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Episode 48 · 4 months ago

How to NOT give a FUDGE


We all worry about what people will think of us. And as creators putting content and art into the world, that worry can hold us back from creating fearlessly. If you’re too afraid to put your heart and soul into your work, you will miss out on creating your best work. So stop giving a fudge about what other people think! Listen for strategies to unlock the superpower of not GAF!

In this episode, Travis talks about:

  • How we all crave approval but that can trap us into wanting to stay in warm, fuzzy safety instead of taking risks. This makes it impossible to grow!
  • Why you need to stop being afraid of failure. You will learn the MOST from making mistakes.
  • Why there’s no perfect time to do anything in life, so you need to stop waiting around.
  • Why you need to create with reckless abandon.
  • Why you have to stand behind what you do, align it with your values, and then not care what other people think. It’s impossible to please everyone, so don’t try to.
  • How to be like a horse! Run your own race with blinders in - you can’t ever worry about other people’s journey. Comparison is the thief of joy.
  • Feedback is great, but you should only worry about valuable feedback from the right people, not from haters or people with different goals than you.
  • Why you’ll get more feedback from people who are doing less than you.

Memorable Quote

“I am giving you permission to create with reckless abandon...perfection is boring; it’s sterile and it’s unattainable.”

“We don’t make rules for exceptions.”

“What people think of you is none of your business.”

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If you find yourself worried about whatpeople are going to think about you in your podcast and your content, I madethis episode specifically for you once I stopped giving a fudge about what anybodythought. I unlock a super power and I want to share with you how you canunlock that same super power in this episode on Podcast Builder Club, so as creators we love approval, wejust love it. We get hearts and likes and shares and book marks and downloads,and all these things that trigger that little dopo ine censor in our brain andmakes us feel good. But this often times is going to cloud our judgmentand it's going to make us feel safe in certain ways, but afraid to do otherthings, and once I stopped as I call it g a fin giving a fudge about whatanybody thought of me. I...

...unlocked this super power. Withinmyself, I became massively creative. I became more in tune with myself and itreally helped me- and I want to share this thought process with you, thisphilosophy with you this this podcast is about podcast ing, but it's also alot about mind set, so if you've ever felt that little that little guy onyour shoulder, who pops up and tries to talk you out of doing something becauseof what people will think, this episode is absolutely for You, so the first way you're going to beable to not GAF is to fail. Often I think people are really terrified offailing they're afraid to start something new, because they're afraidthat it won't work, and I want to tell you that all of the best informationI've ever learned about anything was through starting businesses, startingpodcast and failing you quickly, learn...

...what's not working and you couldprotect yourself from it in the future, so learn from the mistakes revel in afailure. Don't think of it is something to hide. Wear it as a badge of honor.Okay, because you're going to make the next version of the thing you do betteryou're going to make the next product improve you're, going to make the enduser experience optimal, because if you fail you've received some informationabout what wasn't good, it doesn't mean you're, not good. It just means thatthe idea itself wasn't fully formed. Failure creates growth. I fail all thetime. I spell things wrong. I launch things imperfectly because I don't care.I just want to make something and then continually make it better. Stop asking for permission, I'm givingyou a little tip right now that you can...

...use, I am giving you permission tocreate with reckless abandon, that's right, reckless abandon. I want you tomake things without worrying about it. Being perfect perfection is boring.It's sterile! It's unattainable and it's a stupid goal to try to makesomething perfect and there's- probably, maybe you maybe you're listening rightnow and you've been waiting to do something until it's perfect, there'sno perfect time to have a child. There's no perfect time to start apodcast to have a business to do anything in life. There's never goingto be a perfect time and if you're waiting around looking at your watchgoing well next week's the week, it's going to it everything's going to lineup for me. You'll wait forever. Okay, so stop asking your audience forpermission to do new things, try them and see if it works right, maybe you'regoing to fail. That's okay, things can...

...fail. Some of the coolest things in theworld have happened from failure, so don't be afraid to fail. Don't fearpeople not liking something? Okay, a lot of a lot of creators are so afraidtheir audience is going to reject them for doing something new that they neverdo it and they never find out. It could be the greatest thing you've ever done,but you're waiting for everything to line up and to be perfect and you'reasking permission from people to do new things. Stop asking for permission. You got to know your values, you got tostand for something. I think that we are in a culture of people pleasers,I'm guilty. I want to make everybody happy. I want my customers to be happy.I want you my audience to be happy. I want my instar followers to be happy. Iwant my wife and kids to be happy and the truth of the matter is it'simpossible to keep everyone happy. It...

