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Episode 10 · 1 year ago

How Live Streaming Can 10x Your Podcast With John Svedese


Whether you’ve hosted a podcast for years or just just started your podcasting journey, live streaming offers an invaluable opportunity to grow your show! Listen in as Travis talks with John Svedese about how going live grew his podcast, mistakes to avoid when you take the leap into live streaming, and tips for giving your audience the best show yet!

In this episode, Travis and John discuss…

  • How going live has affected John’s podcast reach
  • When and why John took his podcast live
  • Advice for creating searchable titles on YouTube
  • What gear John used to take his show live
  • How John’s podcast stats changed after going live
  • Mistakes to avoid when creating live shows
  • Tips to make your live podcast more interactive and engaging
  • How to get over stage fright for live shows
  • Details about John’s upcoming exclusive StreamYard course “Live Streaming Secrets for Podcasting”

Memorable Quotes:

  • “[Going live] allows me to get on platforms I wouldn’t normally be on just doing an audio podcast. It’s giving me the potential to grow my audience on other platforms.”
  • “Live streaming is the next evolution of what you should be doing with your podcast.”
  • “If you’re gonna go live, make sure you have a topic to talk about—you’re not just going live to go live.”
  • “I think having the extra content, as far as live streaming, is a huge advantage in building your audience and really building the brand.”

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In this episode, I'm going to talk toJohns Fadezzi of the basement search pot cast about how he ten extis podcastby going live. Now. I think that live streaming could be the future forpodcasters in growing their show. So if you've ever been interested in goinglive, you're not going to want to miss this episode, starting a podcast iseasy. A growing an audience can be hard podcastres face, so many challengesthat can make them want to quit. So I'm here to help them stay in the game. This is pod cast ther. Today's a great day, I've got JohnsSpadezzi from the basement, searge coadcast, and he has tenaxed his podcast by going alive. In this episode, I'm going to talk to him about how hegrew his podcast by going live mistakes that podcasters can avoid when learningto go, live and how to have an absolutely great live. We talked abouthow livestreaming is potentially the future for podcasters. So if you thinkthat you want to go live, this is a great episode for you, and let's justget right into the show. So going live has become a pretty big scenario foreveryone in the world right now: musicians, artists and, of course, potcasters- and you areone of the most successful live podcasters that I', I know, you're amachine. You go alive all the time. How has going live affected your podcastreach? Well, I mean for one. It allows me to get onto platforms that Iwouldn't normally be on just doing an audio podcast. You know so I it'sgiving me the potential to grow my audience on other platforms right, sothose other platforms would be things like Ou, tube and facebook and placesthat podcast listeners may not be searching for podcast right right,absolutely like twitter. You know you would be surprised at the amount ofaudience I get just from twinter, so you been live stream to titter,absolutely all wow, so they don't...

...hamper any length on that. You couldjust livestream straight to teryeah yeah, there's no there's no length th,they don't limit anything. You can go live whenever you want that's prettycool, because in a place where it's all taxed, if a video is on there, it'sgoing to pop right off the screen. You K. Now it does and it does y wow okay.So when did you start going, live Mi, wan to say maybe early March? Ithink like the first week or two of March, because you know what it is is Ithink that lifestreaming is kind of the next evolution of what you should bedoing with your podcast. You know because your podcast is great and allyou know but like sometimes people want to see the person or they want to seewhat they're talking about or like, if they're playing a game whatever youknow, so I think so at the time when we had first started going live, it waslike all right. Well, let's just do it, you know and take the leap so to speak.You know and H, and we did it. You know it was a lot of fun, very cool yeah. Imean the timing of when you did. It obviously lined up with the world sortof pausing and pivoting is a great thing to do, especially for anypodcaster B'cause. Now y 're you're getting exposure out there, and I agreewith you. I think people like to see people. I think that when someone cansee your face, they have a different association with you and you know,babies look for faces, we look for faces and and everything we see Ryan.So there's a deeper connection with your audience. Now Youtube is thesecond largest search engine in the world. Second to Google and Google ownsyou toop. So I would imagine that if you use your titles right on your life,that you could get, some really good search result action off that yeah, butyou too does have parometers they they do have filters as far as what you canput in your titles, so you can't really...

