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Episode 9 · 1 year ago

Which Podcast Hosting Site should I use for my Podcast?


More podcasts means more podcast hosting sites, each with different price points, services, terms and conditions. Instead of letting all the options overwhelm you, listen in as Travis explains what podcast hosting platforms provide and why Sounder.fm is a solid solution!

In this episode, Travis shares…

  • What a podcast hosting site is and why you’ll need one for your show
  • Different costs associated with podcast hosting and why free doesn’t always mean free
  • Why you should consider switching to Sounder.fm

Memorable Quotes:

  • “Sounder.fm is a really easy host to use and it doesn’t hurt your eyes looking at a site that looks like it was built in 1995.”

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Hey if you're looking for a pot casthost for your potgass or if you're not exactly happy with what you're usingright now, I want to tell you about my brand new favorite host, I'm going totell you all the reasons that you should switch today or start yourpodcast with them. Are you ready to get hosting starting apodcast is easy. A growing an audience can be hard podcastros face, so many challengesthat can make them want to quit. So I'm here to help them stay in the game. This is codcast, ther, okay, so, if you're unfamiliar with Wat a POGCAS host, even is it's going to be a platform that allows you touploade your audio to their server? So when someone subscribes your podcast,they get all your episodes. It's going to put your episodes out on all theplatforms that you want, like Google, spotify apple pod cast things like thatand potcast hosts come in all different shapes and sizes. They also com at verydifferent pricepoints. There are some...

...free options and thereare also somethat you'll pay based on the number of megabites. Your files are. Okay, so ifyou're new to podcasting and you're not really excited about paying forsomething like that, I have a great option for you. Okay, I recently satdown with some of the founders of Saundereffm, which is a newer pie casthost, and I talk to them about their mission and their platform, and Istarted podcast therbeon their platform to try it out. I've tried all thepodcast host they're, all cool. They all have benefits, but this onesoundrof M has blown me away with what they're doing for podcasters andthere's a couple of reasons. So one they're free now free always comes withsome form of price tag. Right, we're always weary of hey, it's free, sothere's a company called ANCRFM, very cool pote cast host free. However, inthe little terms and conditions that...

...you check and most of us don't readterms and conditions, they're able to use your likeness repurpose your audiowithout your consent, meaning they can promote their brand using your audiowhenever they want without any type of legal ramifications. Okay, so to me,that's not cool. If I blow up, I don't want them using my likeness without myconsent, so sounderofam actually has three options: Right, they've got afree, they've got the regular plan and then they've got an enterprise plan. Ifyou've got like lots and lots of todcasts the free plan. I I specifically askedthe people that sound Eroug am hey this free plan. Are you GN to use mylikeness without my consent, and the answer was no, so I dug through theterms and conditions. I didn't find anything that looked anything like thefact that they would use my likeness or my audio. Without my permission. Sothat's awesome now. The free account also includes a couple of other things:One you get up to twenty thousand...

...downloads a month. That's a lot ofdownloads, if you're getting, let's say five thousand dollars per episode andyour epsods Er once a week. That's a lot of podcast downloads. If you'regetting those kind of numbers you'll easily be able to afford the next stepup, you also get up to your first hundred episodes on the platform. Nowthis is, I think, really cool for new POD castors, because if you're unsure,if you're going to go the long hall hitting a hundred episodes, take sometime take some effort. Take some planning and it's a huge milestone.Okay, so if you ever do hit a hundred episodes, it's a no brainer to say: Hey,I'm a podcaster! Now I can invest in Pod, cast hosting and you're also goingto get things like your own podcast web page. So you don't have to build thewebsite around your podcast and you get an inbedable player. Now the playerissuper cool they've actually built an algorithm that lets people search youraudio. What does that mean? Can they search my titles? No, you can searchaudio. So if you start talking about...

...a lotion that you like specifically andsomeone types in the phrase lotion, it will take you to that episode in theplayer. It will take you to the part of the audio that you're talking aboutlotion. Alright, this is revolutionary. Okay for PODCASTS and searching audiowe're all searching all the time and if we are using key words and things likethat in our notes we're getting found, but now people can actually find theparts of the episode they want to listen to. So this is humogous. Okay,so you're going to get one podcast on the free account, which is usuallyplenty for most of us. I know a lot of us have a multiple pog gas, becauseWe'e got bit by the podcast bug, but if you're just starting out and you'relike hey, I want to try this out. It's awesome, so their website's, absolutelybeautiful. A lot of the other potcasts hosting companies are we're at thebeginning of potcast te're, a little dated so navigating them can beconfusing to somebody WHO's. New, sound rom is very minimal. It tells youexactly what you're going to do and...

...it's really easy to get your pot caston spotify and apple pod cast and all the other places it's just a reallyeasy host to use, and it doesn't hurt your eyes looking at a site that lookslike it was built in nineteen. Ninety five, if you are thinking aboutstarting a podcast, I highly recommend Saunder Offn, like I said this podcastis on Sounder FM right now and I'm loving using it. It's super easy. I canhave a team member on my free account, so I can have somebody helping upload,which is amazing. So maybe you have a pod cast editor like podcast, buddy orsomebody else helping you. You can have somebody uploading audio for you,loading in your notes, putting in those keywords and those tags and all withoutdropping a dime okay. Now, if you're an existing podcaster, who is just nothappy with maybe paying for hosting, maybe you have a really long, podcastand you're paying a lot of money for...

...hosting it on someone's server, and youwant an option to switch to. I highly recommend Saunder of m they'vegot a really easy document that allows you to port your podcast over fromanother host. It's not as complicated as you might think. So I highlyrecommend it. So I want to know what podcast host you're using. Let me nownthe comments down below or what you're not happy with in your podcast host.Okay, just curious what you guys are using what you're raving fans of and H,if you will make the switch so I'll see you guys on the next episode of podcasttherapy, hope you are having an awesome day and remember you're, only oneepisode away from your next download thanks for listening. If you enjoydthis episode, the number one thing you could do to help is to subscribe rateand review this codcast or, if you know another podcast who may be strugglingand needs a little bit of hoticast...

Therebe, just click that sheer buttonand Sheare it with the podcaster Youl love the most I'll, see a in the nextepisode.

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