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Episode 45 · 4 months ago

How to Promote your Podcast on Social Media with Clipscribe, feat. Craig Lillard


What if I told you that you could generate 12 pieces of content from one podcast episode? On today’s show, I’m joined by Craig Lillard, the inventor of Clipscribe. You’ve heard me say it before, Clipscribe is one of the best tools I use for my podcast to help me create tons of content from each episode. Trust me, this episode is absolute fire and is going to completely transform the way you promote your podcast on social media.

In this episode, Travis and Craig talk about:

  • Why video content is exploding on social media.
  • Why podcasters need to be using video to grab attention.
  • Why listeners respond more to seeing your face in video content.
  • How video can be both a powerful networking and advertising tool.
  • How powerful networking can be for podcasters.
  • How you can use Clipscribe to create a whole ecosystem of content that is tailored to be shared on all social media channels and drive people where you want them from multiple platforms.
  • The idea behind creating golden nuggets of information from your podcast to post.
  • Not letting a lack of video skills hold you back - you can take baby steps and use helpful tools to get started.
  • Why incorporating transcription or subtitles is critical when you share videos on social media.
  • How you can use transcription to go beyond just creating closed captions - utilize that info to create other forms of content like blogs.

Memorable Quotes

“When you’re putting your content out, you want to create a hook...you want to give them a taste...and they qualify themselves by saying, ‘This is really interesting, I should go further.’”

Links to Resources

How to Promote your Podcast on Social Media with Clipscribe - complete video walkthrough

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