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Episode 31 · 8 months ago

🔴 3 things I learned after getting Covid-19


Last week, Travis wasn’t feeling very well, so in order to protect his family, he decided to get a COVID test. He was shocked to get a positive result! He’s been incredibly cautious throughout this whole pandemic, barely leaving the house and practicing thorough social distancing and hygiene.

In this episode, Travis talks about what he learned from overcoming this obstacle, such as:

  • The importance of self-care, because without your health you have nothing else (yes, it’s cliche, but true!).
  • That it is probably possible to work yourself sick by over-exerting yourself, and as podcasters, we have a tendency to do this.
  • Asking for help is ok when you need it. Remember, it’s good to be able to delegate things to team members.
  • How it’s ok to take an occasional pause from your phone, email, social media, etc. When you are feeling overwhelmed, step back and let that momentum stop for a minute.

Memorable Quotes

“There's beauty in knowing when you need to ask for help”

“There’s momentum in everything”

“We have what we can do in our hands, alone”

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Okay, so before I start this out, letme just say that I am very cautious, very careful and wear amask everywhere. I go and was not expecting to really ever get this result. So earlier this week I was not feelingmyself. I was not feeling healthy and, of course, decided to go,get a test for covid nineteen couple reasons I did this. My children are inschool and I am all about protecting the safety of the general public aswell as everyone around me and unfortunately received a positive testresult and I was shocked. Let me let me tell you, I was shocked because peoplehave told me I am incredibly cautious. I don't really go anywhere. I wear amask if I do go anywhere wash my hands like you've, never seen someone washtheir hands before and I don't go anywhere. I mean my friends and colleagues are flying allover the world and taking vacations, and here I am almost sitting still in my house andgetting this positive test result. So it made sense after the fact, based onhow I was feeling- and it was very interesting when I told people their first response- and this was nine out of ten people'sfirst responses. Well, where did you get it? Not? Are you, okay, which was reallyinteresting from a social, just a social experiment, standpoint that thehuman brain really wanted to know the cause, not the condition, so that wasvery interesting to see. Of course, people ask how you are after the fact,but most people said: where did you get it, and obviously, if I knew where Igot it, whut Ih've gone there. No, so I want to share with you a couplethings. I've learned. This applies to...

...your life. I guess the this. This doesapply to podcasting. I know podcast therapies, all about podcasters andovercoming obstacles. This was an obstacle for me and I learned three things this week asI've recovered from covid nineteen that are very importantto me and I think everything happens for reason and if you can findsomething inside of a bad thing and turn it into something good, then youwin all the time right. It's life entrepreneurship relationships are allabout the up and down and how you handle them. So what I learned were acouple things. First of all, health is wealth. It sounds so cliche. It's likethe most cliche thing you could say to anyone. Health is wealth, but it's true.Now I realized last week, as I was thinking about all this, that I have pushed self care to theside in order to try to grow, my business isand brand. So, if you know me, I've got fifteen things happening at all times.I in March of two thousand and Twentycanceled, my gym membership was going to the gym five days a week, and Ithink of myself is a generally healthy person. I make mostly good decisionswhen eating. I take multivitamins every day, I'm doing a lot of things thatlike will help the longgevity of my life, but I got so motivated to help podcasters to grow pod decks tostart new businesses to you know, do all these things that I completely putselfcare to the side, and I think that there's something in that that if youcan't put your oxygen mask on before you, you know you can help your your partner, your the person sitting next to you on theplane, right, you're, absolutely useless, and now my job is to take careof my family right. That's that's! My...

