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Episode 45 · 8 months ago

How to Promote your Podcast on Social Media with Clipscribe, feat. Craig Lillard


What if I told you that you could generate 12 pieces of content from one podcast episode? On today’s show, I’m joined by Craig Lillard, the inventor of Clipscribe. You’ve heard me say it before, Clipscribe is one of the best tools I use for my podcast to help me create tons of content from each episode. Trust me, this episode is absolute fire and is going to completely transform the way you promote your podcast on social media.

In this episode, Travis and Craig talk about:

  • Why video content is exploding on social media.
  • Why podcasters need to be using video to grab attention.
  • Why listeners respond more to seeing your face in video content.
  • How video can be both a powerful networking and advertising tool.
  • How powerful networking can be for podcasters.
  • How you can use Clipscribe to create a whole ecosystem of content that is tailored to be shared on all social media channels and drive people where you want them from multiple platforms.
  • The idea behind creating golden nuggets of information from your podcast to post.
  • Not letting a lack of video skills hold you back - you can take baby steps and use helpful tools to get started.
  • Why incorporating transcription or subtitles is critical when you share videos on social media.
  • How you can use transcription to go beyond just creating closed captions - utilize that info to create other forms of content like blogs.

Memorable Quotes

“When you’re putting your content out, you want to create a hook...you want to give them a taste...and they qualify themselves by saying, ‘This is really interesting, I should go further.’”

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How to Promote your Podcast on Social Media with Clipscribe - complete video walkthrough

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So what if I told you youcould take one podcast and turn it into twelve different pieces of content that youcould share on every single social media platform to promote your show? Well,you're in luck, because today I'm joined by the illustrious Craig Lillard, theinventor of one of my favorite tools, clips cribe, and in this conversationwe discuss why video is absolutely exploding and why podcasters need to be using it, how video is a powerful networking and advertising tool, why transcription and subtitlesare absolutely critical for sharing video on social media and how you can use yourtranscription to go beyond just subtitles. So I'm going to warn you, onceyou're done listening to this episode, you're going to want to pull the firealarm. This episode is absolute fire. Now, before we get into theshow, I want to invite you, yeah you, I want you tobecome a part of my community. It's called podcast builder club. It's afree facebook group where we have real podcasters growing together, networking, collaborating and, of course, I do a bunch of trainings and give information freely inthis group. It's the best facebook group for podcasters on planet Earth. Sogo ahead, just type in podcast builder club, in your little facebook searchbar. Join US and let us help you grow your show and share yourvaluable information with us. So there's been an explosion and that explosion is video. There's a hundred million hours of video on Facebook, a billion hours onYoutube and eight hundred monthly active accounts on Instagram, all using video. Videois not a trend, it is absolutely huge and you are I would callyou Mr Video, because you're giving us a tool to enhance our lives.Do you have any insight on two thousand and twenty one? We're videos headed, you know, can share anything that you've seen in the industry? Yeah, I mean video is is exploding. It's funny because I've clipterized my thirdcompany that I started and every company I've started has been video related, andmy last company was a stock media website where people could buy and sell stockvideo, and when I started that in like two thousand and six I thought, Oh man, you know, the video it's getting is going to gethuge whatever, and it did really kind of didn't until like three or fouryears ago and then I really saw wow, like this is now. It's youknow. Back then, yeah, video was getting Biby but it wasn'tjust everyday people making video content. And now it's at that point where allkinds of different people that have never done anything video re lated are starting tojust put their themselves out there. Pretty video content posted online, not soworried about is it perfect or not.

And so that's that's really, youknow, where everything is exploding, because it gives you it gives you justsomething you can't have out of the written word or a still image. Doyou believe the theory that as human beings were programmed to look for faces overother things, like, for instance, when you look at the Moon,you see the face on the moon or you look at a tree long enoughto see a face? Is there any truth do you think to that?My Gosh, there that is the fact that you said that's hilarious because Iwas just talking to my wife and we've been doing orange theory work out.I don't know if you have that in Aurora, but so we even doingthat and we just started a few months ago and our trainers all had theirmasks on. So we didn't see the trainers without their masks on until oneday the guy, the guy showed up to take the class, not leadthe class and he didn't have his mask on and I just freaked out becauseI was like, you look nothing like what I pictured, like my brainhad filled in all the gaps as to what this guy and in my mindI knew exactly what they look like and he looked nothing like what I thoughthe looked like. And we were just talking about how powerful our brains areand how you know faces. Yeah, there's they trigger us in a certainway with our brains. So, yeah, there's got me something pretty potent goingon, and they're with with the way that we recognize and remember faces. Absolutely yeah. So. So clubscribes a tool that I use and Ipromote all the time because it gives me an easy way for me to puta video portion to my podcast and I've been a big proponent of making surethat my audience knows that video is actually a really magnetic way to get peopleto stop on the feed and check you out, and I've been really usingit, in my opinion, as a marketing tool. But you brought itto my attention that it's actually even more powerful as a networking tool. Couldyou elaborate on your thoughts on that? Well, I mean, I don'tknow that I would. I would I mean clubscribe is ultimately a marketing tool, but I would say video is I think people think about video traditionally interms of like commercials, you know, when a business owner wants go dosomething with video, that's their mindset. Let's let's make a commercial which isa one and done piece of content. That, yeah, if you weregoing to show it on television a million times, you know to the samepeople, then that would be, you know, potentially beneficial to you.But video today is I just tell people don't think about it that way.It's really not about creating one amazing video...

