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Episode 13 · 1 year ago

How to Monetize your Podcast without Sponsors


Are you ready to start making money on your podcast? 

You've slaved away at making great content but aren't making a penny. It can be a heart breaker. 

In this episode I'll share three ways to start making money TODAY without needing a sponsor. 

You'll learn how to use podcasting to your advantage, make money while you sleep, set up multiple streams of income, and actually support your dreams.

I share:

  • Debunking the myth: I need a sponsor to make money
  • 3 ways to start making money without a sponsor
  • Why ads are creating friction in your podcast
  • Why only 1% make money on ads
  • How to make money on things you love and use
  • Why you need your own products and services
  • What brands to look for for affiliates

Take my FREE course Three Ways to generate income from your podcast without sponsors at monetize.poddecks.com 

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In this episode, I'm going to Sare withyou three ways that you can start generating income from your pod castwithout having a sponsor. That's right, you don't need a sponsor to startmaking money off your podcast. So if you like pot casting and you like money,you're not going to Wanto miss this episode starting a podcast is easy. Agrowing an audience can be hard podcastres face, so many challengesthat can make them want to quit. So I'm here to help them stay in the GAIME. This is codcast there, arpotcasters you're doing a great job,putting out content every week, you're working your buns off you're, editing,you'r posting episodes. podcasting can get hard because sometimes there's nota payoff. But in this episode I'm going to share with you three ways you canstart making actual income starting today without having a sponsor. Now,I'm actually doing a Webanar that you can get access to where I'm going to gomore in depth to each of these topics.

It's going to be at Monoti, totpot, DEX,otcom and you'll be able to get that on Wednesday September. Ninth. So it'sgoing to be running for a little while make sure you check it out if you wantto go more in depth on the topics that I'm talking about today, all rightbefore we get started words of inspiration from war and buffet, youdon't know who Waran buff. IT IS HE'S A billionaire investor who says if youdon't find a way to make money. While you sleep, you will work until you dieall right and that's very inspiring and as a podcaster you're in a greatposition, because podcasts are evergreen content and you make themonce and they work for you forever. So we're going to use that to ouradvantage and start to make money. While we sleep and generate multiplestreams of income, so we can do podcasting as a full time job we're notall going to be Joe Rogan, we're not all going to get a hundred milliondollars, but we can make enough money to continue to make content andactually support our dreams. So most people think to make money on apodcast. You need a sponsor and that's...

...actually a myth and there's a couple ofproblems with sponsors. First you're sending your audience away from you. Soa lot of people open their episode up and say: Hey this episode, sponsored byGayco, get your free Giko que right now at Gago com cool, you look cool becauseyou have a sponsor and we all know the GI go lizard or whatever he is, but you're sending your audience awayfrom you immediately you're saying: Hey! Welcome to my store and go to thisplace instead, and do that. It's not the thing that you want to do. We canactually tell people about our own things and make money which I'm goingto tell you about in a second now ads are also annoying for listeners. I hatehaving to fast forward to the first seven minutes of every joerogan episode.I just skip skip skipskip skipped that little thirty second button. Until Ithink that the episode has started, I don't even pay attention to it, butit's a pain for me all right. I don't want to sit through that and you don'twant to create a friction point for...

...your audience. You want to give themthe value right away and by putting in ads it's just sort of time that theyhave to wait to get to you now. The last problem, which is the mostimportant problem, is that only one percent of podcasters Ir Goingnao makemoney. The average podcaster gets about a hundred dolnloads per episode, and AdRates are based on a CPM. Okay, the CPM rate for podcasting is twenty onedollars. That's an average right now, which means at a hundred downloads perepisode for a sixty second spot on your podcast. You will make a wopping five dollars, and that's not enough for me to want tosend people away from my podcast to someone else to buy something. So howdo we fix that? Well, we forget about sponsors right. We don't need a sponsorwe're going to do our own thing, so number one. The number one way you'regoing to be able to start making money right now with your podcastis throughaffiliates. I know filiat marketing, it...

...sounds so gross. It sounds like amultilevel marketing scheme, but it's not okay and the way we're going to dothis is by sharing products and services that we actually love and useword of mouth is the number one way that things get transmitted through theworld music videos, viral videos, everything that we share with peoplethrough word of mouth is a an automatic way to validate that it's worth lookinginto, and you can do this through affiliate marketing. So let's use anexample in this episode. I'm using the road caster pro mixing board. It'samazing. It makes my life easy automatic processing. I press record.It records my episode, it's just so much fun and if I was doing an episodeor an on boxing video or review on my blog, I could simply put a link to anaffiliate to buy this product. Okay, so I'm going to use Amazon associates,it's free and everybody in the world...

...basically uses Amazon. You press thebutton. They show up the next day with it. It's awesome right, so sign up foran Amazon Associate's account you're, going to get access to a DASHBOARDRwhere you could pick any product on Amazon and create your own unique link.Then, in my podcast notes in my outube description in my unboxing video, Iwould reference that you could use my link to purchase this roadcaster proand I'll even go as far as to tell people. This is an affiliate link whenyou click this link, it's the same prize, but you help me continue to makethis content for you. So the cool thing about Amazonassociates is when they click the link. It starts the clock, the countdown fortwenty four hours and anything they buy in that twenty four hour period, you'regoing to get a Pai, a commission on the the commissions vary from around threeto seven percent depending on the product category. But let's say someonedoes take my advice: they buy the roadcaster pro, but they also realizeshoot. I'm ot a toilet paper, I'm out...