...number one is my family. Above allright, I love all you guys. I love podcasting and love podcasters. I loveeverything, but my job is to take care of my family and if I am out, if I'msick, I'm not able to do that right and ofcourse, then, if I'm sick, I'm risking their health because we are very close,knit family so think about self care. Are you takingcare of yourself? Are you pushing it to the side? Are you? Are you doing otherthings instead of selfcare? That is something that I am taking to theforefront here. I do exercise I do you know. I do still do some things, but Idon't think I've been as focused on selfcare and selflove as I was in thepast, so that was that was the number one thing that stuck out to me. Numbertwo was you know. I do think that, based on my lifestyle and not goingmany places and not putting myself at risk, there is the chance that you canwork yourself sick. I really do believe that now and I'vebeen going. You know my grandfather told me when I was a kid I workd fiveto nine. I don't work nine to five and I've sort of adopted that unconsciouslyinto my brain and I do work five tonight I mean I every minute that Ican I'm optimizing studying I take. You know several calls several meetings per dayand I'm often eating deb lunch at my desk. You know I'm not necessarilykicking it up watching the latest Netflix thing and not that there's anything wrongwith not watching Netflix, but I do think that, based on how I felt theweek before getting Covid, that I was going a hundred and twenty five percentand you can work yourself into a state where you're just more susceptible so wherever I got this, I think that myimmune system, in my mentality and my...

...brain and my energy level, all thesethings were just waiting for one thing to blow me overand you know I'm not a doctor. Obviouslyand ive talked to some doctors and it doesn't seem like anyone really knowswhat's going on with this, but that's my best guess is that I hadworked myself to the point of being very vulnerableto sickness. Now I have been sick in a long time. Sowhen this happened it was you know, a roode awakening and I had to tableeverything I was working on. I mean I'm talking everything. There was not. Imean I turned to take care of my family and there was absolutely nothing Icould do and that's difficult now for the most part, you know I've beenrunning this thing as a one man show, but you know I do have team membersthat I'm very grateful for Carolin who's, the ambassador of awesome atPoddeck, she's, amazing and it's nice to be able to delegate some things andhave somebody jump in and, of course, Kyle. My partner poddects digital,which is our poddect APP. You know he's just a go, get her. So without those two I think I would have been further backthan I was, but sometimes you just have to ask for help. I mean it's like. Yes, we want the glory, we want the wewant to do it ourselves. We want control, we know how we want it done,but I think that there's there's beauty in knowing when you need to ask forhelp. So the second second thing I've really learned is. I do think that youcan work too hard and I I've always sort of said to myself that I'm going tooutwork everybody in order to try to build this and reach as many podcastersas I think I can reach, but without health and working yourself tothe bone. You cannot get there all right now, number three. I definitely think that there'smomentum in everything so the week...

...before I got Covid, I was working on some partnerships. They tooka long time lots of phone calls lots of planning telling my team what we were going todo: Planning social media posts trying to make youtube videos trying to recordpodcast trying to to run O facebook group trying to be a good dad trying to get on Club House and getinto club House and network, and just the list goes on and on. I could sithere for fifty five minutes and tell you all the things I was working on and I once I got sick, I put my phone down. Iturned off my computer and I only checked it once a day now. This issomething that, like a lot of the entrepreneural people, I admire havetold me for years or I've read in books is like you know, you shouldn't checkyour email all day long. You shouldn't be. You know, on social media all daylong and that's what I did and nothing crumbled, nothing closed. Allthe social media post was still there. All the people were still in thefacebook group. The podcast is just sitting here. I think that there's amomentum that we get wrapped up in when we are motivated to do something so foryou for Podcasters, you know you're looking for more listeners, OOURbooking for a bigger audience, your next guest or the next opportunity- andI got a post on social media- and I got to do this and it's like this invisible smoke monster of momentum that sucksyou in that you have to check your email and you have to check your sociermedia postcase. Somebody like something you're commented and if you're runningads, you have to make sure people aren't. You know saying nasty things onyour comments and what I learned was that once I put thephone down and turn my computer off, and I put it back to a manageable whatI'd say, a human being should tolerate...

