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Episode 36 · 9 months ago

How To Manage Time as a Content Creator


Recently, a member of the Podcast Builder Club asked a question about work-life balance. It can be a real struggle for podcasters to maintain that balance when they’re trying to give their all to make their show the best it can be! If you feel like you ever struggle in this area and want to optimize that work-life balance, this episode is for you!

In this episode, Travis talks about:

  • How the Podcast Mobile App can save you a ton of time that you currently spend trying to think of interview questions and topics.
  • Why the old adage “time is money” is not true and how to get out of that mindset.
  • The importance of taking a hard look at how you spend your time - and a concrete strategy to track it - so that you can learn how to better spend your time.
  • Making podcasting a priority by consistently scheduling time to create content.
  • The usefulness of batching. For example, creating multiple podcast episodes at one time while you have everything set up.
  • Why you have to learn to say no to things. We can’t ever get time back, so you need to be thinking about protecting your time.

Memorable Quotes

“It’s really easy to just consume instead of create.”

“If you don’t control your calendar, you’re letting other people control your time.”

Links to Resources

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The Pomodoro Technique

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Today's episode is all about lifebalance, so we had a question in the podcast Builder Club facebook groupasking: Does anyone have advice on managing work, life and podcasting? Soin this episode, I'm going to answer that question and share with you threeways that you can optimize your work life balance now, while it's fresh inyour mind, I want you to go download the pod decks mobile APP. If youhaven't heard of it, we've got over three thousand questions to spark yournext great conversation and there's actually a free episode deck. So ifyou've ever had a guest, cancel or you're staring at a blank piece ofpaper wondering what am I going to podcast about next, I've got sixtyprompts for you to be able to start pressing record and making your nextepisode. These episode ideas are a lot of fun and will share your personalitywith your audience. So go ahead, check that out now, additionally, there's amonthly giveaway of gear, there's a...

...tool box and also we're adding new minicourses. You can quickly learn something new about podcasting, applyto your show and continue to grow. So worklife balance is very important,whether you have a day job and you're, a podcaster or you're just a full time.Content Creator in general and you'll hear this phrase said over and overagain by the GRUS. That time is money. Time is money and that's absolutely nottrue. So, first of all, we all have the exact same amount of time. Twenty fourhours a day, seven days a week and you determine how you spend it now. Moneyis easily able to be replicated, so you can get more and more money, but youcan't fabricate or create more time for yourself. So if you're thinking thatyour time is money, I want you to sort of try to put that out of your headright now and wrap your head around th.

The next couple concept cemitto sharewith you in order for you to have a balance as a content creator and yourworklife, your family life, your hobby life right, so many people will willtell you how busy they are everyone's busy busy busy going from point a topoint B meetings, everything that's going on in two thousand and twenty onepeople are busier than ever. That's why podcasting is so popular is because wecan consume something while we're doing something else, because we're so busy,but what people don't ever take the time to do is actually reflect and lookat. What are you actually spending your time on? It's easy to say: Oh, I'm justtoo busy to record a video for my podcast, but in the other hand, they'llscroll through facebook, endlessly or tick tock or watch. You know a millionyoutube videos in order to figure out what they should be doing next, insteadof actually doing something...

...and making progress, it's really easyto just consume, instead of create. So I'd like you to just for one day, sortof jot down every fifteen minutes or half hour what it is that you just did,and you have to be totally honest if you want to go doom scroll on facebook,that's totally cool, but you need to log it on that chart and you're goingto actually see that you probably have more time than you think you do,because we get inundated with these little tasks that end up pulling us inand stealing time from US right again, we've got twenty four hours, seven daysa week of which you need to sleep and do other things so maximizing thatextra time and creating balance in your life needs to be done in a way withsome thought. Okay, so podcasting in just like your time, is azero sum game. If I ask you to listen...

...to my podcast, that means that you'renot going to be listening to someone else's podcast. So anytime you'rewondering how can I get more people? Well, you have to actually have a goodenough pitch or charisma in order to get someone to stop listening tosomeone else and put you in their rotation now the same thing goes with your life:It's a zero, some game. If you decide to play video games for six hours,that's six hours that you're not able to spend doing something else. So thinkabout that. For Your podcast and think about that for your life, you reallychoose how you spend your time and, if you're not planning your day, it's easyto lose time that way. So the first thing that I have for you is that everysingle day I just have a a little spreadsheet that I've made in inprinted out out a piece of paper. It's got forty blocks on the page, and everyday before I start my day, I will look...

...at my calendar and I will look at whatneeds to be done and I will actually plot out by half hour or fifteenminutes, depending on how motivated I am that day, exactly what I'm going todo all day long. The other thing you can do is look up the pomedero method or set anegg timer on your desk and every single fifteen. You know work for fifteenminutes, take five minutes off and do something else like looking at facebook,but I just simply will either set a timer or go on the honor system and say:okay, this this thirty minute batch, it's Goin to be dedicated to clearingmy inbox. This thirty minute batch is going to be dedicated to the next task,and so you get more out of your day, you're going to get a little more juiceout of the squeeze. Even if you don't get it all done, you had more of a planthan just going from task to task and having that sort of timeris going togive you a little bit of accountability...

