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Episode 39 · 6 months ago

Happy Little Accidents


It’s Mindset Monday! As human beings, we instinctively want to avoid failure. But that can be extremely limiting. Failure is what helps us learn and grow while enabling us to move on to our next great endeavor. So I’ve been exploring a mindset shift inspired by Bob Ross! What if we transform our mindset around failure to view mistakes as happy little accidents instead?

In this episode, Travis talks about:

  • How Pod Decks was a happy accident - the decks were initially a free gift that came with a course. The course didn’t do well, but people were really interested in the decks!
  • Examples of great inventions that were discovered through happy little accidents.
  • Why you need to try to follow through with curiosity - when you discover something interesting, can you take it a step further?
  • Why you need to keep trying to innovate, even when what you have now works - like how The Beatles innovated their music over time.
  • Why the more you fail, the more you learn! Failure is what keeps us on track and growing.

Memorable Quotes

“When you see something interesting, do you investigate? Do you give yourself a chance to try something out?”

Links to Resources

If you want to watch some calming happy accidents: Bob Ross’s Youtube Channel

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