...in their life. I realize that, like allthat momentuf there was actually a feeling it was like. I was, I don'tknow if you've ever been on a treadmill before, but if you walk on a treadmillor run on a treadmill long enough, once you get off that treadmill, you sort ofwalk funny. It's like you'r you'R. Your bodies used to like moving so much that,like you, sort of like when you're walking, you feel like you're on on airor something and that's I guess the best way I could describe this feelingwas that, like I felt like I just gotten off a treadmill and gotten away from the momentum or theundertowe or the current or what? How are you want? You want to put it inyour brain and that everything was still therewhen I got back so if you're, if you're feeling likeyou're overwhelmed and you've got so much to do, and so many things to keepup with and you're not going to be successful unless you're doing allthose things take a step back for a second and see if you feel the releaseof the momentum of the world. Now, of course, there's a lot going on in theworld that doesn't have anything to do with podcast hat's, very stressful, which I'm not going to talk about rightnow, but there's a lot going on for us as human beings in two thousand andtwenty one. I mean it's just when you really step back and look at it thereise so much for us to keep up with. I mean just an average person having ahouse to take care of and taxes to pay in a job and youknow. All these thingsadd up, and then you throw podcasting in and there's all these extra things that we you know we need to doright. We feel like we need to do, but I'm really taking a step back and goinglike is this really helping me you know is: is worrying about social media.Even something to worry about is you know. I almost didn't release apodcast this week because I started to...

...record this and I felt like this wasn't something I should sharewith the world. But after some thought you know this is the real story. Thisis transparency, you know putting it out there for you and I think it's important for for those ofyou who may be just grinding and hustling and and in the momentum andfeeling like every single opportunity. You have to say yes to could bephysically harmful to you, O'm, not saying quit I'll, never quit. I knew Iwas getting better once I started to have motivated motivational feelings.Like I'm going to do the laundry today and I'm Goinna, I got to get back tothis person. I knew I was getting back to my normal self when the motivationkicked back in, but I'm definitely going to be verycautious, going forward and keepan eye on that feeling, because I was feelingit the week before I got it. I was feeling anxious I was feelingoverwhelmed. I was feeling like I could not do enough and we all know Romewasn't built in a day and no, nothing is built overnight unless you havethousands of people on your side and millions of dollars, O seed money inthe bank- and that's not you know, that's not what us as the underdogshave we don't have that we have. We have our our sweat equity in our hustleand our tennis elbow or no O', not our tennis, O Wel, our. I Have Tennis Owo, but you know whatI'm saying we have what we can do in our hands alone for the most part, and I will be very cautious about feelingthat way, because I am one hundred percent sure it opened me up and mademe vulnerable to catching this, and you know I'm very grateful. I did nothave any of the dangerous symptoms with fever and breathing, and you know I wil.I will say that it was what I consider a mild case, but still took me down fora week...

...and that's not something I want to havehappened again because I'm not taking care of myself because I'm working ashard as I can every single day and I'm caught in the momentum ofwhat's going on around me. So I hope that you take this to heartand understand that this episode is literally unplanned. I just wanted toshare it with you, because I care- and I know that there's people out therethat are working towards a big goal or trying to grow their brand they're.Just like me, you know, and I as cautious as I've been I looked back and I decided was, did Iget too loose? Did I did I not tease it, but no. I was a very good boy. It'sfunny. Most people have told me like you're, one of the most cautious people.I know, and I truly believe that these three things just made me vulnerable to getting sick in any capacity, whetherit's covid or whether it's the flu or whether it's cold. So I just want to share that with you.Take care of yourself make sure that you're not overworking yourselves dosomething every day that is selfcare drink some water I mean stretch, dosomething stop looking at the computer for alittle bit and be careful of the momentum. You know there's a lot outthere, there's a lot of social media platforms. There's a lot of things. Wethink we're supposed to be doing all the time and a lot of them are good to do, but you have to be careful of gettingsucked into the undercurrent of everything out there and risking your health so be wellpodcasters. I am you know on the mend, I'm I'm back inbusiness here, I'm going to be, you know, coming out firing, of course, asI always do, but I will be taking these...

...three things to heart, so stay well,and peace, love and podcast. Your boy travish.

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