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Episode 45 · 7 months ago

How to Promote your Podcast on Social Media with Clipscribe, feat. Craig Lillard


What if I told you that you could generate 12 pieces of content from one podcast episode? On today’s show, I’m joined by Craig Lillard, the inventor of Clipscribe. You’ve heard me say it before, Clipscribe is one of the best tools I use for my podcast to help me create tons of content from each episode. Trust me, this episode is absolute fire and is going to completely transform the way you promote your podcast on social media.

In this episode, Travis and Craig talk about:

  • Why video content is exploding on social media.
  • Why podcasters need to be using video to grab attention.
  • Why listeners respond more to seeing your face in video content.
  • How video can be both a powerful networking and advertising tool.
  • How powerful networking can be for podcasters.
  • How you can use Clipscribe to create a whole ecosystem of content that is tailored to be shared on all social media channels and drive people where you want them from multiple platforms.
  • The idea behind creating golden nuggets of information from your podcast to post.
  • Not letting a lack of video skills hold you back - you can take baby steps and use helpful tools to get started.
  • Why incorporating transcription or subtitles is critical when you share videos on social media.
  • How you can use transcription to go beyond just creating closed captions - utilize that info to create other forms of content like blogs.

Memorable Quotes

“When you’re putting your content out, you want to create a hook...you want to give them a taste...and they qualify themselves by saying, ‘This is really interesting, I should go further.’”

Links to Resources

How to Promote your Podcast on Social Media with Clipscribe - complete video walkthrough

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So what if I told you, you could takeone podcast and turn it into twelve different pieces of content that youcould share on every single social media platform to promote your show?Well you're. In Luck, because today I am joined by the illustrious CraigLiard, the inventor of one of my favorite tools clip scribe, and in thisconversation we discuss why video is absolutely exploding and why podcasters need to be using it. How video is a powerful networking and advertisingtool? Why transcription and sub titles are absolutely critical for sharingvideo on social media and how you can use your transcription to go be on justsubtitles? So I'm going to warn you once you're done listening to thisepisode, you're going to want to pull the fire alarm. This episode isabsolute fire. Now before we get into the show, I want to invite you yeah you.I want you to become a part of my community. It's called podcast builderclub. It's a free face book group where we have real pod, casters growingtogether, networking collaborating and, of course I do a bunch of trainings andgive information freely in this group. It's the best face book group forPodcast Ers on planet earth, so go ahead, just type in podcast builderclub. In your little face book search Bar, join us and let us help you growyour show and share your valuable information with us. So there's been an explosion and thatexplosion is video. There's a hundred million hours of video on face book, abillion hours on you tube and eight hundred monthly active accounts onInsara. All using video video is not a trend, it is absolutely huge and youare. I would call you Mer, video, because you're giving us a tool toenhance our lives. Do you have any insight on two thousand and twenty one?Where videos headed you know, can you share anything that you've seen in theindustry? Yeah I mean video is, is exploding it's funny, because I'veclips, my third company that I started and every company I've started has beenvideo related, and my last company was a stock media website where peoplecould buy himself stock video and when I started that in like two thousand andsix, I thought. Oh Man, you know the video is getting is going to get hugewhatever and it it really kind of didn't until like three or four yearsago, and then I really saw wow like this is now it's you know back thenyeah video was getting big, but it wasn't just every day people makingvideo content, and now it's at that point where all kinds of differentpeople that have never done anything. Video related are starting to just puttheir themselves out there. Cre video...

...content posted online, not so worriedabout. Is it perfect or not? And so that's that's really. You know whereeverything is exploding, because it gives you it gives you just somethingyou can't have out of the written word or a still image. Do you believe thethe theory that as human beings were programmed to look for faces over otherthings like, for instance, when you look at the Moon, you see the face onthe moon or you look at a tree. Long enough, I see a face, is, is there anytruth? Do you think? Oh my gosh there? That is the fact that you said that'sHilarious, because I was just talking to my wife. We've been doing orangetheory work out. I don't know if you have that in a road, but so we've beendoing that and we just started a few months ago and our trainers all hadtheir masks on. So we didn't see the trainers without their mass on untilone day, the guy, the guy, showed up to take the class, not lead the class, andhe didn't have his mask on and I just freaked out because I was like you looknothing like what I pictured like my brain had filled in all the gaps as towhat this guy and in my mind, I knew exactly what they looked like and helooked nothing like what I thought he looked like and we were just talkingabout how powerful our brains are and how youknow faces yeah. There's they trigger us in a certain way with our brand. Soyeah there's got to be something pretty potent going on in there with with the way that we recognize andremember faces absolutely yeah, so so clip scribes, a tool that I use andI promote all the time because it gives me an easy way for me to put a videoportion to my podcast and I've been a big proponent of of making sure that myaudience knows that video is actually a really magnetic way to get people tostop on the feed and check you out and I've been really using it, in myopinion, as a marketing tool. But you brought it to my attention that it'sactually even more powerful as a networking tool. Could you elaborate onyour thoughts on that? No, I mean. I don't know that I would. I would I meancobpipe is both Imala a marketing tool, but I would say video is, I think,people think about video traditionally in terms of like commercials. You knowwhen a business owner wants go, do something with video. That's their mind,set let's, let's make a commercial which is a one and done piece ofcontent that yeah. If you were going to show it on television a million times,you know to the same people, then that would be you know potentiallybeneficial to you. But video today is, I just tell people don't think about it.That way, it's really not about creating one amazing video, becausefirst of all, most of videos are not...

