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Episode 7 · 1 year ago

How to Grow Your Audience


Congratulations—you’ve started your own podcast! But now who’s going to listen to it? Rather than spend a lot of energy worrying about advertising or marketing, check out how to grow your audience using the power of mindset, connections, and community!

In this episode, Travis shares 3 strategies…

  • 1: Shift your mindset: Podcasting is a marathon, not a sprint
  • 2: Connect with more audiences: Be a guest on other podcasts
  • 3: Create a Community: Build a space for an inclusive team to share ideas together

Memorable Quotes:

  • “Your audience wants you around for the long haul. They want more than just a quick hit.”
  • “Because we have a marathon mindset, it only takes one person a day, one person a week, to slowly compound your group.”

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Hey if you're a new, podcaster andyou're looking for ways to grow, your audience want to share a couple ofstrategies for you to grow your audience and use the audience. Growingmindset for your podcast starting, a podcast is easy. A growing an audiencecan be hard podcastros face, so many challengesthat can make them want to quit. So I'm here to help them stay in the game. This is podcast ther, okay, so Catlin asks I'm a newpodcaster and I'm looking for ways to grow my audience. Okay. So this is avery common question right. You've put yourself out there, you've got amicrophone you've launched your podcast and now you're. Okay, I need to grow myaudience right and growth is the goal of everything it's the goal of business.It's the goal of Muscels, it's the goal of plants in your house right. We wantgrowth right and hopefully your growing...

...is a human being as well, but I want togive you a couple of strategies for growing your audience. Okay, the firstthing is mindset. You really need to go into this podcasting world and rememberthat it's a marathon and not a sprint, so a marathon runner isn't going to runat full speed for Twenty six point two miles: they are going to pacethemselves and they'll pick up and they'll slow down in different partsand legs of the race right and they need to fuel themselves because it's amarathon, it's not in all outsprent from zero to one hundred meters. So youreally need to get your head around that. This is something I'm going to dowith some longevity and that it's a marathon, it's not a sprint! Think ofit as like your journey up the mountain, you don't to shoot up a mountainthere's different things to overcome an obstacles and places and and thingsthat you need to do in order to get to the top of the mountain, so mind set,is going to be extremely important. I...

...also wantto share with you that successis an illusion. Okay, no matter how successful you are as a podcaster.You'll always want to be more successful. You'll never sit down onyour couch and go. I'm a success. You know I'm feeling itnow. You're gont always go like. How can I get better and that's just ourhuman nature is to overcome obstacles and solve problemsso really just get Inin. The mindset that podcasting is something you'relikely going to have to do forever and in growing your audience, your audienceis going to want you to stick around for the long hall they're not justgoing to want a quick hit. Okay, so number one is mindset. Number two isgoing to be very easy. It's going to be to guest onother podcasts, okay, so one of the quickest ways to grow your audience isto network and get exposed to other people's audiences. Okay, one of themost wonderful things about becoming a podcaster is the ability to connectwith other people, have interesting,...

...meaningful conversations and share our value with other people'saudiences right and when we're pitching guests, we want to make sure that we're letting them know we understand theirpodcast. We understand their audience and bring them some form of pitch ofwhat we want to share with their audience. Okay, but guesting is one ofthe quickest ways to grow your audience. A lot of poecasters that I work with.We will set a big hairy, audacious goal. A bee had and try to get them on fiftypodcasts in within the year. So set yourself a goal and say hey. I want toget on twenty five podcast this year, there's a great tool that I just foundthat I I'll share with you that I absolutely love called Potit Dotnete,it's a site where you can sign up and you can put yourself out. There is apodcaster and you can connect with other people who are looking for guestsor to be a guest on podcast. So how Ho...

...recommend you check that out to extendyour network and grow your audience through guesting on podcasts right now?The third way that you're going to be able to build an audience is to createa community. Okay, people love to be a part of a team. They love to be on aside. I'm a Democrat, I'm a Republican, I'm a cubs fan, I'm a cardinals fanright. We like to be a part of a tribe. This is inherent too human nature. Weneed to be a part of some type of group in order to survive. Okay, so you wantto create your own community now. This could be as easy as just like givingthem a name like my personal private facebook group is called the poddeckspodcast posse. So ive created this posse of podcasters and they're. Mylittle core group they're, my community okay, so you could do it as easy asjust creating a name for your team right, your podcast team or your gang,or your a lot of bands have street...

...teams whatever fits for. You Give Hem aname. Okay, that's the first place to start now I mentioned a facebook group.faseball groups are very easy because people use facebook every day, they'reused to using it. It's free. They don't really have to do a lot in order to getinvolved, and this is a great place where you can have people join you andgive them behind the scenes. Access have different conversations with them,have giveaways and things that are going to encourage them to join yourcommunity and stay in your community right. Maybe when they join your group,you give them some type of special nickname as part of the team, but youcan do all kinds of fun, creative things in order to get people in yourcommunity, other podcasters use Patrion. So people can actually give you moneyto be part of your team and you give them things in return as far as extracontent or exclusive gibeaways, and things like that, so patrion is anotherway to create a community, and I highly recommend talking about your communityas much as possible. So right now, I'm...

...going to tell you that you can join myprivate facebook, roup, the Poddeck Pod Castposse, and I'm going to give youall kinds of tips and tricks and help you with your podcast in this communitygroup, and you could be c part of our gang that is all focused on growing ouraudience. Finding our voice and starting our own pod cast revolution.Okay, so that's a way that you can do very easily growth in an audience is talk about your community. Frequentlytalk about your tribe freently, make it a gang make it a team. Do it so it's aninclusive part of your podcast and again, because we have this marathonmindset. It only takes one person a day, one person a week toslowly compound our group. Okay, you may not hit critical mass right away,but if you think about setting a goal...

...every week, I want to connect withthree new people and bring them into my community at the end of that year,you're Goin to have a hundred and fifty six people in your community andthey're, going to tell people about the community and invite people tocommunityes. So it's a really great way to grow your audience as a podcaster. So just a quick recap:You're going to want a guess down as many pod casts as you can and putyourself in front of other people's audience. You are going to want to getthat marathon mindset right. The marathon mineset of like I'm not tryingto race to get people Ino my world, I'm going to do this for the long hall andslowly accumulate like an avalanche right, I'm a podcast avalanche and then,of course, I am along the way going to build my own community, I'm sure you're,part of many communities. You know, Oprah has a community and Pat Flynn hasa community and I have a community and- and you can create your very owncommunity and get people in that group with you and don't worry, you're goingto start off small, and that gives...

...people even more access to you. It's acool thing. So Start Your community today and I promise that overtime. Youwill grow your podcast audience and remember: Hey you're! Only one episodeaway from your next download all right I'll see you guys in the next episode thanks for listening. If you enjoyedthis episode, the number one thing you could do to help is to subscribe rateand review this codcast or, if you know another codcast who may be strugglingand needs a little bit of hodcast therapy. Just click that sheer buttonand share it with the podcaster. You love the most I'll see at in the nextepisode.

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