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Episode 10 · 1 year ago

How Live Streaming Can 10x Your Podcast With John Svedese


Whether you’ve hosted a podcast for years or just just started your podcasting journey, live streaming offers an invaluable opportunity to grow your show! Listen in as Travis talks with John Svedese about how going live grew his podcast, mistakes to avoid when you take the leap into live streaming, and tips for giving your audience the best show yet!

In this episode, Travis and John discuss…

  • How going live has affected John’s podcast reach
  • When and why John took his podcast live
  • Advice for creating searchable titles on YouTube
  • What gear John used to take his show live
  • How John’s podcast stats changed after going live
  • Mistakes to avoid when creating live shows
  • Tips to make your live podcast more interactive and engaging
  • How to get over stage fright for live shows
  • Details about John’s upcoming exclusive StreamYard course “Live Streaming Secrets for Podcasting”

Memorable Quotes:

  • “[Going live] allows me to get on platforms I wouldn’t normally be on just doing an audio podcast. It’s giving me the potential to grow my audience on other platforms.”
  • “Live streaming is the next evolution of what you should be doing with your podcast.”
  • “If you’re gonna go live, make sure you have a topic to talk about—you’re not just going live to go live.”
  • “I think having the extra content, as far as live streaming, is a huge advantage in building your audience and really building the brand.”

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In this episode I'm going to talkto John Spaedezi of the basement searge podcast about how he ten xt his podcastby going live. Now I think that live streaming could be the future forpodcasters in growing their show. So if you've ever been interested in going live, you're not going to want to miss this episode. Starting a podcast iseasy, but growing an audience can be hard. podcasters faced so many challengesthat can make them want to quit. So I'm here to help them stayin the game. This is podcast therapy. Today's a great day. I've gotJohn Spedezi from the basement searge podcast and he has ten xt his podcastby going live. In this episode I'm going to talk to him about howhe grew his podcast by going live, mistakes that podcasters can avoid when learningto go live and how to have an absolutely great live we talked about howlive streaming is potentially the future for podcasters. So if you think that you wantto go live, this is a great episode for you, and let'sjust get right into the show. So going live has become a pretty bigscenario for everyone in the world right now, musicians, artists and, of course, podcasters, and you are one of the most successful live podcasters thatI've I know you're a machine. You go live all the time. Howhas going live affected your podcast reach? Well, I mean, for one, it allows me to get onto platforms that I wouldn't normally be on justdoing an audio podcast, you know. So it it's giving me the potentialto grow my audience on other platforms. Right. So those other platforms wouldbe things like Youtube and facebook and places that podcast listeners may not be searchingfor podcast right. Right, absolutely, like twitter. You know, youwould be surprised at the amount of audience I get just from twitter. Soyou cant live stream to twitter? Absolutely,...

Oh wow, so they don't hamperany length on that. You could just live stream straight to twitter.Yeah, yeah, there's no there's no length that. They don't limit anything. You can go live whenever you want. That's pretty cool because in a placewhere it's all text, if a video is on there, it's goingto pop right off the screen, you know, as it does, andit does. Yeah, wow. Okay. So when did you start going live? I want to say maybe early March. I think like the firstweek or two of March, because you know what it is is I thinkthat live streaming is kind of the next evolution of what you should be doingwith your podcast, you know, because your podcast is great and all,you know, but like sometimes people want to see the person or they wantto see what they're talking about or like if they're playing a game or whatever, you know. So I think so. At the time, when we hadfirst started going live, it was like all right, well, let'sjust do it, you know, and take the leap, so to speak, you know, and and we did it. You know, it wasa lot of fun, very cool. Yeah, I mean the timing ofwhen you did it obviously lined up with the world sort of pausing and pivoting. Is a great thing to do, especially for any podcaster, because nowyou're getting exposure out there. And I agree with you. I think peoplelike to see people. I think that when someone can see your face,they have a different association with you. And you know, babies look forfaces, we look for faces and everything we see right, and so there'sa deeper connection with your audience. Now Youtube is the second largest search enginein the world, second to Google, and Google owns YouTube. So Iwould imagine that if you use your titles right on your live that you couldget some really good search result action off that. Yeah, but Youtube doeshave parameters, they do have filters as far as what you can put inyour titles. So you can't really get...