...amazing. You know they're really badquite frankly, and he the ability to make something viral is extremelydifficult, so you're much better off using it as more of a networking tooland the last company I was talking about,ended very badly. So after ten years just crashed and burned, and I had tobasically start over from ground zero and I started doing local marketing,which I always said I'll just do localiter thing I learned aboutbusiness and advertising and all that and now help people locally. Well, Ididn't have any money to advertise and I knew I did know networking. I did notunderstand networking. I just didn't get it. I sat by my computer for thelast fifteen years and advertised you know so I finally, you know somebody saidHey. You got to go to a networking group and connect with people, and Ijust did it because I didn't have really any other choice, and I went tothis networking group and I thought man. This is the biggest waste of time. I just didn't get it, but over time Istarted to connect with people meet people they got to know me. Did theywant my business right away? No, it took several times once they heard mystory, all of a sudden one guys like hey, I know you're having a hard time.Let me give you some work and it just grew from there, and that was when thenetworking thing hit me upside the head. It sounds very dense because I think alot of people already get this, but this was right around the time thatcreate you know guys. A Gary vader check was starting to really post a lotof video concept and it started to click with me that using video in that method at's more ofa networking tool. That is the way that you can scale the power of networkinglike there's no really other way to scale it to mass, but to create videocontent where you're, just a real person getting people to know. YouTrust you and, like you and then you're, using the power of the Internet, to getyou in front of millions of people instead of the twenty or thirty people.You know at a local networking group you might be able to go to absolutely.I totally agree every time, there's a networking opportunity. I always havethat same feeling like I could get so much work done. You know. Is this goingto be a waste of time? And typically, when I leave I'm like this was a gooduse of time and net looking is extremely powerful yeah now I was justlooking at your website and you have this whole piece about how you can useall kinds of different pieces of content to drive people to the sameplace. Do you want to talk about? You know, clip cribs, a tool. You cancreate video content with transcriptions and there's a bunch ofother features, but you can make them in a bunch of different forts, meaningwhatever social media platform you're on or if you're on all of them. You canactually create this ecosystem of content that lives. People to you, yesand I'd love for you to share your...

...thought process on and I'm going to usethe word ecosystem, because I think it's the best way to describe having abunch of soldiers working for you in different places, driving people to youyeah. So what happens sometimes with cubs is somebody will come on and theyhave an hour long, podcast or something or really long video when theyuploading- and I know that they are just trying to add sub titles to theirvideo, and I tell them you know very often I said look. Clubs cribe is anattention tool. It's not really a closed caption tool. It is a tool toget more attention on your content, especially in the feed. If somebody's going to watch your hour,long video, you could argue you already one like you already have theirattention. If they're going to sit down there and watch your video one they'relikely going to have the sound on if they're going to watch it for an hour,I you know you tube, O platform work. If you go to yout you're, probablyreally don't need subtitles. Unless your heart, you know, unless youpeering impaired or it's a different language orsomething, then you might turn on close capting, but for conscribe purposesit's really about. How do you get people to stop scrolling in the feedand watch a short piece of content that hooks them into who you are andultimately pushes them, hopefully over to your long form content? So I suggestpeople take that you know take that longer, video or that longer podcastand then make short versions of it cut it up, make a version for IG TV. Youknow make make some videos for face book and linked in and then use thoseas a video final. Basically to get people in to your landing page or youtube channel to be able to watch your longer form, content, yeah and andhere's the key is is you're not just. I call him Golden Nuggets. I look inevery episode, I'm looking for a minute of information that brings value orcreates intrigue, and I'm going to use that in order to try to drive people tothe podcast. So I think you know when you're putting your content out. Youknow you want to create a hook, and I like that, you use it as a funnel,because it's really you're giving someone a taste you want to give themall of it. You want to say this is this is for you and they qualify themselvesby saying like this is really interesting. I should go further withthem. So Yeah I've always referred to them as Golden Nuggets, and I think you know using them in differentplatforms is a great way to continue to drive people to you. So it's going tobe really Meta here, because I'm going to make a clip scribe of this video or a golden nugget from this video, andit's just going to be it's going to be pretty fun. I don't know if I'll getsucked into some type of black hole,...

