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Episode 41 · 8 months ago

6 Books That Changed My Life!


Notice something a little different around here? I’ve rebranded my podcast with a shiny new name: Podcast Builder Club. I’m really dialing in to sharing strategies that will help you build your podcast. And to celebrate this change, I’m giving away my six favorite books of all time. Seriously, these books changed my life and my business! Check out the link below for more details and to enter the contest.

In this episode, Travis talks about:

  • Why books are one of Travis’s favorite things to consume - and one of the cheapest ways you can change your life.
  • How Anything You Want by Derek Sivers gets to the meat of focusing on pursuing things that make us happy and successful.
  • How The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna is a super-quick read that will help give you clarity on the direction you want to take in life.
  • How The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson takes an unconventional look at self-help to help you stop caring about what people think so that you can live a better life.
  • How I Wanna Be Well by Miguel Chen serves as a practical approach to inner peace and finding true happiness within yourself.
  • How The 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib is an absolute must for any podcaster by giving actionable and simple steps to create your own marketing plan.
  • How Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon gives you ten tips to dig into your creativity.

Memorable Quotes

“If it’s not a hit, switch.” - Derek Sivers

Links to Resources

The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion by Elle Luna

Anything You Want: 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur by Derek Sivers

The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money, And Stand out From The Crowd by Allan Dib

Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon

I Wanna Be Well: How a Punk Found Peace and You Can Too by Miguel Chen

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Manson

Listen to these books (and more) in audio format at Audible.

For a chance to win all six books, enter my giveaway contest!

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Well, howty there podcast partner, it'sTravis and you might notice some things. Look a little different round here.That's right: I've rebranded the show to become podcast builder club, andthis was all in an effort to streamline my business and make it easier forpeople to find me. Podcast therapy, I think, is an amazing podcast name, butit isn't in line with any other parts of what I'm doing, and one of thosethings is the podcast builder Clud facebook. So if you haven't joined thatgroup consider joining it's the number one podcasting group in facebook justkidding, I don't know that, but in reality it's the best group. I've everbeen a part of because it's actually a community. It's not just a bathroomwall that people come in and scrawl something on and move along. It's realpeople, it's real podcasters and we're helping each other out now to celebratethis rebranding, I'm giving away six books that change my life, the top sixbooks that absolutely changed. My life...

...helped me grow my business and I wantto share those with you Soim, giving away the top six book. So click thelink in the notes to enter my contest, because I want to change your life, there's lots of different ways you caninvest in yourself. You can go to college for a hundred thousanddollars.You can hire a mentor for three TUSAND dollars or you can get books foranywhere between ten and twenty bucks. Now books are one of my favorite thingsto consume because they're on demand. Of course, I can read them whenever Iwant, and I can highlight and reference them later. So I was looking at mylibrary the other day and thinking about the books that I own and foundsix books that I feel like changed. My life gave me insight into business mademe feel more creative, so I put together this stack of books, giving itaway to one of you all you have to do is enter, and I will ship to you thesebooks directly for Mamazon, and you can...

...start applying the same information.That's help me. I feel like become a better person, a better podcaster and abetter business person. So if any of those things are of Interestd to you,goahead and just press that little button and get yourself a little entry, so the first book that really made animpact on me that I've read multiple times is anything you want by DerikSivers Derik sibvers. If you're not familiar with him, is the founder andcreator of a company called CD Baby. Now, back in the day, there wasn'tspotify. There wasn't itunes. There wasn't a way where you could sell yourmusic online and Derik Sivers shares the story of how He created thiscompany and basically started putting up his own CDs online, taking creditcard payments on the Internet before that was even a thing and how musiciansreached out to him to get their music on that website as well, and I think the the core of this book isreally that, like people spend a lot of...

...time pursuing things that don'tactually make them happy and when you create a business or a podcast you'regoing to be able to make a little universe where you create all the laws,and so he goes through some of the concepts that he applied to hisbusiness and his life, which I think are absolutely brilliant, two of whichI'll share with you right now. If it's not a hit switch success comes fromconsistently improving and inventing don't waste years pursuing anythingother than a hit. Now I love this because what it reinforces is what Itell you guys. All the time fail fast fail, often and keep moving forward. Ifyou listen to the last episode about happy accidents, Hey listen, somethings turn into amazing opportunities all by accident and then of course, hell yeah or no. Ifit's not a hell, yes, then decline say yes to less now. If you want to doanything in life that you want to focus...

...on you're going to need to say no more,and I apply this to everything. If I'm going to buy a pair of pants, it'seither hells or no someone askes me to be on their podcast. It's either atHell, yes or a hell. No, so just apply that in your mindset. The next coupledecisions you make can see. If that can filter out some useless tasks, somethings you don't really want to do and save you from making excuses all right. The next book was actually abook that my wife purchased called the crossroads of Shoud and must- and shesaid you should really read this book and I fought it for a while. I thoughtthis is one of those books for women bloggers and I took it on a flight withme and I devoured the book and one sitting. This is a book you can read in an hour or two it's one of those kind of books, butbasically the concept of this book is that you are going to get clear on yourintention for your time and your life.

