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Episode 8 · 1 year ago

Where Do I Find Music For My Podcast?


Want music for your podcast but don’t want to violate copyright rules or pay a ton of money? It’s a common problem with an easy solution. Learn not only where to get great music that’s free or affordable, but how to use the music you find to make your audience keep coming back for more!

In this episode, Travis shares…

  • Where to find free and low cost music for your podcast
  • The difference between royalty free and licensed music
  • Recommendations for using royalty free music
  • Advice for reusing the same music vs. switching music each episode
  • Details about Travis’ free private music stash

Memorable Quotes:

  • “You want to get music that matches your vibe...that’s not too busy.”
  • “There’s no rules in podcasting: You don’t have to use the same song every single episode.”
  • “One of the greatest things you can do in a podcast is surprising your audience.”

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This week, Louise Asks: Where do youget music to play in your podcast and also how much do you pay? I'm going toanswer this question and I'm going to tell you where you can get some of mypersonal stash of royalty. Free Music, that's not available anywhere else tostick around starting a podcast is easy. A growing an audience can be hard podcastros face, so many challengesthat can make them want to quit. So I'm here to help them stay in the game. This is podcast, ther, ok, Louise, so you asked: Where do youget music to play in your podcast, I'm looking for a place to pull music atany time? Also, how much do you pay? This is a really good question andyou're going Ta want to make sure in your podcast that you're using pod,safe music, because copyright infringement will get you pulled downfrom apple and spotify very quickly.

You see these companies have artificialintelligence that actually will scan your episode. Like you, two does andpull your content if it includes copy written material, and the last thingyou want to do is spend a bunch of time on your podcast and then use somecopyright in material and get your pod cast pulled and get banned from ApplePot cast right. It's a really easy thing to fix and it's actually reallyaffordable. And if you stick around with me to the end of this video, I'mgoing to tell you where you can get access to my private library of royalty,free music, the music's not available anywhere else, and you can get it forfree. Okay, where I get all my music from a side of my private stash, is asite called audiojungle dot net. Okay, I love audiojungle because it's realmusicians who are actually creating music in all kinds of different genresthat are available to license under a royalty free music license. Okay, soroyalty free means you pay for at once,...

...and you use it for the life of YourBusiness. Okay, so typical music licensing is paid on going. So that'ssomething that would be in a film or a TV show where they're licensing themusic and they're going to pay throughout, but royalty free music. Youpay once you use it for as long as you like. So audiojungle is a great sitebecause the other sites tend to have what I'd consider to be elevator music. An audiojungle dotnet is real artists,making real music. That's current! It's modern and there's a really great way that you canjust filter and find what you want. So the first thing I'm going to recommendwhen you're getting royalty, free music, is get an instrumental track. You don'twant any vocals because that's going to compete with anything you're sayingover it. Okay. The second thing I'm going to tell you is try not to getanything. That's too busy right. You want to get music that matches your vieB T, but if the music is too...

...distracting, the human ear can reallyonly focus on one thing at a time, and you want them to focus on your voice orsomething that you're saying over it. So try to find something that matchesyour vibe. Potentially, you know cinematic or makes a more professionalfeel and that's not too busy. So I love audio jungle. 'cause, you can filter togenres length. You can filter through all kinds of different parameters at itwas going to let you find your music faster okay. So let you find your musiclike insanely fast, and the beauty of this is that the tracks range from nineto thirty nine dollars for the license, so you can get a track for as low asnine bucks and use it in your potcast almost forever. Okay. Now. The secondquestion that I got in this same topic is: Do you reuse the same music foryour podcast in each episode? What do you think of using different music foreach episode? Okay, so this is a great question. What I want to tell you isthat there's no rules in podcasting, so...

...you don't have to use the same songevery single episode you can mix it up. You can change it every episode. If youwish you could change it every once in a while. You don't have to stick to thesame song. Surprisingly, when you throw in new music, it surprises the listenerwhich is going to keep them coming back for more one of the greatest thingsthat you can do in a podcast, which is why I love using poddecks in my podcastis surprising, your audience. Okay, if they can predict, what's going tohappen in your episode, they're, less and less likely to continue to keepcoming back. They want to be surprised and delighted, so switch it up. Ask People, did you likethe song better than the last episode and see what happens, test and learn?So my answer to that question is yes, I use the reuse the same music in my podcast right now, but that doesn't mean...

...that I won't change it later on. Okay,so you may be wondering hey you mention that you have a private little secret,stash of Royal Keepreg Music, that I can get that's right. So what you're going todo is you're going to go to music, dotpot Deck Dot Com and all you do istput your email in, and I will send you a direct link to my private royaltyfree music stash. I've got over twenty five songs that you can use in yourpodcast without paying any licensing. I've got rock songs and hip hop songsand dance songs and instrumentals, and everything that you could ever imagine.So I want to give this to as a gift to you for being in my world, so you canuse music in your podcast and have the option tochange it up every once in a while without having to pay for it. So justgo to music dotpod, decks dot com and put your email in. Send you a link tothe secret private stash page itould be cool. If you commented in your commentsand said, Hey, this music comes from...

...poddecks, but no big deal. If you can'tdo it. That's fine, but you'll have twenty five songs at the tip of yourfingers that you can download whenever you need them. So that's my gift to you all right. Well, that was the music coconsultation therapy, part of our podcast and h speaking, O new music.Let's throw some new music on the end of this podcast. All right and I'll,see you in the next therapy session podcast therapy. Thanks for listening.If you enjoye this episode, the number one thing you could do to help is tosubscribe rate and review this podcast or, if you know another codcast who maybe struggling and needs a little bit of hodcast. There be just click that sheerbutton and Sheare it with the podcaster. You love the most I'll, see Ya in thenext episode.

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