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Podcast Builder Club

Episode 36 · 6 months ago

How To Manage Time as a Content Creator


Recently, a member of the Podcast Builder Club asked a question about work-life balance. It can be a real struggle for podcasters to maintain that balance when they’re trying to give their all to make their show the best it can be! If you feel like you ever struggle in this area and want to optimize that work-life balance, this episode is for you!

In this episode, Travis talks about:

  • How the Podcast Mobile App can save you a ton of time that you currently spend trying to think of interview questions and topics.
  • Why the old adage “time is money” is not true and how to get out of that mindset.
  • The importance of taking a hard look at how you spend your time - and a concrete strategy to track it - so that you can learn how to better spend your time.
  • Making podcasting a priority by consistently scheduling time to create content.
  • The usefulness of batching. For example, creating multiple podcast episodes at one time while you have everything set up.
  • Why you have to learn to say no to things. We can’t ever get time back, so you need to be thinking about protecting your time.

Memorable Quotes

“It’s really easy to just consume instead of create.”

“If you don’t control your calendar, you’re letting other people control your time.”

Links to Resources

Smart Planner Pro - Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Planner Book (Undated)

Free Weekly Time Tracking Sheet

The Pomodoro Technique

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