I ' ve, like I said before,I would have never met them in real life or any other social mediaplatforms. Simply because the way the club house is set up, your bio iseverything you know. Put Your instagram put your with your facebook put yourtwitter and when you get into a room, you know you're, given the opportunityto give a inthe introduction of who you are. I've got the opportunity to meetsomebody who shot with fincy beauty, rianas fashion brand. I've got the workwith somebody who photograph Morris Chestnut Rick, Ross, a plathor of celebrities, and thesepeople say: Hey. That's your social media, I'll follow, and now I haveaccess to this person whenever they glook at my stories. Wow. You know alot about photography, hey, let's do a consultation, and that is the power ofclub house. So it's not necessarily going on to sell your services, it'sabout bringing value, an networking with people and then taking that to thenext level in another way. So I think that's super smart and something thatI've also seen others doing is if I moderate a room or in other rooms, I'vebeen in, and I see people that need to be connected connect. Those people liveright, there say: listen, you know, gil is a amazing content. Creatorphotographer and this person person x will call him is running a business andthey need a little bit of help in that department. I'd like to connect you toand you and you become thes superconnector, where you're connectingpeople that didn't know each other and your creating value just by connectingthe dots between people. So I want to take this back to podcasters, becausepodcast therapy is all about podcasters. Have you used club house in any way to bolster the culture theory? PODCAST?Have you used any strategies in order...

...to promote or to get guests has t? DOESANYTHING COME TO MIND? Not yet, but we have discussed it and we're implementedit right now, so we're going to create a room soon, jo say: Hey we're. Lookingfor influential people. Looking for professionals, we have a coupleepisodes lined up for the year whe we want to interview therapist. We have acouple mental health series that are coming Ou and we need to findprofessionals and clubhouse is filled with professional people and n yeah.That's awesome yeah, so I think for podcasters there's a couple differentways: you can leverage this very easily, so no no Gi as a master at like creatingcontent online. So he's a podcaster he's a photographer he's a videographyHi's. All these things he's like my go to guy, for if I have a tech question,so I want to just let people know like if you you should connect with Gil and-and he is one of the most helpful people I've ever seen on the Internetwith all those things. If you have aquestion, don't forget to hit him up, but for podcasters you know one of theeasiest ways. I think you could Leverage Club House for your podcast is a tocreate bonus episodes that are interactive on this platform. So let'ssay we talk about right now, we're talking about club house, but if peoplewanted to go deeper with us, we coan start a room to continue thisconversation in an interactive way and so you're giving people the next stepto take where, when you end your episode, if you just end your episodewithout giving anybody a challenge or call the action they're just going togo to the next podcast. But if you say hey at eleven pm EST we're going to begoing deeper into clubhouse and how you can lever. This is you've createdinvitation to extend your podcast into the live realm. Additionally, thenetworking capabilities are just beyond belief so connecting with people that couldbecome a guest on your podcast or maybe you could guest on their podcast. Arethere any other ways that you could think of because you're so creative Gilto use club house as a podcaster...

...without being spammy, or you know everything that these facebookgroups have become where people are just dropping episodes have any anytips for podcasters to just use that in a respectful way? Yeah. I think you saidit with the bonus episodes. You could say: Hey guys. If you want more of us we're going on Clubhouse we go on clubhouse. Let's say you set a specific day every Tuesday at seven PM, eft we'regoing to be podcasting and people can join in and then Ensa people aren'tfamiliar with your podcast. What is this thing that keeps coming up everyMonday? Oh, you know what let me, let me sheck out their podcast. If I lovethem live, I wonder what they are when they're like you know, situated andhave the in the podcast room with perfect audio, so that I coan see thatas a perfect opportunity to gain new listeners and supporters yeah, and soit works backwards as well. So if you start on club house- and you decide heyI'm- you know, let's call you an expert in Whi- well, Gils, an expert incontect creation, so gills going to go on to club house and create these roomsand in that he's going to give his audience value, he's going to teachthem how to do things. Okay, that's why people are there they're there tonetwork and learn, but along the way he could judiciously and respectfully letpeople know hey by the way. I also have a podcast that you can get in the bioof my instagram. Just go ahead and click that and what's going to happenis people are going to listen and they're,going to hear your voice and they're going no hear your value, there's nodifference between a club house room and a podcast, except for theinteraction. So if they fall in love with your voice, if they fall in lovewith your message, you will get more listeners because they're going to wantto go further with you right. I compare this to music. All the time you find aband, you may have slept on them for years you find an album. What's thefirst thing you do go back and see what all their other albums are and you getto have this discovery so use club...

...house for that discovery and you know,give give value or create you know rooms where you go beyond just yourregular podcast, so reaching new people outside of facebookand Inscram, I think, was one of t. The biggest points you brought to the table.Do you go on club house regularly as a moderator? Are you just going on annetworking fashion right now, notworking fashion, and sometimes whenI see other content crators that I follow and that I know and theyreonline because it gives that notification hey travis is on Oh gotta,go in, you know, so i? U. I would just tune in and pop out and if I, if I needto say something or if I hear something that I'm interested in I'll, follow theperson, that's speaking so clubhouse rewards people by activity, soeverybody's asking for invites- and I want I want to sort of.

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