...get too spammy, as far as you know,like putting key words. INTEO titles like getting an example of theparameters that you can't use like y. You can't just like your title has tomake sense. It has to be a proper sentence. Okay, it can't be likepodcaster pod casting podcast. It can't just be keywords you know, becauseotherwise, otherwise youtwo will pick it up and kick it out, but h and marketa spam so yeah so you're. You want to include in your titles the proper key words to really whatyour show wis about. You know, which it makes sense. I mean why would you titleit anything else, but 'cause people are trying all kinds of wacky new tricks totry to to Cick Bait people and r a you know. I do agree with like making aspicy title because, but you also have to make it something: That's someone'sactually searching for, like I'll, actually use youtube all the time toprep episodes 'cause. You can predictive search things if I say likehow do I livestream for, and it will show me all the things that peoplesearch and I can then say: okay, this one's doing really well I'll, make apodcast episode about that. Okay. So when you jumped in did you run out andbuy a bunch of gear, or did you use existing gear that you had to start?The livestream, no, I used anything I had you know I already had themicrophone F from the POGCAST. You know. So at the time I was running the showoff of a little laptop here on the table, so I used te built in Web camp.You know and it's just what I had yeah so peoplethat may be thinking like ah gotta, buy a tricaster and a a smecher and twodifferent cameras, and you don't have to overwhelm yourselfwith that. You can literally jump right in yes, literally jump rigin. If andeven if you don't have any of this equipment, you can use your phone okay, so you can. You can use yourcellphone. You literally have no excuse from not going live. So when youstarted going live in March, did you see a difference in downloads? Do U Cgrowth? Did you see people...

...transitioning more to the live? wasthere any change in the analytics of your show? Um, we did see an uptick inour stats on the regular podcast on the audio version Um, because what hadhappened was that during the quarantine you know nobody was commuting to work.So podcast listening went down Yep. So to try to compensate for that. You knowfrank and I my Co. We went live, you know and it worked out. You knowbecause I think that the audience that we brought in listening to our show onthe life shows kindof balanced it out. You know what I mean: Yeah, absolutelyokay, so someone like myself, I'm going to jump into livestreaming. What aresome of the misstakes or pitfalls? I can avoid kind o right out of the gate. Don't go alive every day, okay, Um, because you people, l, get used to seeing youthey'll, be like oh what Yeu doing now. You know you're not putting out qualitycontent. You know it's just when you go live, see like we go, live maybe twotimes a week, maybe three: Okay and one of them, Tuesday nights is our livenight. THAT'S DEFINITE! Okay, that's part of our schedule. We go alive everyTuesday night and nine and we discuss a specific topic. So if you're going togo live, make sure you have a topic to talk about, you know just going life togo alive and not you know not having anything to talk of no purpose right.Okay, that makes a lot of sense. So by going live consistently, you givesomeone something to look forward to and to know that that's your day andthen you're not oversaturating and and sort of becoming the spam robot oflivestreaming, exactly okay. That makes a lot of sense. What's the funniest orweirdest thing, that's happened to you during a livestream, frank, frank. Uh.has this thing about eating on the show? You know it bothers me I in the yearsyou know I had bones, but a couple of...

...times like he started, he started alive, show eating an apple and h. So now it's kind of become his trademarkbecause, like I have a couple people in my audience now who talk to me and theyalways talk about frank eating, the apple, you know so that's funny, yeah, it's always kindobecome his thing. So what other mistakes come to mind if I'm going tostart livestreaming? Besides, you know life tea me too much or not. Having apurpose is there like a third big cardinal sin to that people are makingwhen they when they get involved? I think pay attention to your commentsduring the video okay, but because interacting with your audience, isreally key. Okay, because those those comments that you're getting during thelife show during your conversation with a cohost owit, the guest H, you're, notgoing to want to ignore the people who are actually watching you. So ifthey're commenting and yeah and interacting and you're not sayinganything or acknowledging them, they're goingto leave right. You know and seelike I go, live on streamyard and exstreame yard allows me to go, live onall all the platforms, but streme yard also allows me to view all the commentscoming in from all the different platforms in one place: Oh cool. Sowhat I can do is that I can take someone's comment and put it up on thescreen and make them feel involved in the show and talk about that commentwith my cohost of the guest. You know so it it's really interactive. That'shuge yeah yeah, because everybody wants to be a part of the show right, yeah,it's a big, it's a big piece of it. Now you're one of the you're. Actually thenumber one a filiate of poddecks, and I know thatyou do a segment on your show with pod decks. Do the podects help with whenyou're asking questions? Does the audience pile in and want a to get inon that R? Oh, absolutely, you know Um...