Okay- and this is not a book of answers.This is more to get clarity on where you want to go so, instead of the shoulds in life, youcan find your musts and you can find out who you are, what you believe andhow to become your most authentic self and stop conforming to other people'sideals. I really love this book. I've read it multiple times and gifted itmore times than I can count, but if you're looking to find something moreimportant and meaningful in your life and a way to productively use your timeand energy, this book is absolutely a five starreview. The next book on the list is the subtleart of not giving a fuck. Sorry for the explicit ness of that, but it is thetitle of the book and this one was really around mindset,but it takes an unconventional look at...

...self help. I've read a lot of selfhelpbooks. You can only read so many self helpbooks before you just want to notbuy any more selfhelpbooks. Now this book is going to tell you the secret to a good life andthat secret to a good life, isn't necessarily r the job or the better caror the prettier girlfriend it's going to reinforce some ideas that youprobably haven't thought of before and I'm a huge fan of not caring. Whatanyone thinks. What you think of me is none of my business. So I think this isreally great for podcasters or business owners, because oftentimes we getworried about what people will think or what people actually think or lookingat comments on what people are saying and this book can help you completelyremove that element from your heart and soul. Okay, the next book is, I want tobe well by Mgel Chin, so I have been on a journey for innerpiece for a coupleyears, trying to learn how to meditate...

...trying to learn how to be a good dad,trying to just be a good person, and this book was something that really affected me, because I was looking intospirituality and Buddhism. You know I was raised as a Catholic, no longer aCatholic, and I felt like something was missing formy life, so I was looking at different routes of spirituality, and this book was written by a Punkrocker from a band called teenage bottle rocket that I really love. So Ithought, Hey I'll, give this one a try. So He's a yoga teacher and he's a really great writer. He writes a lotof great blog post, but this was really a practical approach to the lifestyle of Buddhism and whatfalls into that is meditation and Yoga and finding true happiness withyourself. Instead of putting true happiness as possessions and Outwardexperiences or putting your happiness...

...in other people's hands, this book's going to walk you throughhow you can really turn happiness internal, because if you're not happyinternally, it's going to be very difficult for you to make other peoplehappy now. This was also a book that was a very quick read. I think I readthis in two days, not full days, but you know, throughthe course of two days on a small vacation that I took with my childrenbefore the world closed, and I just if you're looking for something more. Ifyou want to find inner piece, if you want to find something that isn'torganized religion, I think that this one is a very good read and somethingthat I keep on my bookshelf to reference. Often, okay, next up is the one page marketingplan holy smokes. This book absolutely is a musk for any podcaster one hundredpercent. So basically Alan Dib takes marketing and he turns it into verysimple strategic tactics for making...

...money through marketing and I've read alot of marketing books. It seems complicated. It can get convoluted, buthe gives you an outline and you create a one part page marketing plan. It's anine square grid that he explains how to fill out each grid and how you canuse that to create marketing materials. How you can use that to create products- and none of these aregimmicks. They are pillars of marketing theyare, the foundation that will help.You start to figure out how to go from confused or reactive to actually havinga plan for marketing and if you have a small or medium sized business orpodcast, or if you want to start. One of those. This book is absolutelysomething that is is highlighted: dog eared, I read it over and over again. Iwill just read a chapter at a time just to reinforce this information veryimportant book for me, and I hope that...

...it could be an important book for youand then finally steal like an artist by Austin cleon. This book is a littledifferent. It's more of a coffee tablebook, it's notnecessarily a Navella or a novel. It is a lot of pictures and quotes, but theten tips he gives you is how to really dig into your creativity. So ifyou haven't heard of Austin, cleon he's got an amazing blog, and this book isjust one that I've gifted over and over and over again super solid advice about when you're, creating how to reallyhone in on the process. Sharing the process he's just got a really greatwriting style and creative output he's actually really known for his blackout,poetry, where he would take a clipping from a newspaper and black out all thewords except for the words that he wanted to be the poem. So if you have asecond just look at the Hashtag blackhow poetry, it's a lot of fun. Sothose are the six books that change my...

...life. They absolutely change my life,my outlook, my productivity, my creativity and I've got links to all those books belowso in case you don't win the contest. Well, you got to be in the contest towin it. So the first thing you need to do is click the link to enter thecontest, because I want you to have these books, but let's say you don'twin, or maybe one of those books really peaks your interest. I cannot recommendthese enough. It's all about investing in yourselfand I think making a ten to Twelvedar investment in a book that has beenhighly recommended is one of those things. That is some simply a nobrainer. It's just like hey. I think I should read this and ifyou're not into that sort of thing, a lot of these are available onaudibleand you can listen to them. So you don't have an audible account I'll,throw a link down there for the audible as well. I love listening to books,it's a nice alternative to podcasts and as long as the person who's reading, ithas a good voice, I'm all in so with...

...that being said, going forward, you'regoing to get the same, wonderful content, same great taste, same concept,I'm going to help you overcome obstacles that are going to keep youfrom being creative. I'm GOINNA help you overcome the obstacles to keep youfrom making more podcast episodes and growing the show of your dreams. Same style will still have a therapyelement into it, but I'm really excited to really dial in some things. On myend, I've been a hyper focused and have a really great plan. has some amazingthings coming out that I can't wait to share with you so that being said, readup learn as much as you can and, of course you have to take action right,read a book and put it into action. A see you guys in the next episode apodcast Builder Club.

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