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Episode 42 · 9 months ago

5 Tools I Use to Grow My Podcast


Running and growing a podcast is hard work, there’s no getting around that. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take some shortcuts! I wanted to share with you some websites and software that have made my life so much easier when it comes to podcasting. I’ve used them to bring my show to the next level and you totally can, too.

In this episode, Travis talks about:

  • Sounder FM - this podcast platform has tons of benefits, but two of the biggest are how it transcribes your podcast to create SEO and boost you as a relevant search result on Google and how it makes your episode content searchable for listeners who are interested in specific keywords!
  • Podpage - this will quickly and easily build your podcast its website without you needing to know code or hire a web developer. There are many reasons you want your podcast to have its own website and many awesome features you get from doing it on Podpage.
  • Linktree - this website lets you build a well-formatted page with multiple links on it, so that you don’t have to constantly update the ink in your Instagram bio. That way you can drive people from social media to your show, blogs, courses, merch, etc
  • PodMatch - think of it like online dating for podcasters! It easily helps you find guests or podcasts you can guest on. It’s totally tailored and personalized so you match with people you’re likely to click with.
  • Clipscribe - the best way to showcase your show on social media is to film your recording session and then post a great clip from it that will hook people to listen to the episode. It’s easy to do with Clipscribe, which gives you templates and automatically-generated closed captions!
  • A bonus tool - keep in mind that I build you a tool, too, the Pod Decks Mobile App, which you can try for free to get access to episode and conversation-starting prompts, courses, and giveaways.

Memorable Quotes

“When all you have is a hammer, it’s hard to eat spaghetti.”

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It's the only tool you have isa hammer, it's hard to eat spaghetti. Today's episode is all about the fivetools that I use in order to grow my podcast. These are allgoing to be software tools websites that you can use to elevate your show tothe next level. They've made my life so much easier and I just wantedto make sure that you knew they were out there. And before we getstarted, just want to let you know I built you a tool to alwayshave something to say, to always spark your next great conversation and, ofcourse, to have episode prompts in the palm of your hand. That's thepod decks mobile APP. Now you can download it for free. Try itout totally free on apple or android and spark your next great conversation. Watchone of the many courses enter our content and see all my favorite tools inthe pod next toolbox. So tools are just absolutely amazing. They make ourlives easier, they create connections between point...

...a point B, and I thinkthat if you have the right tools, it's going to make growing your podcasta heck of a lot easier. Right so I wanted to share with youfive tools that I personally use. To grow my podcast and my business.These are tools I pay for, okay, so I want you to know thatthere's free versions of some of these, but I actually pay the premium becauseit unlocks all the features and I think that if you're going to usea tool, you want to use it for what it's actually used for andget all those premium features in order to make it work. So if you'relooking for some new tools for your podcast, you might want to continue to listento this episode and if you have a tool that you love that Ididn't mention, hit me up. Let me know what's your favorite tool forgrowing your podcast. Number One. So you've heard me talk about it amillion times, but I host my podcast on Sounder FM and there's a fewreasons I do this and I think that they are actually very beneficial and actuallybecome a tool for me in order to...

...grow my show. So the firstthing is that it's going to automatically transcribe my episode and it's going to makean episode web page where that text is actually housed. So, if youdon't know anything about SEO search engine optimization, the way this works is that Googleautomatically crawls websites for data and it really favors words because the algorithm orthe AI can actually read words. And so if you have your entire episodetranscribed on a page and Google crawls it, you are going to show up asa relevant search result for those terms. And if you do that for everysingle episode, that's going to compound. So, without me having to doanything, I literally just upload my episode to sounder. It automatically getstranscribed. Do I do anything with that episode page? No, I justlet it live on the Internet and get crawled by Google. So this isa tool that's built into sound Erfm that...