...to spammy as far as you know, like putting keywords into a titles. Like given you an example of theparameters that you can't use. Like you can't just like your title has tomake sense. It has to be a proper sentence. Okay, it can'tbe like podcaster, podcasting, podcast. It can't just be keywords, youknow, but because otherwise, otherwise youtube will pick it up and kick itout but and mark it as spam. So yeah, so your you wantto include in your titles the proper keywords to really what your show was about, you know, which it makes sense. I mean, why would you titleit anything else but well, because people are trying all kinds of wackynew tricks to try to Click Bait people. And Right, you know, Ido agree with like making a spicy title, because it but you alsohave to make it something that's someone's actually searching for. Like I'll actually useyoutube all the time to prep episodes because you can predictive search things. IfI could say like how do I live stream for and it will show meall the things that people search and I can then say, okay, thisone's doing really well. I'll make a podcast episode about that. Okay.So when you jumped in, did you run out and buy a bunch ofgear or did you use existing gear that you had to start the live stream? No, I used anything I had. You know. I already had themicrophone for from the PODCAST, you know. So at the time Iwas running the show off of a little laptop here on the table. SoI use the built in Webcam, you know, and it's just what Ihad. Yeah, so people that may be thinking like I gotta buy atricaster and a switcher and two different cameras, and you don't have to overwhelm yourselfwith that. You can literally jump right in. Yes, literally jumpright in. If and even if you don't have any of this equipment,you can use your phone. Okay, so you can. You can useyour cell phone. You literally have no excuse for not going live. Sowhen you started going live in March, did you see a difference in downloads? Do you see growth? Did you...

...see people transitioning more to the livewas there any change in the analytics of your show? Well, we didsee an uptick in our stats on the regular podcast, on the audio version, because what had happened was that during the quarantine, you know, nobodywas commuting to work, so podcast listening went down. Yep. So totry to compensate for that, you know, frank and I, my cohost,we went live, you know, and it worked out, you know, because I think that the audience that we brought in listening to our showon the live shows kind of balanced it out. You know what I mean? Yeah, absolutely, okay. So someone like myself, I'm going tojump into live streaming. What are some of the mistakes? Are Pitfalls Ican avoid kind of right out of the gate? Don't go live every day, okay, because you will, people get used to seeing you. They'llbe like, oh, what's he doing now? You know, you're notputting out quality content. You know, it's just when you go live.See, like we go live maybe two times a week, maybe three,okay, and one of them, Tuesday nights, is our live night.That's definite. Okay, that's part of US schedule. We go live everyTuesday night and nine and we discuss a specific topic. So if you're goingto go live, make sure you have a topic to talk about. You'renot just going live to go live and not, you know, not havinganything to talk about, no purpose, right. Okay, that makes alot of sense. So by going live consistently, you give someone something tolook forward to and to know that that's your day, and then you're notover saturating and and sort of becoming the spam robot of live streaming. Exactly. Okay, that makes a lot of sense. What's the funniest or weirdestthing that's happened to you during a live stream? Frank, frank has thisthing about eating on the show. You know, it bothers me in theears, you know, the headphones,...

...but a couple of times, likehe started, he started a live show, eating an apple, and so nowit's kind of become his trademark because, like, I have a couple ofpeople in my audience now who talked to me and they always talk aboutfrank eating the apple, you know. So that's funny. Yeah, soit's kind of become his thing. So what other mistakes come to mind ifI'm going to start live streaming? Besides, you know, live streaming too muchor not having a purpose. Is there like a third big cardinal sinto that people are making when they wouldn't get involved? I think pay attentionto your comments during the video, okay, because interacting with your audience is reallykey. Okay, because those those comments that you're getting during the liveshow, during your conversation with a cohost or with a guest, you're notgoing to want to ignore the people who are actually watching you. So ifthey're commenting and yeah and interacting and you're not saying anything or acknowledging them,they're going to leave right you know. And See, like I go liveon stream yard and stream yard allows me to go live on all all theplatforms, but stream yard also allows me to view all the comments coming infrom all the different platforms in one place. Oh cool. So what I cando is that I can take someone's comment and put it up on thescreen and make them feel involved in the show and talk about that comment withmy cohost of the guest, you know. So it's really interactive. That's huge. Yeah, yeah, because everybody wants to be a part of theshow. Right. Yeah, it's a big it's a big piece of it. Now you're one of the you're actually the number one affiliate of pod decksand I know that you do a segment on your show with pod decks.Do the pod decks help with when you're asking questions? Does the audience pilein and want to get in on that or o? Absolutely, you know, yeah, frank and I do like...