...but I'm definitely going to do it. It'sgoing to be like looking in a mirror with the mirror behind you and usuall.It is one of my favorite tools that I use all the time and it saved me somuch time as far as like you can get in the dobe account and try to learn likeall these different programs. But this is really just streamline the processand I can create a video in five minutes that I can put on all my socialmedia platforms, which is why I love it now. Ye I mentioned something earlierthat I want to hit on. Is that people stop on the feed? You know if you know anything about algorithmsand I'm assuming you do the power of getting someone to stop and stare isgoing to get your your post to be quote more relevant to the algorithm right so by using video were able to engagesomeone as opposed to maybe like an audiogram. What are your fought on? What podcast Ers should do? Let's say apodcast Er is not like, doesn't have a set up like ours, they may not have abig camera. What could they do to create those Golden Nuggets and makepeople stop on the feed yeah? I mean first of all, I say if possible, in agreat video into it some way. Okay, maybe yeah. Maybe you don't have a setup or you don't have a studio, but don't let that stop. You meaneverything's, a baby step. You got to take those baby steps, I mean, ofcourse you could. You could do what a lot of poncasars do, which is a greatthing which is just put a still image and have the audio run behind it. But people are going to connect with you ifthey see you if they get a feel for who you are so I definitely recommend people, don'tdon't let it hold you back, don't worry too much about the visuals. Obviouslyyou can amp that up at any point, but put yourself out there startputting yourself out there create some. You know, shoot your video and then cutit up in a little pieces and and get your feet wet and then, as you go, youcan start. You know camping that up a bit absolutely. I always recommendpeople just put their phone up and record themselves podcast ing, not topublish the whole thing, but when you find that golden nugget clean that outup load it to clip scribe and make yourself a little video, because Ipersonally what I'm going through the feed I'm looking at what captures myattention- and I try to make things like that, because I'm recognizing thatfrom an empathetic standpoint that there's someone else out there, thatprobably thinks like me and when I see an audio Graham, it reminds me of fiveyears ago and I just keep scrolling and I go okay. This doesn't like it's notsticky enough right go, you know. We all saw Gary V, make all his videoswith the headline and the yeah subtitles and stuff, and I think that alot of people like Garv and follow him, and so this is a really easy way to dosomething similar. So yeah love it so now that we've made a video in clip scribe, there's one extrafeature which is the the subtitle. So it's going to it's going toautomatically look at our audio. It's...

...going to write a transcription andthat's going to appear on the video and yeah. You know eighty five or ninetypercent of people don't have their audio on. Yes, and I think I'd love tohear your thoughts on what makes sub titles so critical for this medium yeah.I mean not. That statistic blows everybody away. It makes sense what you once you thinkabout it, but when you first hear it it's kind of mind, bodling that thatmany people are watching. You know specifically social media contentwithout any sound on. Excuse me so, when you all give it that way, yeah some titles on your video havingtext and I say, have a headline as well, especially for these little videos that you're trying to use to ampup attention, any text that you can use so that when they are again flying byin the feed, it's the text, it's either the text or you got to have just aamazing thumb. Nail that's going to grab their attention one of those twothings, ideally both of those to make people stop and interact with yourvideo, because otherwise, if it's just a plain old video, it's just going toget skipped by nobody. Not Nobody has time to investigate something unlessthere's something leading them in to want to investigate it. Yeah Icompletely agree- and I think, there's there's room for people that aretalking to the camera. But if you don't have your audio on you're just going tokeep flicking your thumb and that's again we're trying to create stickycontent to create a funnel to bring people into our larger pillar piece ofcontent. So we're not we're not trying to put everything into one basket:We're just making little drips little hooks little little spots for people tobe able to open the door and come in so so part of clubs. Crib, is is going totranscribe and you can actually download that transcription. So youknow transcription is sort of this mythical creature, the lackness monstereveryone's, always looking for the best tool to transcribe yeah. What are yourthoughts on going beyond just subtitles? How can we maximize those files that wecan download for more than just the video yeah so congry and we wrote outan update recently, it's still so new that I haven't fully even documentedall the features in there, but that is the ultimate goal: Cubs cribe, it's notjust to create a subtitle video. In fact, the slogan that keeps going onover my head is use your words. You Know Mamma, your mom always says useyour words. Your video content has these words in it that you can utilizeto a grand effect if you will take advantage of it, so one turn that video into blog post. Okay,that's a no brain er right there, how many people are just shooting videocontent all the time it just goes on social media, which is, for the mostpart, not indexed by SEO. So that's a...