...of Cheitos, and I need some guitarstrings. Well everything they put in that cart in twenty four hours. I getpaid the commission for so it's a great way for people to be ableto support you nothing changes on their end. You don't have to have a website.It's the exact same Amazon website that they're used to it just goes throughyour affiliate account all right, so number one affiliates making money withlinks. Number two is going to be your own products and services, Kay you're,going to sell your skills or your own products to your audience. So let'stalk about products, I have hats and tshirts and pot decks and all kinds ofactual physical products. So I'm going to use my podcaster try to sell thoseproducts very easy now, if you don't want to have inventory or have a storeor have to worry about all that stuff, you can do something. That's calledprinting on demand. Let's say we want a coffee mug right, we can go to printfolcom, send them our little design and...

...every time somebody orders that theywill ship it to your customer and you'll get a portion of the sale. Soyou don't even have to manufacture anything to sell your own products. The other way is through horses orcoaching. So ask yourself this: What do peopleconstantly ask you for help with? What do they ask you for help with that's something that you could build acourse round? If somebody's constantly asking you how to set up your x box oneor how do I lose weight without changing my diet? All these things. Weall have different expertise. Think about what people ask you for help. Allthe time on you can build a digital course around it. Now it's not ascomplicated as you think you can just do it with your phone. Like I'm,recording this video right now, you can record a series of videos and you coulduse a site like member of Vault Com. That's completely free and Uplod yourcourse and sell it through member ofvault and have people consume yourdigital courses. So if you're, a niche...

...type HOD cast aorlet's, say you're infitness, you could have a fitness course and then every episode you couldremai remind people hey by the way, if you'd like to learn more about how toget huge, biceps take my bicep course and that's the second way to build yourpodcasting empire, your own products and services. Now the third way isgoing to be to build a community, so you can do this by allowing monthlysupport from your audience to help you keep creating content, the mostrecognizable community builders going to be Patrioon Dotcom, where you allowpeople to subscribe to you on a monthly basis for different levels. So let'ssay: WE'VE GOT ONE DOLLAR: Five dollar and twenty dollar levels. This is veryimportant 'cause. It has to be rolled out the right way, so one dollardigital high five. You help me out and I appreciate you five dollars. Maybe Isend you a new sticker pack every month ord. Maybe I send you a free bonusepisode that nobody else gets just the...

Patrioon members and then third twentydollars as you get, maybe like a cool tshirt every month or a piece of artthat I've made. It depends on what you do, but you need to make sure it'sworth being a member for now, I'm a member of multiple artists, Patrions,where I get you stickers in the mail and you art in the mail every month,and it's so much fun to get things in the mail. So people want to do this andpeople want to support you. So it's a great way to just say: Hey, listen bysupporting me. I can make more content and then I'm going to give you bonuscontent that nobody else is going to get okay. So in review, we've got threeways: we can start generating income, we've got affiliates, we've got our ownproducts and services and we have community now by recommended tools. Again, Amazonassociates contact micro brands right pod. Deck is a microbrand and peoplecontact me all the time to get sponsored. So I set them up with anaffiliate.

There's other microbrands out therethat you coan reach out to do the ones that you love and use and start to askpeople that you use their products. Do you have an affiliate program coursesand products you're going to use something like member vault or Kajabiand ondemand products? printful is a great site and there's many many othersand community Patrion is the only one that I personally have used, but I'msure there's other options out there for you so triple oup. Don't just do one ofthese to all three by doing all three you're, not putting all your eggs inone basket and you're going to be able to keep multiple strings of incomecoming in like what Amazon one day says, we're shutting it down. No more Amazon,you wouldn't have any money. If you only spent time focusing on focusing onbuilding those links, you want to create multiple avenues for money tocome into you as a podcaster. That's going to be the key to your success, so I had a really great time talking aboutAlthis with you in this episode N. I...

...want to go more in depth with you, soyou can get my free training course. It's how to do all of these things. Alittle more in depth. How to set up your Amazon associates account allthrough video. You can get this at Monotie Dapa Duck Com and hit me up.Email me send me a DM. Let me know which of these you're going to startdoing today. I want. I want you to tell me when you get your first check fromone of these and let me know like Hey, I made a hundred bucks off my podcastright. I didn't have to set up a website. I didn't have to do anythingstrange. Did it through one of these three ways and I don't even have asponsor all right so hope that was helpful for Yo as always Y. my missionin life is to help you row, your audience, bind your voice and startyour very own podcast movement n. In this episode, I wantto help you makemoney Seeou guys in the next episode, thanks for listening, if you enjoydthis episode, the number one thing you...

...could do to help is to subscribe rateand review this codcast or, if you know another codcast who may be strugglingand needs a little bit of poticast Therabe, just click that sheer buttonand share it with the Podcaster Youl love the most I'll see a in the nextepisode.

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