...two or three questions every live showand you know, I'm always getting answers from from the from the peanut gallerynice, everybody's always commenting on it. You know, that's awesome. It'sa lot of fun, it really is. So engagement is really if you wantto have a successful live. Don't make the mistake of just making ita onesided live. Go make it interactive, because a podcast is an interactive right. A podcast is a one way street, right. It's somebody's passivelylistening to you and you can't have that interaction. So leverage the interaction rightnow that people are going to go live. You mentioned stream yard. That's atool that you're using. Is a software tool or a hardware tool?It's a website, it's a web platform. Okay, so it's a subscription yousign up to and it allows you to connect your computer to all thedifferent platforms. Correct, you're able to stream right from your Webcam or yourcell phone now directly to Facebook, twitter, which I think is considered periscope onon stream yard, and then youtube, basically linkedin. I think has anotherone. So yeah, and then then you can do your own customserver if you want. They have the option for you to stream to acustom place. And why would you do that? Well, what you coulddo is that you can set up a page on your own website, onyour official website, and stream only to their if you wanted to drive trafficto your website. So podcast astors could also then consider doing exclusive content,so instead of just going live to like all the public platforms, they couldcreate their own little community and do like the secret show. Yeah, absolutely, that's pretty cool. I kind of like that. There's a lot ofthere's a lot of push with podcasters right now. They're trying to figure outhow to make money and I think a lot of people go straight to Patreonand they think, okay, I'm going...

...to get all these people to helpme, but you really have to have great content in order for people towant to subscribe and you have to do something that different than what you're alreadydoing. So I think that like some type of like hang out or likehappy hour or special extra podcast sounds like a really cool idea if you're lookingfor a way to grow your patron okay, so we need a phone at minimumand a computer and a microphone, maybe an external camera at maximum,right. Yeah, okay. What are some other tips you can share forhaving a great live like your? Your lives look amazing. They look likea TV show. They look like a I'm watching. I don't want tosay thank you, I don't want to say see, thank you CNN orsomething, but there's like things happening on the screen and there's logos. Itdoesn't look like a dude sitting in his room, you know, or hisbasement. Right yeah, it looks like a, you know, polished,well planned thing. So could you share some of your thought us on that? Well, when I had set out to even just do the audio versionof the podcast, you know, I sat down with my cohost and Itold him, I said, all right, listen, I don't want to copyanybody else that's out there. Okay, I want to be original. Iwant my format to be original. So what we're going to do isthat we're going to base our show off of a TV show. Okay,forget about podcasting, let's just go for TV. Okay. So what Idid was that I would start the shows with my usual intro, talking,speaking my intro, and then I would say hit that intro and our intromusic would play. So it's kind of like a TV show in a sensewhere it started and then you see, you know, the theme song andeverything, and then the rest of the show play. Yeah, so Ikind of started doing that with our live shows. So in order to getthat effect, what I did was that I have a graphics background, youknow, I do a lot of graphics. So I started making up these bannersand all these graphics, these logos,...

...you know, for the live stream, and I uploaded them to stream yard and I'm able to display anythingreally I want on the screen and it looks really clean and really polished.So you know, and also, at the same time, stream yard allowsyou to make your own custom banners. That's why you said you seen likethe the scrolling text at the bottom of the screen. Yeah, I showyeah, so you know, they do that. They allow you to dothat. Also, you get to put up custom banners. You can setthat up before your show. But you know, it's you can set everythingup and then you know what it's just it's just trying to put out areally great product, you know, something that's appealing to the eye, somethingclean, something easy, but also the content is good. Right, right, so it's the whole Enchilada. Yeah, okay. So when you mentioned thatyou will roll your intro, is that a video intro? That happens? Yeah, yeah, I put together a video for the live shows.I put together a live video and it's just all clips with our theme song. You know, it's just all clips with some background video or even pictures. So from when frank and I were younger, and because I know frank, I know him for twenty five years. Wow. So, yeah, that'sa very New York way to say it. I know him for twentyfive years. I Love The New York twitter to that's the best. Yeah. So so you can import video then somehow into your stream yard? Yeah, they have. They have a section on the right hand side of thescreen. You have a whole dashboard. You have overlays that you could do, which are the you know, the titles that I put at the top, the logos and everything, and then you have videos that you can play. I think they have a maximum like a hundred megabytes or like a minuteand minute and a half long videos. And then and then you can putan they have another action for background, so you can change the background behindthe video. So you can fully customize...