...yeah, frank and I do like two or threequestions. Every life show and you K Ow, I'm always getting answers from fromthe from the penut gallery, everybody's always commenting on it. You know it'salso it it's a lot of fun. It really is so engagement is really. If you want tohave a successful live, don't make the mistake of just making it a one sitedlive, go, make it interactive because a potcast isn't interactive. Rigt Apotcast is a one way street runit's somebody's passively listening to youand you can't have that interaction to leverage the interaction right now thatpeople are going to go live you mention streamyard,that's a tool that you're using is a software tool or a hardware tool. It'sa website. It's a Web, plotform! Okay! So it's a subscription you sign up toand it allows you to connect your computer to all the different platforms,correct you're, able to stream right from your Webgam or your cellphone, nowdirectly to facebook, twitter, which I think is considered periscope on Uhonstreamyard, and then you tob, Um, basically Um Lincon, I think, hasanother one so yeah and then then you can do your own custom server. If youwant th Y, they have the option for you to stream to accustom place, and whywould you do that? Wel? What you Cald do is that you can set up a page onyour own website on your official website, Aand Stream. Only to there, ifyou wanted to drive traffic to your website, so potcasters could also thenconsider doing exclusive content. So, instead of just going live to like allthe public platforms, they could create their own little community and do likethes secret show yeah, absolutely that's pretty cool. I kinda like that.There's a lot of H. There's a lot of push with potcasters right now, they'retrying to figure out how to make money, and I think a lot of people go straight toPatrion and they think okay, I'm going...

...to get all these people to help me, butyou really have to have great content in order for people to want tosubscribe, and you have to do something that's different than what you'realready doing. So. I think that, like some type of like hangout or like happyhour or special extra podcast sounds like a really cool idea. If you'relooking for a way to grow your patron okay, so we need a phone at minimum anda computer in a microphone, maybe an External Camera at Maxim right,yeah. Okay, what are some other tips you can share for having a great livelike your your lives? Look Amazing. They look like a t v show they looklike a I'm watching. I don't want to say thank you. I don't want to sayslike your CNN or something but there's like things happening on the screen andthere's logos. It doesn't look like a dude sitting in his room. You know or his basement right yeah. It looks like a you know, polished well, planned thing.So could you share some of your thought process on that? Well, when I had set out to even justdo the audio version of the pokcast, you know I sat down with my cohost andI told him I said all right. Listen. I don't want to copy anybody else. That'sout there. Okay, I wan to be original. I want my format to be original, sowhat we're going to do is that we're going to base our show off of a t Vshow okay forget about pordcasting. Let's just go for TV, okay. So what Idid was that I would start the shows Um with my usual intro, talking speakingMyintro, and then I would say, hit that intro and orentral music would play so.It's KINDOF, like a t V, show in a sense where it started, and then yousee you know the theme song and everything and then the rest of theshow play so I kinda started doing that with our live shows. So in order to getthat effect. What I did was that I have a graphics background. You know I do alot of graphics, so...

I started making up these banners andall these graphics, these logos, you know for the life stream and I uploadedthem to streamyard and I'm able to display anything really. I want on thescreen and it looks really clean and really polished. So you know, and alsoat the same time, extremeyard allows you to make your own custom banners.That's why you said you seem like the t e scrolling texts at the bottom of theEAH, so yeah, so you know they do that they allow you to do that. Also you getto put up custom banners. You can set that up before your show H, but youknow you can set everything up and then Uh. You know, wh t it's just it's just trying to put out a reallygreat product. You know something that's appealing to the eye somethingclean! Something easy, but also the content is good right right. So it'sthe whole Inchilada yeah. Okay. So when you mentioned that you will rule yourintro is that a video intro that happens, yeah yeah I put together a video forthe life shows H, I put together, live a video and it's just all clips withatheme song. You know it's just iltle clips with h some background, video oreven pictures. So from when frank and I were younger and 'cause, I know Fran. Iknow him for twenty five years, wow so t that's a very New York way to say it.I know him for twenty five years. I Love The New York tota too. That'sthe best. So so you can import video, then somehowinto your streamyard yeah. They they have a section on theright hand, side of the screen. You have a whole dashboard. You haveoverlays that you could do which are the you know, the titles that I put atthe top the logos and everything. And then you have videos that you can play.I think they have a maximum like a hundred megabites or like a minute aminute and a half long videos and then H, and then you coan put n. They haveanother section for background, so you could change the background behind thevideo, so you can fully customize.