...allows me to grow my show bybeing found, by not having to type out my own transcription, by nothaving to go overboard in the show notes. I still write show notes, butI let this particular tool let me get found. Now, additionally,there is a player, because sounder gives you for free and as a searchbar in it, and people can actually search for terms that are relevant tothem and it will take them to the exact moment in time where you saythat in the show, and I think that's extremely valuable for listeners who maybein a hurry, they may be looking for something specific and they don't havetime to sift through all my episodes. They can simply type in what they'relooking for. It'll show them the episodes I mentioned that phrase in and whatminute and second that I mention it in the episode. So two huge toolsfor growth in my podcast. Number two. Okay, so the next tool ispod page. You may have seen my youtube video on this. Ifyou haven't, go ahead and subscribe to... channel. I do reviews andwalk throughs on all these types of services, but pod pages the service that Ipay for to have a website for my podcast, and the reason Ido that is because when you meet someone new, they may not be fullyimmersed in podcast and when you rattle off fifteen different places where your podcast isavailable, it gets confusing. Human beings are wired to not want to burncalories. Thinking right, we want to save calories for energy to run awayfrom the wolves. And so if you tell somebody that your podcast is availableon apple and spotify, in this and cast box and that and the otherthing, people stop listening. They too now they go out. This istoo confusing for me. I don't know what a cast box is, butif you just simply say oh, yeah, you want to check out my podcast, just go to www dotmy podcastcom. This is a language that every humanbeing on earth actually speaks, right, because we go to websites all daylong, and if you're serious about your podcast, you're serious about yourbusiness, if you're serious about your project, I think at a minimum you needto have a place that is not social media, that is not apodcast Catcher, that is not somebody else's... to send them to. Now, pod page has a bunch of amazing features, but the reason this issuch a cool tools because you just put in your rss feed in to buildyou a website, pulls in all your episodes, pulls in the description,pulls in the artwork and then you can customize that later on. You canalso add things like an email catcher right so you can have people opt intoyour email. Very important to get people's emails just in case everything gets shutdown. You have that list at your disposal. You can have people leaveyou a voice mail, which is really cool because you can include people's voicemails in your podcast. And there's a whole bunch of other features to buildthis website really quickly without knowing a link of code. All you have todo is move things around and it is really powerful. So if you don'thave a podcast website, I think you're missing an opportunity to have a toolto drive people to really quickly and easily, just instead of confusing people, insteadof making too many options. You know what happens when you get toomany options, you don't do anything. It's paralysis by analysis. So atool that I use to grow my show... easily being able to convey thatI have a website at pod page number three. So sharing links to differentplaces can be difficult on social media. So I use a tool called linkedtree. I think it's six dollars a month to upgrade to their premium planand you can customize your link tree. If you don't know what linked treeis, it's one link you could put in a biosay on Instagram, butit shows multiple links of places to go. So for me, I have acompany called pod decks and I have a pod deckx APP and I havea youtube channel and a podcast and courses and contests and challenges, and soto continually change the link in the bio is cumbersome and having a linked treeis an easy way for somebody to click on it and see all the thingsyou have and really beautiful format. So I highly recommend if you're doing morethan one thing, and you probably are, because podcasters are just wired to dolots of things. Maybe you have... podcasts, maybe you have apodcast and you have some type of youtube channel or other thing that you're doing. It's a really easy way to let people know all the things you're doing. Now there are some best practices, I feel like with a link tree, you don't have twenty links. Maybe think about your top five links,like the top five places you want to go. Remember, we want tobe an inch wide and a mile deep. We don't want to be a milewide and an inch deep. So by having too many links, again, we're burning too many calories thinking and we want to give people some quickoptions to go to the next level with us. So linked tree, Ithink for six dollars a month. That's one starbucks coffee and it's a greatvalue because you can customize it, you can make it look like your brandand then you get a bunch of analytics and you could see what people areactually clicking on. Number Four, getting guests for podcasts used to be alittle bit more difficult than it is today, and that's because there's some really greattools out there to connect with other...

...podcasters, to connect with potential guests, and I just love pod match. So pod match is a site thatyou create either I want a guest or I want to host account and you'resimply going to fill that out tell people what you're all about. You canset some tags as far as categories that you'd like people from or to beon their shows. You can do all kinds of things within this, butthe beauty of this is that it automatically is going to serve you matches.It's sort of like online dating meets podcast guesting. So basically, you getserve people that could be a potential match for you and then you can eithersay I'd like to connect with this person, I'm going to snooze or I'm goingto pass. So you get sort of an option. You get thatsort of tenderl quality where you can swipe, you know which way you want togo, and I love this because it saves a lot of time.I'm super picky with WHO's on my podcast and to have people pitch me allday long is cool. It's very humbling because people are want to be apart of what I'm doing, but I...

...only want a certain kind of personon my podcast. So this allows me to filter through them, to lookat their profiles, to see what they're all about and make a decision ifI'd like to connect with them. And then, finally, it allows youto connect an integration like calendly and you can just schedule the interview right there. So no more back and forth with emails, no more checking calendars,you just you just quickly book guests for your podcast and I love that there'san ai feature that's actually like really monitoring and looking to see who would bethe best guest for your podcast. So if you're looking for guests or ifyou're looking to be a guest on a podcast, you could create a freeaccount at pod match. I do have a premium account and I just lovethis service. You get email notifications, there's always new people being served toyou and it's just a really great way to get big Mo or momentum inyour podcast if you're looking for guests or to be a guest. Number five, so we all know when we get done recording the episode, the workis not done. We have to edit...

