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Episode 55 · 3 months ago

Why SCALING is Overrated (The Parabel of the Podcaster)


Podcast GURUS will tell you, "you need to SCALE."

When in reality, sometimes the place you are is where you actually want to be. 

There's a powerful parabel called The Mexican Fisherman. It helps me remember that not everything is about MASSIVE growth. 

I reformatted the parabel to be for you, the podcaster. I hope you enjoy. 

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Did you know that you're my favoritepodcaster yeah, you, you show up here every week, looking to add value toyour tool box as a podcaster, so you can grow your show and you can live thelife of your dreams. So i just wanted to say: there's one guy out here inaurora illinois clapping for you shearing you on so bravo or brabo.Before we get started. I just want to let you know. I've got an entirecommunity of amazing podcasters who are collaborating leveling up and going tomeet their goals as podcasters and that's called the podcast builder club.You can simply join it for free by visiting facebook com groups pot decks now before we get into the show. I justwant to. Let you know. Teddy's episode is all about scaling. You're, going tobe told by everybody that you need to scale scale scale. You need to get morelisteners, you need to get bigger and better guests, and this is notnecessarily bad advice, but it's not advice for everybody and it reallyreminded me of a parable called the...

...mexican fisherman. I don't know who theoriginal author is, but when i get overwhelmed in my business in mypodcast thinking about more more more, i simply read the story and it helps meregain perspective, so i have completely reimagined it for podcastersand content creators, and i'm now presenting to you the parable of thepodcaster and the podcast gouroo, a podcast guru starts chatting with apodcaster on club house. This is the expert and i'm donespeaking. The podcast goer complements the podcaster on their initial successand ask them how long it took them to get their current listener ship. Thepodcaster replied only a little while the grue then asked why he wasn'ttrying to scale the podcaster said he had enough tosupport his family's immediate needs. Then the gooder asks. But what do youdo with the rest of your time?...

The podcaster said i sleep. Latepodcast, a little play with my children, have dates with my wife and strollingto town each evening where i sip wine and hang out with my friends i've afull and busy life, the goru scoffed. I have a podcast expert and i can helpyou. He said you should spend more time podcasting and with the proceeds by adsand with the proceeds from the anspath. U can get a podcast editor andeventually you'd have a whole team of virtual assistance in the philippines.Then you could repeat the process for other podcasters to start your ownpodcast network. You could control the product, the processing and thedistribution. Of course, you'd need to leave this small town and move to acity and then to los angeles and eventually to new york where or you'llrun your expanding enterprise the podcaster asked. But how long willall this take to which the guru replied? Oh ten or fifteen years? But then what asked the podcaster thegooroo laughed and said? That's the best part. When the time is right, youcould sell the podcast your network and...

...your shoulder company like spotify, youmake millions millions, the podcast r ask, then whatthe guru said. Then you could retire move anywhere. You want you. Couldsleep late, podcast a little play with your kids and have dates with your wife?And then you can stroll in town in the evenings where you could sip wine andhang out with your friends. So here's the lesson sometimes the place you're already inis the place that you actually want to be and by looking outward lookinglooking for the scaling looking for the millions, the more the more the moreyou're, actually just delaying the time that you can experience and enjoy whereyou're already at now, don't get me wrong, i'm all about setting goals andcrushing goals, and i think that anything is possible. Any single thingyou put your mind to as possible, but just remember that through this process,the bigger you get there are going to be obstacles to overcome. So if you'rehappy and comfortable with what you're...

...doing now, maybe you are the mexicanfisherman t.

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