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Episode 32 · 11 months ago

Clubhouse for Content Creators, featuring Guillaume Dorméus


Have you heard of the social media app Clubhouse and been itching to get on it? Or maybe you have an invite sitting around, but you’re not sure yet how to utilize it? Today Travis is chatting with Guillaume Dorméus, an expert content creator who has lots of good ideas for leveraging Clubhouse. Guil is a photographer, a catalyst and connector of people, and the host of his own podcast, Culture Theory -so you know he’s got brilliant ideas for fellow content creators!

In this episode, Travis and Guil talk about:

  • The new app Clubhouse, which is for entrepreneurs and professionals to meet and listen to each other.
  • How Clubhouse is awesome for podcasters because it takes a lot of the audio features of a podcast, without ads and intros, and adds in a whole new level of interactivity.
  • Ways Clubhouse differs from other social media platforms, and how those benefit entrepreneurs.
  • How you can use Clubhouse to network with people outside your current bubble.
  • Tricks to run a successful room on Clubhouse, attract interesting people for a mutually beneficial conversation, and keep folks in your room.
  • How rooms with two people hosting, especially two with differing viewpoints, can make for really engaging conversations.
  • Specific ways that podcasters can leverage Clubhouse to grow their show, allow their audiences to interact with hosts, find new guests, and more!
  • How to get on Clubhouse if you’re not on there already -and reasons why you want to use your extra invites strategically.
  • Advice for podcasters using Instagram to promote episodes, especially when you may not be the best photographer.

Tips for content creators to face social media overwhelm.

Memorable Quotes:

“That’s what I love about Clubhouse, it gives us that nostalgia, that vibe, where you gotta watch it now or it’s gone.”

“When you have an opportunity to create urgency, you’ve got to capitalize that.”

“Creators with the same wavelength, the same mentality, communicating, and collaborating, and sharing their knowledge.”

“Take a break, relax, find something you actually love to do. And then get back to working, because you’ll have fresh eyes.”

Links to Resources

Join Clubhouse here, then find Guil at @shinguil and Travis at @poddecks

Guil’s Culture Theory Podcast

Check out the new Black History deck on the Pod Decks app for Apple and Android.

If you need help with launching a podcast, taking better photos, or getting your gear set up, hit Guil up on Instagram at @shinguil
Go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/poddecks to join the Podcast Builder Club!

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