...that episode with right show notes.We have to figure out what we're going to publish that episode and then,of course we need to promote that episode, and there's lots of different ways peopleare promoting episodes. They're putting static images that say check out my episode, they're making audiograms. It's a little cool wavefile to give you a littlebit of audio from that show. But I think the best possible way toshare your show is actually through making video clips. But it's really hard tomake video clips. You have to learn adobe if to like figure out allthe software, and it's just it makes you want to stop and not dothat. That's why people make static images, that's why people make audiograms. Itis because it's really easy, and so really easy way to make videoposts for social media is clip scribe. Now I also made a youtube overviewvideo of this, so if you're looking on to figure out how to doit, it's very simple and essentially what you do is you take a videoclip and upload it to clip scribe and it's going to automatically transcribe it foryou and it's going to give you templated options. You can create your own, but the templates are awesome and so...'re able to create those really coolvideos where there's a headline and then it's it's also going to show you thetranscription at the bottom, because we know that people don't always have the audioon while they're looking through social media. And the best part about this isit shows you. It shows your face. If you know anything about psychology,if you know anything about biology, we look for faces and things andfaces are more engaging to us. That's why we see the man on themoon the face of the moon, or if you look at a tree,you see a face. It's just because it's programmed into you in your inyour software right, and there's no way, there's no way to get rid ofthat. So by putting your face to the voice in your post,you become a little more magnetic, right, there's a deeper connection than just astatic post or an audiogram. And then, additionally, the Algorithm onsocial media favors when people stop, and videos make people stop and stay longer. So the longer people stay on your post, the more relevant. Instagram, facebook, all these APPs find your... and they'll show it to morepeople without you having to pay for it. It's free discovery. So you maybe thinking, Oh man, now I got to buy a video cameraand do all this crazy stuff. You'd really don't. What I do,and what I did for a long time was I would just set up myiphone and record myself recording the podcast. A lot of my episodes are soepisodes. If I do an interview video, you know, I get the videothrough zoom or squad cast or Riverside FM and those are those are easyways to get the video. But for yourself, if you're just podcasting along, just set up your phone record yourself recording the podcast. Don't worry aboutthe camera. Just podcast as you normally would and figure out what a goodminute chunk of that video is or the audio is right. So the GoldenNugget, the best part, the you know, the little teaser that's goingto make somebody go, oh, I really want to listen to this episode, and then you can just use that little piece of the video. Youdon't have to edit an entire video. You just clip that little piece out, connect it to your audio and upload the clip scribe and clip scride basicallydues everything else. You do have to... know, you do have todo a couple things in there, but you don't have to learn Audobe,you don't have to have anything crazy. It's only ten dollars a month andI absolutely love it. I just I think this is one of the partsof my workflow that really was thriving once I started to do more video.I didn't want to put my entire episode up on Youtube. I think it'sboring. I don't want to watch two people talk. I'd rather listen tothem talk, but I don't want to watch them talk. So I decided, okay, how can I still share video through my social media to drivepeople to my podcast, and the most interesting way I could find to dothat was creating videos through clip scribe. So highly recommend. So there's fivetools that I use, I pay for, I love and, just so youknow, I don't really ever recommend anything that I'm not using. Soif you hear me talking about something or if you're on my email list andyou see me send out an email about something, is because I love itand I use it and I'm never going to share something with you that isnot what I'm actually using in my own podcast, because this whole show isabout experimenting, seeing what's working and sharing...

...the results with you. So,if you like this episode, consider joining my facebook group. It's called thepodcast builder club and you can just search that on facebook. Join a communityof likeminded podcasters or networking. We're collaborating, there's free trainings and it's a reallygreat group for podcasting. I think it's the best podcast group in theworld, and so if you're looking for content like this or if you're lookingto connect with other people, I highly recommend joining. You won't regret it. So tell me what your favorite tool is. Please send me a DMon Instagram at pod decks. Just tell me. Hey, I love usingthis tool and there's probably tools out there that are absolutely amazing that I've neverheard of, and I'm always interested to see and find new tools to useto grow my business, to grow my podcast and, of course, toreach New People like yourself. So, with that being said, this istravis. It's your boy. My goal is to get a thousand podcasters.Two episode, one hundred. I love what I do, I love podcastingand I can't wait to share the next...

...episode with you next week.

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