...just will never happen. You have tostop people pleasing and knowing your values, knowing what you stand for isgoing to help. You realize that you're not for everybody, your podcast, isn'tfor everybody, your content, your personality, your taste in music, isn'tfor everybody and that's actually the beauty of the world. If we all wantedthe same thing, we'd all be wearing the same shirt driving the same carlistening to the same podcast, it would be super boring and monotone. You needto realize that your podcast isn't for sixteen billion years and you need toquit what doesn't fit so stop trying to make everybody happy don't be rude, butyou need to know that, like your opinion on something and your valuesaround something are not going to match up with other people. You know you canbe controversial, but I just want you to know that contrast is beauty. Thebeauty between the reason, a black and...

...white photo is so beautiful, as becauseof the contrast between the color, black and white, so just make sure thatyou know what you stand for and have those values play into your goals. Yourgoals should be somehow implanted into your values and if something doesn'tline up with your goals, you need to learn how to say no and just say no, just like whatever thedog was in grade school. That told us to not take drugs, just say no okay andstand for something stick by it and quit everything that doesn't plightinto those Vales. You got to run your race and putblinders on. I don't know if you've ever seen some of those horse andbuggies that are in the city, that let you take a carriage ride around theblock and the horses. They have these little black blinders on their eyes,because they only want the horse to look forward. They don't want them tolook to the side, get freaked out by...

...anything, that's happening around them.Should they just want them to walk forward until they say stop. You needto be that horse. You need to put blinders on, and I see people all thetime talking endlessly about their competitors, worried about theircompetition, worried about what they're doing, instead of what you're doing youare only competing with yourself in everything, your career, your podcast,your business, your relationships only competing with you. You need to be abetter version of you, that's the only person you should be, comparingyourself to so stop worrying about your competitors. Stop looking at theirwebsite, stop listening to their podcast. Look at at what products arereleasing just stop it's not going to help you! Okay, it's not going to helpyou not GAF, which is give a fudge. Okay in another word that we won't sayon this podcast, because I'm keeping it...

...clean today, all right, but stoplooking at your competitors just continually be a better version of you. You need to get feedback from the rightpeople. That's right! Feedback is awesome, butit depends on who it's coming from. You have to take these things with a grainof salt are the people that are giving us feedback haters. Are they the peoplethat want to tear us down? Are they really giving US feedback? That'svaluable to apply? You need to start asking the people whoare where you want to be. Instead of the people who are just hanging aroundtrying to bring you down right, those people are always going to offer theirfeedback first without even to any request. They're just going to give itto you, you're going to say I don't like blank and you need to really tunethese people out. Don't make rules for exceptions. My Mentor told me we don'tmake rules for exception. So if one person comments on something and says Iwish your podcast was three hours...

...longer, but nobody else says anythingthat is an exception and we don't make rules for those people. So if you wantfeedback, ask for it from people who are where you want to be, and everybodyelse who comments you know play along. Take it with a grain of salt, but don'tlet it infect your brain and make you care about what they think. I don'tcare. What the haters think I get comments on my posts. My ads all kindsof things, and it just absolutely blows my mind- that these people are takingtime out of their wonderful, beautiful, limited life, to comment on somethingthat I've made the people that are doing less than you will always comment.The people that are doing more than you will never even know, you're doing it,because there are running their race, not looking at what other people aredoing, and they don't g f. So remember this opinions for likeelbows, everybody has one or two, but...

...we don't just get them out and showthem to people all the time. Don't worry about what people's opinions are.You need to run your race, stop asking for permission. You need to getfeedback from the right people. You need to know your values and you needto be okay with failing. So I'm going to leave you with this. What peoplethink of you is none of your business and that's how I don't give a fudge. I do what I want todo. I do it plays into my values. I am my authentic self in every way, shapeand form, and that's the only way I can create with reckless abandon. That'sthe only way I can create new products and services and change the name of mypodcast, because I just don't care make the art you want to see in the worldyou'll be so much happier. So if this episode was of value to you go ahead,slam that five star on your podcast aff...

...give me a review. I read every singleone and it means the absolute world to me, and I just wanted to share thiswith you, because I think too many people are limiting themselves to whattheir potential is because they're afraid of what the people around themmay think. So so ask yourself: Do you give a fudge a.

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