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Episode 12 · 1 year ago

The Future of Podcast Discovery with Kal Amin and Dan Daugherty


SEO (search engine optimization) and discovery might sound like something you have to pay big bucks for in order to grow your podcast and audience—but what if it wasn’t? Kal Amin and Dan Daugherty, creators of Sounder.fm, join Travis to share why they’re on a mission to usher in a new way for podcasters to connect with creators, designers, and their ideal audience without the high cost or limited reach of other platforms!

In this episode, Travis, Kal, and Dan discuss…

  • How the growth of the podcasting industry in 2020 is just like the growth of the web in the late 90’s—early 2000’s
  • Sounder’s mission to make podcasting more accessible
  • Sounder’s innovative approach to search optimization and audio SEO
  • Kal and Dan’s motivation for their user experience design
  • How to rank your podcast in Google
  • Why Kal and Dan’s decided to launch their own podcast
  • Sounder’s goals to make monetization easier for podcasters—with or without advertising
  • Q & A with Kal and Dan

Memorable Quotes:

  • “Just like everyone had a blog—every business had a blog, every person and every business will also have a podcast.”
  • “...this idea of stream audio search is finding that specific topic, phrase, keyword, whatever it may be, what you're looking for...and retrieving the information and then going back to your doing what you were doing, so we think it's going to be a pretty big shift.”
  • “When people are able to find the topics that they're interested in, and start to consume you quicker, and you're saving people time, they're more likely to discover you and fall in love with you.”

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