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Episode 52 · 4 months ago

Listen if you are feeling OVERWHELMED


If you are feeling overwhelmed this episode is for you. 

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If you're feeling overwhelmed with yourpodcast, this episode is for you if you've ever felt overwhelmed being acreator. It's actually a good thing. It's because you're trying new things,you're experimenting you're working hard, but you've hit a point of anxiety thatcould potentially be stopping you from making your best work overwhelm is likethis creature that grabs us in a bear. Hugsqueezes us so that we feel uncomfortable and we don't think that we can continueon. So let me share a quote with you. Oneof my favorite quotes when things stop adding up startsubtracting. This quote is simply to remove things,get back to basics in your creation as a creator as apodcast, er you're expected to do so much. It isn't just setting upthe Mike and Talking it's planning and...

...editing and getting guests and SocialMedia and scaling and Growth and more downloads and more platforms andthere's a new platform born every single day that we think we need to bea part of we're potentially missing out, and these things cause overwhelm so consider, looking at all the thingsyou're doing and parking, some of them for a littlewhile get back to basics, go bear bones. Whatdoes it take for me to continue on and not feel the stress and anxiety andoverwhelm the trying my hardest as a podcast Eris causing me because when you create in an overwhelmed mind, set you're notmaking your best work, you're, not having fun you're part of the machine and the machine wants more and more andmore,...

...and if your social media tasks take youa long time and you're struggling to find guests and you're just not feelingit that comes through the speakers into your listeners ears and they can hearit now. I also want you to think aboutthis, create when you can. We don't always feel inspired, and sometimes you have to create whenyou're not inspired. That's why I created pod decks forpeople to be able to spontaneously create without having to put too muchthought into it. I see a lot of people apologizing for missing an episode or taking a break, and you don't knowanybody anything unless you've got somebody writing youa check for this podcast. You should create when you can unapologetically. No, you also don't need to sweat thesmall stuff likes downloads, all these arbitrary numbers.

For some reason we keep looking and we hope that the result isdifferent. Numbers are going to be relative to the timeyou've spent how long you've been podcast ing. How many episodes you pe lease, butit's not a time stamp of your worth at that moment, and so many of us put our worth intothat number, our effort into that number, whetherit's low it high, we let it define us as creators, it'sjust a number and a lot of podcast ers think theyshould be further head. They should be scaling,they should be getting more engagement. They should be farther along their journey and shoot is a dangerous word, because what you're doing is you'reputting an internal pressure on yourself...

...that no one else is putting on you instead of saying should say I'd liketo have more listeners, but should is part of expectations andany time you set expectations, you're likely to be disappointed. So can you do this without expectations? Are you just doing it for the downloads?Probably not so? Why do we keep looking at thatnumber as our value in the world? It's pretty confusing! So don't sweat these small items, don't let them define you if you're feeling overwhelmed simply start removing things from yourwork flow. Get back to bare bones to where you feel good, creating whereyou don't feel the pressure of creating. You don't feel like you're. Behind theeight ball, I've never ever ever been...

...upset because a podcast didn't releasea podcast release is just a new opportunity for me to listen to content,but I've never tapped my foot waiting getting upset that a podcast episodedidn't release. So this is going to be a philosophythat I hope you take into your creation process, whether you're, making videospodcast art, music, because feeling overwhelmed and podcasting is not going to get you anywhere. You've just stacked the deck againstyourself. So I help this hits home with you. I hope you know that you havepermission to stop doing things that are causing you pain, anxiety that are setting you create when you can...

...and subtract it's not working to.

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