That's really cool, I'm sort ofoverwhelmed. I feel overwhelmed by the live aspect, because it you I'm used tositting behind my microphone and I'll, have a conversation on video. You don'tsee the video, so I can itch my nose or is there anything t a somebody who'sgoing live can do to get over the the video fact like the video, I guess H,you know nerves of of like you're onscreen. Now you can't cheat and look at something else. Isthere a way to get used to being on video? You've really just got to do it. Ogyou've just got to jump in D and just keep doing it. You know I I was. I wasexactly like that when I first started you know I was like all right, I'mgoing to start a podcast, but I'm going to be behind this microphone nobody'sgoing to see me, but hey, that's great, you know, but then I'm like all right.Well now we need to start doing video a and I I it's just something you have toget over. So what are you most excited about right now, John Honestly, I'm most excited about whatthe next evolution's going to be. You know, where is this going to go like islifestreaming? It is that it or I, like you know. Maybe the next step istalking a conferences or going to convention s or whatever you know like,but I'm I'm most excited about the next step. Oky, so do you think there's achance that podcasting well because of US commuting that wewill wane and thenlivestreaming will sort of become like the next thing. Like you, you'll be alivecaster wwell I like to use the term ofVodcasting, but no, I don't think pod casting willever go away. You know you know we're still going to do that. You know andpeople are still going to listen to podcast. You know when they go runningor you know exercising at the gym or o just for walks. So you know, but I yeah,I don't think poccast is going to go...

...away, but I I do think that having theextra content as far as livestreaming is a huge advantage into building youraudience and really building the brand yeah, it seems like Itwould, be areally easy way to make microcontent. So if you did alive, then you couldclip that up inthose smaller clips and share that as little post on socialmedia and that way, you're kind ofautomatically making microcontent without having to sit down and stare ata blank piece of paper and make that content yeah, absolutely cool, I'mstarting to get a little bit excited about going live, and I know that youmentioned that you're working on a course. What is the coursecalled live streaming secret alt forpodcasting, Oh nice, okay, and so in that course you kind of go througheverything we talked about. Do you everything I go through Um, basicallyfrom beginning to end you setting up some graphics and you know setting upyour streamyard, it's going to be stremeyard specific. It's not going tobe on Zoom, just SCREENO STREAMYARD! So it'll go from. You know, designing yourgraphics, Designing Your Logo, designing banners and then setting upstream yard to H, connect to all your social media platforms and then I'll goover how to set up your banners and how to actually use the interface ofstreamyard and run a successful live show wow. That sounds awesome. So maybewhat we could do for the poddeck world is maybe offer that course to them atsome point s. You said September first around that time is when it's comingout YEP around September ir t cool. Well, that's! U Something! I'mdefinitely interested in, because I have seen a small downtaken numbers Um.The pivot that I made with my pote cast was just to make shorter episodesbecause I figured if someone's not taking an hour ide to to work or schoolthat maybe they're taking a seven minute walk to the bathroom right soand.I don't know about you, but in my house, if you're anywhere, if you're doing the dishes orif you're in the shower Yo know, we had...

...a little bluetoothspeaker in the showerpotcastar everywhere in this house. So it's a great way to learn and I don'tnecessarily want to watch someone live in the shower. Yet I could go weird Awso man well, this has been amazing,um I'll, put a link to the course in the show notes and I'm I'm actuallylooking foward to taking it myself, because I'm ready to start doing morelive streaming and I see the power I see what you're doing, and I think whenI see you I get a little bit jealous. I'm like I wan to do that like thislooks like so much fun and it's so well done. I know it's not going to be easybecause you've been doing it and you'v e you've sharpened that skill. Butevery time I see you go live. I think that looks like so much fun and I youknow, I see you everywhere because when you go alive, it's on all of my feet.So I'm really excited about that. So thanks so much John for being on theshow. If you enjoy the show, go ahead, Subscribe Rate Review and on the nextepisode, I'm going to tell you the five things that will keep your potcastingmind set in the game and not let you quit podcasting ever again, thanks for listening. If you enjoy thisepisode, the number one thing you could do to help is to subscribe rate andreview this codcast or, if you know another codcast who may be strugglingand needs a little bit of Hodicast Therebe, just click that sheer buttonand Sheare it with the podcaster. You love the most ACIA in the next episode.

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