...because, first of all, mostof videos are not amazing. You know, they're they're really bad, quite frankly, and the the ability to make something viral is extremely difficult. Soyou're much better off using it as more of a networking tool. And thelast company I was talking about ended very badly, so after ten years,just crash and burned and I had to basically start over from ground zero andI started doing local marketing it. So I always said I'll just do locomo, I'll take everything I learned about business and advertising and all that and nowhelp people locally. Well, I didn't have any money to advertise and Iknew I did know networking. I did not understand networking. I just didn'tget it. I sat behind my computer for the last fifteen years and advertise, you know. So I finally, you know, somebody said, hey, you got to go to a networking group and connect with people, andI just did it because I died. Have really any other choice. AndI went to this networking group and I thought, man, this is thebiggest waste of time. I just didn't get it. But over time Istarted to connect with people, meet people, they got to know me. Didthey want my business right away? No, it took several times,but once they heard my story, all of a sudden one guy's like,Hey, I know you're having a hard time, let me give you somework, and it just grew from there and that was when the networking thinghit me upside the head. It sounds very dense because I think a lotof people already get this, but this was right around the time that create, you know, guys are Gary Vader Chuck was starting to really post alot of video content and it started to click with me that using video inthat method it's more of a networking tool. That is the way that you canscale the power of networking. Like there's no really other way to scaleit to mass but to create video content where you're just a real person gettingpeople to know you, trust you and like you, and then you're usingthe power of the Internet to get you in front of millions of people insteadof the twenty or thirty people you know at a local networking group you mightbe able to go to. Absolutely, I totally agree. Every time there'sa networking opportunity I always have that same feeling like I could get so muchwork done. You know, is this going to be a waste of time? And typically when I leave I'm like this was a good use of timeand networking is extremely powerful. Yeah, now, I was just looking atyour website and you had this whole piece about how you can use all kindsof different pieces of content to drive people to the same place. Do youwant to talk about, you know, clips cribs, a tool where youcan create video content with transcriptions and there's a bunch of other features, butyou can make them in a bunch of different format, meaning whatever social mediaplatform you're on or if you're on all of them, you can actually createthis ecosystem of content that drives people to...

...you. Yes, and I'd loveyou to share your thought process on and I'm going to use the word ecosystembecause I think it's the best way to describe having a bunch of soldiers workingfor you and different places driving people to you. Yeah, like. Sowhat happens sometimes with club scribe is somebody will come on and they have anhour long podcast or something, or really long video when they upload it andI know that they are just trying to add subtitles to their video and Itell them, you know, very often I said, look, club scribeis an attension tool. It's not really a closed captioning tool. It isa tool to get more attention on your content, especially in the feed.If somebody's going to watch your hourlong video, you could argue you already one likeyou already have their attention. If they're going to sit down there andwatch your video one, they're likely going to have the sound on if they'regoing to watch it for an hour. You know, Youtube, the platformwhere, if you go to youtube, you're probably really don't need subtitles,unless your heart, you know, unless you hearing impaired or it's a differentlanguage or something, then you might turn on close cab shouting, but forconscribed purposes. It's really about how do you get people to stop scrolling inthe feed and watch a short piece of content that hooks them into who youare and ultimately pushes them, hopefully, over to your long form content.So I suggest people take that, you know, take that longer video orthat longer podcast and then make short versions of it, cut it up,make a version for IGTV, you know, make make some videos for facebook andLinkedin and then use those as a video funnel, basically to get peopleinto your landing page or youtube channel to to be able to watch your longerform content. Yeah, and and here's the key is you're not just Icall them Golden Nuggets. I look in every episode. I'm looking for aminute of information that brings value or creates intrigue and I'm going to use thatin order to try to drive people to the podcast. So I think youknow when you're putting your content out, you know you want to create ahook and I like that you use it as a funnel because it's really you'regiving someone a taste. You want to give them all of it, youwant to say this is this is for you, and they qualify themselves bysaying, like this is really interesting, I should go further with them.So, yeah, I've always referred to them as Golden Nuggets and I thinkyou know, using them in different platforms is a great way to continue todrive people to you. So it's going to be really Meta here because I'mgoing to make a clip scribe of this video or a golden nugget from thisvideo, and it's just going to be it's going to be pretty fun.I don't know if I'll get sucked into some type of black hole, butI'm definitely going to do it. To...