...and it's going to keep you on track. SoI highly recommend- and I can I can share the link to my little sillydocument. It's nothing special! It's forty blocks that I will fill outacross a week and every day take a look at it and see how I can maximize mytime now with that, I'm actually scheduling time to podcast. That'sright. I make podcasting a priority. I know I need to put out at least anepisode a week, a video a week and so zero some game. Something else has togo, and that might mean I don't get to play my guitar or look at Youtube, butI know that it's going to get done because I have planned for it and I'vemade time for it. So if you're wondering how to keep up withpodcasting in a consistent way, ask yourself this: Are you making time tocreate that content? I just do it every single Friday. I make an episode forMonday and sometimes I will actually...

...make multiple episodes, which is mynext point, which is batching content. If I'm going to sit down and set up mycamera and my microphone and get in the mindspace to create content, why nothave the ability to create multiple episodes at once? That way, I can justsimply maybe change my shirt for the video and create multiple pieces ofcontent that can be. They can give me more time in the future for thoseFridays to do something fun or to hang out with my wife or to take a ride on my bike or do whateverthose things are that I want to do to create that balance in my actual life,so making sure that you're actuallycreating time for creating and then, of course, if you can, and if you haveenough ideas, you can batch record now. I highly recommend downloading thePODDECTS APP there's a free episode, deck of sixty episodes starting prompts.Why not sit down on for a couple hours...

...and sift through those cards and makesome content that you can have as a surplus to release episodes in thefuture or if your guest cancels or, if you're, just not feeling inspired somedays. You wake up and you just don't have the itch to record a podcast. Butyou want to remain consistent. So those are some strategies that you can applyto your life and your podcast. In order to remain consistent, okay, so we've talked about podcasting being azero some game. We've talked about scheduling your life. To make more time,we've talked about scheduling your podcast to make sure it's a priority inyour life, an in your schedule and then, of course, if you have the opportunityto batch now, here's the the third and final tip that I have for you, which is you have to learn how to say now. Twothings you're going to get asked to do a lot of things, whether that's hangingout with friends or whether that's a...

...new club house room or you knowwhatever. That is maybe a podcast interview. It may be. You know a meeting with somebody. Youhave to learn how to be able to say no, because if you don't control yourcalendar, you're letting other people control your time. Right and again, wecan get more money, but we can't get more time. So I want you to think aboutprotecting your time and I'm not saying be rude and say no to everyone, but Ichallenge you to think about. Is this a hell? Yes or no or when someone asks you to dosomething, does this serve my greater goal? If you're really focused ongrowing your podcast, if you really focused on growing your business, does the thing that you're about to do play into that? Does it feed that Gol?Does it serve you, because if it doesn't you're literally stealing timefrom yourself that you will never be...

...able to get back, there's no timemachine, there's no spacetime continuing that we can use to go backand fix things which is part of the beauty of life that the that the hourglassis running out of time? It's running out of time, we're all runningout of time and by maximizing your no the no bone right, which is locatedright back here. I think experiment was saying no to more thingsand creating more space for you to do the things that you always want to dothe things that may be on a posted note on your wall that you just never seemto get to it's very difficult to say no to people, but if you can find a politically correct way to do that, ormaybe you know counter with a different time, you're going to be able to create more valuable time. We can't createmore time, but we can protect the time we have and it's very easy to getsucked into the social media loop or the next clubhouse room, and all these thingsthat don't serve are greater good. So,...

...let's recap this: If you're looking to balance your lifeas a content creator, you need to plan your days. You need to hold yourselfaccountable with a timer. You need to just schedule, content creation time.Think of it like a date night right. If you have a spouse or girlfriend, youknow you make time to spend with that person. Think about your podcast! Isyour girlfriend or your boyfriend that you plan on spending time with you're going to want to make sure thatyou can batch record if possible? I know that there's people that arecompletely against it and there's people that just can't do it becauseyou're doing something around current events and you want to be topical andyou can't record too far in advance. I totally understand that. But if you canrecord two episodes at once, you're doubling your output, if you can recordthree you're, tripling your output and that will add up when you get sick oryou just don't feel like podcasting and...

...you'll be able to consistently releaseepisodes and then finally say no. If somebody invites you to something thatisn't serving your goal as a content, creator or podcaster you're going tohave to learn how to say it's, you know, unfortunately right now, I don't havethe time to do that. Maybe in the future leave the door open, but don'tsay yes to everything, because then you're letting people run, your liferun your calendar and there's no possible way for you to create more content, create morepodcast and do the things that serve your goal if you're letting otherpeople run your calendar. So that being said, I hope this helps. If you have aquestion about podcasting, consider droiing the podcast builder club onFacebook, it's FACEBOOKCOM shpoddecks super easy to find a great community ofpodcasters that are all networking helping each other grown. Of course, Iam the leader of the group always trying to share tips, tricks andoptimize your workflow so consider...

...joining, and as always, it's your boy,Travis remember, you're, only one more episode away from that next subscriberfrom that next download. So keep pressing record and I'll see you in thenext episode.

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