...wasted piece of content that could besitting on your website and building a traffic over years and years. So that'sone thing: another thing that we added recently something called a quote bank.So as you're going through and you're editing your sub titles, you can add aphrase. You know where you say something interesting into this quotebank and then we added a still image feature where you can create a Stelahic and drop that quote into it. You can get frame grabs of your videoand use those to throw into like a still image or a thumb nail. You cancreate a thumbnail with it and also while you're editing yoursubtitles. You can format your blog as well. You can add in paragraph breaksand headlines so that when you actually go to export your transcript to yourblog, it's already all formatted just the way you want it to be, and you justcopy and paste it. You know over to your blog, so lots of ways that you cantake that and just totally maximize the benefit you're going to get from thatvideo by maximizing your use of the text in it and the train script. I lovethat because I hate writing block posts I would rather do to. I would rather dotaxes change oil O my grass, I mean it's just I'm a verbal person, yes ableto just press a button and copy and paste it and make a blog post thatagain the way this works. If you're listening and you're not familiar withso don't worry what it is. Is it simply just google is crawling website lookingfor key words who rank you for when people search those words. So I reallylike that. You mentioned that you know you're putting out post on social media.It is an index. Google doesn't crawl, your Social Media Post. So it'sbasically like this giant leak in your content, because it's as easy as justthrowing that up on a web page and letting it compound overtime- and weall know this content creators nothing's going to happen- I mean, ifyou're, just waiting for the viral video like you might hit it, but youmight also buy a lottery ticket hit that, but compounding these things andadding content on to the web is going to be a great way for you to win. Okay,so are there you mentioned a bunch of new updates. Those updates are allready to go on clip scribe. Yeah. Do you have anything planned in the futurethat you could share with us as far as close trive goes, or are you feelingpretty good about the tool itself and all the functionality there's alwaysupdates commin that the malo updates that were recently role out is prettysignificant, so I'm kind of flipping over to the marketing side of thingsnow, but I definitely have a few a few things coming in specifically relatedto Intros and Altro's being able to easilyhave an intro that you can add to every single video you want to or an Oltro. That's probably the main big featurethat people have asked for and really...

...almost every feature on, cubs has beensuggested by our users, and so, if it makes sense, you know I was tell ourusers hate. If you want something to happen, just let me know, because it'svery likely that it will happen. You know as long as it's something thatwould make sense, and that would help everybody. It's awesome. Well before westarted this call. You had mentioned that you created this tool because itwas something you wanted to use and I think that there's a tremendous value in people who aremaking the art they want to use or see in the world, so I just want to take aminute to thank you for making an easy way for me to create this. These goldennuggets as I'll call them and share little bits of my content with theworld very very easily. I mean the friction. The stress you know. If I hadhair, I would be pulling it out trying to learn these different software. Ijust want to make content and be able to publish it and it look good, soclubs cribe is one of my top tools that I recommend. So I just want topersonally thank you for creating this for us to use and again everybodylistening. I cannot. I cannot recommend it enough. That's awesome. I reallyappreciate that and it's good to hear, because you know I've been a video editor usingall those pro tools for years, and I wasn't you know I wasn't sure who wouldbe the main people using clip scrub. I wanted it to be people that aren'tvideo pros and I wanted them to be able to easily use it without a bunch ofdrama and that's pretty much how it's gone so hearing that kind of feed backsreally important to me because yeah I want anybody to be able to justuploading video and be ready to go and have that video ready to post in twentyor thirty minutes and for the most part that seems to be working. That way. Ireally appreciate your time. I really love your tool and I'm so excited tohave you on the podcast and share your message with the audience. I thinkthere's been a ton of Golden Nuggets in this episode that I'm going to eatewith clip scribe. So thank you so much for being with me and creating anawesome tool that I love in news. You got it and thank you. So much for Avis,thanks for having me thanks for using and loving clubs, ribe and promoting itextremely appreciate you doing. That means a lot.

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