...be like looking in a mirror withthe mirror behind you, and usually I love it, but it is oneof my favorite tools that I use all the time and it saved me somuch time as far as, like you can get an adobe account and tryto learn like all these different programs, but this is really just streamline theprocess and I can create a video in five minutes that I can put onall my social media platforms, which is why I love it. Now,you mentioned something earlier that I want to hit on is that people stop onthe feed. Now, if you know anything about Algorithms, and I'm assumingyou do, the power of getting someone to stop and stare is going toget your your post, to be quote, more relevant to the algorithm. Right. so by using video we're able to engage someone as opposed to maybelike an audiogram. What are your thoughts on what podcasters should do? Let'ssay a podcaster is not like doesn't have a setup like ours, they maynot have a big camera. What could they do to create those Golden Nuggetsand make people stop on the feed? Yeah, I mean, first ofall, I say, if possible, in a great video into it someway. Okay, maybe, yeah, maybe, you don't have a setup or you don't have a studio, but don't let that stop you.Mean, everything's a baby step. You got to take those baby steps.I mean, of course you could. You could do what a lot ofpodcasters do, is just great thing, which is just put a still imageand have the audio run behind it. But people are going to connect withyou if they see you, if they get a feel for who you are. So I definitely recommend people don't don't let it hold you back. Don'tworry too much about the visuals. Obviously you can amp that up at anypoint, but put yourself out there. Start Putting yourself out there, createsome you know, shoot your video and then cut it up in the littlepieces and and get your feet wet and then as you go you can start, you know, amping that up a bit. Absolutely. I always recommendpeople just put their phone up and record themselves podcasting, not to publish thewhole thing, but when you find that Golden Nugget, clip that out aPloda to clip scribe and make yourself a little video, because I personally,when I'm going through the feed, I'm looking at what captures my attention andI try to make things like that because I'm recognizing that, from an empatheticstandpoint, that there's someone else out there there probably thinks like me. Andwhen I see an audio gram, it reminds me of five years ago andI just keep scrolling and I go, okay, this doesn't like, it'snot sticky enough. Right, Gotcha. You know, we all saw Garyv make all his videos with the headline and the yeah, subtitles and stuff, and I think that a lot of people like Gary V and follow himand so this is a really easy way to do something similar. So,yeah, love it. So now that we've made a video inclip scribe,there's one extra feature, which is the the subtitles. So it's going toit's going to automatically look at our audio,...

...it's going to write a transcription andthat's going to appear on the video. And Yeah, you know, eightyfive or ninety percent of people don't have their audio on. Yes,and I think I'd love to hear your thoughts on what makes subtitles so criticalfor this medium. Yeah, I mean not that statistic blows everybody away.It makes sense what you once you think about it, but when you firsthear it is kind of mind bottling that that many people are watching, youknow, specifically social media content without any sound on. Excuse me. Sowhen you look at it that way, yeah, subtitles on your video,having text and, and I say have a headline as well, especially forthese little videos that you're trying to use to amp up attention, any textthat you can use so that when they're again flying by in the feed,it's the text. It's either the text or you got to have just say, amazing thumbnail. That's going to grab their attention. One of those twothings, ideally both of those two make people stop and interact with your video, because otherwise, if it's just a plan old video, it's just goingto get skipped by nobody. Know. Nobody has time to investigate something unlessthere's something leading them in to want to investigate it. Yeah, I completelyagree and I think there's there's room for people that are talking to the camera, but if you don't have your audio on, you're just going to keepflicking your thumb and that's again we're trying to create sticky content, to createa funnel to bring people into our larger pillar piece of content. So we'renot we're not trying to put everything into one basket. We're just making littledrips, little hooks, little little spots for people to be able to openthe door and come in. So so part of club scribe is it's goingto transcribe and you can actually download that transcription. So transcription is sort ofthis mythical creature, the locknest monster. Everyone's always looking for the best toolto transcribe. Yeah, what are your thoughts on going beyond just subtitles?How can we maximize those files that we can download for more than just thevideo. Yeah, so clubscribe and we rolled out an update recently. It'sstill so new that I haven't fully even documented all the features in there,but that is the ultimate goal of clubscribe. It's not just to create a subtitlevideo. In fact, the slogan that keeps going on over my headis use your words. You Know Mama, your mom I says, use yourwords. Your video content has these words in it that you can utilizeto a grand effect if you will take advantage of it. So one turnthat video into blog post. Okay, that's a no brainer right there.How many people are just shooting video content all the time? It just goeson social media, which is, for...