...the whole that's really cool. I'msort of overwhelmed. I feel overwhelmed by the live aspect because it you know, I'm used to sitting behind my microphone and I'll have a conversation on video. You don't see the video, so I can itch my nose. Oris there anything that somebody who's going live can do to get over the thevideo fact? Like the video. I guess you know nerves of like you'reon screen now. You can't cheat and look at something else. Is therea way to get used to being on video? You've really just got todo it, okay, you just gotta jump in and just keep doing it. You know, I was, I was exactly like that when I firststarted. You know, I was like, all right, I'm going to starta podcast, but I'm going to be behind this microphone. Nobody's goingto see me, but hey, that's great, you know, but thenI'm like, all right, well, now we need to start doing videoand I it's just something you have to get over. So what are youmost excited about right now, John? Honestly, I'm most excited about whatthe next evolution is going to be. You know, where is this goingto go? Like as live streaming, it is that it or is like, you know, maybe the next step is talking at conferences or going toconventions or whatever, you know, like but I'm most excited about the nextstep. Okay, so you think there's a chance that podcasting will because ofless commuting, that will wane and then live streaming will sort of become likethe next thing, like you'd beat, you'll be alive caster. Well,well, I like to use the term vodka casting. Okay, father,but no, I don't think podcasting I'll ever go away, you know.You know, we're still going to do that, you know, and peopleare still going to listen to podcast, you know, when they go runningor, you know, exercising at the gym or off just for walks.So you know. But yeah, I don't think podcast is going to goaway. But I do think that having...

...the extra content as far as livestreaming is a huge advantage and to building your audience and really building the brand. Yeah, it seems like it would be a really easy way to makemicro content. So if you did alive, then you could clip that up intosmaller clips and share that as little posts on social media and that wayyour kind of automatically making micro content without having to sit down and stare ata blank piece of paper and make that content. Yeah, absolutely cool.I'm starting to get a little bit excited about going live and I know thatyou mentioned that you're working on a course. What is the course called? Livestreaming secrets? Oh, for podcasting. Oh Nice, okay, and soand that course you kind of go through everything we talked about, doyou everything? You know, I go through basically from beginning to end.You setting up some graphics and, you know, setting up your stream yard. It's going to be stream yard specific. It's not going to be on zoom, just stream your stream yard. So it'll go from, you know, designing your graphics, Designing Your Logo, designing banners and then setting up streamyard to connect to all your social media platforms and then I'll go overhow to set up your banners and how to actually use the interface of StreamYard and run a successful live show. Wow, that sounds awesome. Somaybe what we could do for the pod decks world is maybe offer that courseto them at some point. It's, you said, September first around thattimes when it's coming out. Yep, around some time of our Kay.Cool. Well, that's something I'm definitely interested in because I have seen asmall downtick in numbers. The pivot that I made with my podcast was justto make shorter episodes because I figured if someone's not taken an hour ride towork or school, that maybe they're taking a seven minute walk to the bathroom. Right. So, and I don't know about you, but in myhouse, if you're anywhere, if you're doing the dishes or if you're inthe shower, you know we had a...

...little bluetooth speaker in the shower.PODCASTS are everywhere in this house. So it's a great way to learn andI don't necessarily want to watch someone live in the shower yet I could getweird, awesome and well, this has been amazing. I'll put a linkto the course in the the show notes and I'm I'm actually looking forward totaking it myself because I'm ready to start doing more live streaming and I seethe power, I see what you're doing and I think when I see youI get a little bit jealous. I'm like, I want to do that, like this looks like so much fun and it's so well done. Iknow it's not going to be easy because you've been doing it and you've sharpenedthat skill, but every time I see you go live, I think thatlooks like so much fun and I you know, I see you everywhere becausewhen you go live it's on all of my feed so I'm really excited aboutthat. So thanks so much, John for being on the show. Ifyou enjoyed the show, go ahead subscribe, rate and review, and on thenext episode I'm going to tell you the five things that will keep yourpodcasting mindset in the game and not let you quit podcasting ever. Again,thanks for listening. If you enjoyed this episode, the number one thing youcould do to help is to subscribe, rate and review this podcast. Orif you know another podcast you may be struggling and needs a little bit ofpodcast therapy, just click that share button and share it with the podcaster youlove the most. I'll see you in the next episode.

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