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Episode 54 · 3 months ago

Why Netflix is getting into Podcasting (and how it's good for you)


N'Jeri Eaton was hired away from Apple to become the head of podcasting at Netflix. We're at the forefront of a GOLD RUSH. 

In this episode, I share:

  • How you can adapt for the future
  • Why FAANG companies are doling out millions for IP
  • What Netflix's strategy is going forward with podcasts
  • How podcasts inexpensively test ideas
  • Why we are all developing podcasting IP

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If you haven't heard the jury, eatonwas hired away from apple to become the head of podcasts at netflix, yeah,netflix, the streaming service for tv and film, and in this episode i want toshare with you why netflix is just one of the next companies to jump intopodcasting and how you can use it for the future of your career as a creator.Now before we get started, i just want to let you know that podcasting schanged a little bit. If you thought you were subscribed to my podcastchances. Are you might not be any more? You have to follow podcast, so,whatever app you're on press that follow button or if you're on apple, goto the upper right hand, corner a press, a little check box and they'll ensurethat every time i drop one of these delicious podcasting snacks, it will goright to your phone and you'll have access to it in any time. I don't wantyou wasting any time. Looking for podcast, i want you to spend all yourtime growing your podcast. So why is netflix getting intopodcasting? Aren't they a tv and film...

...streaming company? Well, yes, but youmight not know this, but netflix already has about thirty shows that arededicated to creating buzz and hype around their tv shows and their filmsand netflix is investing a ton of money in curating exclusive content for youto stream on their platform. Just like everyone else is so spotify es gotrogan and call her daddy and amazon just picked up smart less for millionsand millions of dollars, because as a streaming service, they need exclusivecontent to raise the value of their memberships, and this is just thebeginning of what i think is the gold rush of podcasting. But it gets betterthan this. Netflix is investing in podcasting,because they're curating ip ip is just short for intellectual property. Now,what they're doing is they're actually allowing creators to inexpensively testideas? So let's go over a couple. Examples of something that started outas a podcast and turned into something...

...much larger, so gimblet media is home.Coming was actually turned into an amazon prime tv show starring juliaroberts. Dirty john is now a tv show on bravo and catching a killer was a bookthat turned into a podcast that is now a show on hbo. So the theme here isthat a podcast isn't just a podcast, and when i want you to wrap your mindaround is how can you expand upon your idea as a podcaster and turning intosomething larger? So, let's take an example of a youtube channel, hot ones.Everybody's favorite show where celebrities eat hot wings and makefunny faces, because it's so damn hot hot ones has their own hot sauce. Okay,so they've taken something that is essentially a youtube channel andturned it into a brand. Your podcast may have many different avenues thatyou can go down. You may be able to...

...develop products. You may be able todevelop an animated series that ends up on a streaming platform. If your storytelling in podcast- and i highly recommend this write, this down- go,buy a book on story telling and learn the process of telling great stories.Most of the top podcasts are story telling podcast, but if you can tell astory, maybe you've written a book and you can turn that book into a podcastand then at some point turn that podcast into a movie so podcasting is acontent, is becoming very dynamic. It's allowing people to test ideas veryinexpensively and then turn them into other things. So today's challenge foryou is to simply sit down and think what could i become? What could thispodcast possibly turn into and think of all of the different avenues you couldgo down? Is it a product? Is it a video game? Is it a tv series? Is it a movie?Is it a book? Is it action figures and...

...toys, think about how you could takeyour idea that you're developing inexpensively and turn it intosomething bigger than just a podcast, so going back to the gold rush? I'msuper excited because we're at the beginning of something huge. There is amassive awareness around the power of podcasting. The biggest companies inthe world are investing in creating intellectual property in curatingpeople and brands to bring their audiences into their streaming services,and this is just the beginning. These first acquisitions, like rogan and callme daddy and smart less- are just the beginning of all of these companies,turning to podcasting to grow their streaming services to inexpensively,test ideas and turn one medium into another. So if you like this episode,if you like my style, i if you resonate...

...with me, go ahead and leave a reviewit'll. Just take you a second. You can either just swipe the stars or writesomething nice. I read every single one. I do this podcast for you, the underdog. I want you to realize that podcasting is bigger than microphonesand headphones and digital audio work stations. There's mindset involved,there's philosophies involved. This is a marathon you're going to have to gothrough you're, going to have to keep showing up until everyone else does soleave me. A review hit that subscribe button and i'll see you in the nextepisode.

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