...the most part, not indexed bySEO. So that's a wasted piece of content that could be sitting on yourwebsite and building up traffic over years and years. So that's one thing.Another thing that we added recently is something called a quote bank. So asyou're going through and you're editing your subtitles, you can add a phrase, youknow, where you say something interesting, into this quote bank. And thenwe added a still image feature where you can create a still graphic anddrop that quote into it. You can get frame grabs of your video anduse those to throw into like a still image or a thumbnail. You cancreate a thumbnail with it. And also, while you're editing your subtitles, youcan format your blog as well. You can add in paragraph breaks andheadlines so that when you actually go to export your transcript to your blog,it's already all formatted just the way you want it to be and you justcopy and paste it, you know, over to your blog. So lotsof ways that you can take that and just totally maximize the benefit you're goingto get from that video by maximizing your use of the text in it andthe train script. I love that because I hate writing blog post. Iwould rather do too. I would rather do taxes, change oil, Mollmy grass. I mean, it's just I'm a verbal person. Yeah,able to just press a button and copy and paste it and make a blogpost. That again, the way this works. If you're listening and you'renot familiar with SEO, don't worry. What it is is. It's simplyjust google is crawling websites looking for keywords to rank you for when people searchthose words. So I really like that. You mentioned that you know you're puttingout post on social media. It isn't indexed. Google doesn't crawl yourSocial Media Post. So it's basically like this giant leak in your content,because it's as easy as just throwing that up on a web page and lettingit compound over time. And we all know its content creators. Nothing's goingto happen. I mean, if you're just waiting for the viral video like, you might hit it, but you might also buy a lottery ticket andhit that. But compounding these things and adding content onto the web is goingto be a great way for you to win. Okay, so are there? You mentioned a bunch of new updates. Those updates are all ready to goon clip scribe. Yep. Do you have anything planned in the futurethat you could share with us as far as clips drive goes? Or youfeeling pretty good about the tool itself in all the functionality? There's always updatescoming the the amount of updates that were recently rolled out is pretty significant.So I'm kind of flipping over to the marketing side of things now, butI definitely have a few a few things coming in, specifically related to Introsand Outros, being able to easily have an intro that you can add toevery single video you want to, or an outro. That's probably the mainbig feature that people have asked for,...

...and really almost every feature on coachcribe has been suggested by our users, and so if it makes sense,you know, I was tell our users, hey, if you want something tohappen, just let me know, because it's very likely that it willhappen, you know, as long as it's something that would make sense andthat would help everybody. That's awesome. Well, before we started this call, you had mentioned that you created this tool because it was something you wantedto use, and I think that there's a tremendous value in people who aremaking the art they want to use or see in the world. So Ijust want to take a minute to thank you for making an easy way forme to create this these golden nuggets, as I'll call them, and sharelittle bits of my content with the world very, very easily. I meanthe friction, the stress. You know, if I had hair I would bepulling it out trying to learn these different softwares. I just want tomake content and be able to publish it and it look good. So clubscribe is one of my top tools that I recommend. So I just wantto personally thank you for creating this for us to use and again, everybodylistening, I cannot, I cannot recommend it enough. It's awesome. Ireally appreciate that and it's good to hear because, you know, I've beena video editor using all those pro tools for years and I wasn't you know, I wasn't sure who would be the main people using clip scribe. Iwanted it to be people that aren't video pros and I wanted them to beable to easily use it without a bunch of drama, and that's pretty muchhow it's gone. So hearing that kind of feedbacks really important to me because, yeah, I want anybody to be able to just upload a video andbe ready to go and have that video ready to post and twenty or thirtyminutes, and for the most part that seems to be working that way.I really appreciate your time. I really love your tool and I'm so excitedto have you on the podcast and share your message with the audience. Ithink there's been a ton of Golden Nuggets in this episode that I'm going toaviate with clip scribe. So thank you so much for being with me andcreating an awesome tool that I love and use. You got it, andthank you so much, Travis. Thanks for having me, thanks for usingand love and club scribe and promoting it. I extremely appreciate you doing that.Means A lot.

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