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Episode 14 · 1 year ago

Why You Need to Set Goals for your Podcast


When’s the last time you thought about the goals you have for your podcast? If you haven’t thought about your podcast goals recently or if you’re unsure what podcast goals you need, take a moment to figure out where you want your podcast to go. Then learn all about how setting smart goals for your podcast will help get you there!

In this episode, Travis shares…

  • Why setting goals can give you a vision for the road ahead
  • Jack Canfield’s theory about S.M.A.R.T. Goals
    • Specific: clear and defined, precise, detailed, and capable of answering questions
    • Measurable: dates, exact financial numbers, steps
    • Attainable: achievable, able to accomplish within your skillset and timeframe
    • Relevant: realistic and aligned with your purpose
    • Time-bound: target date, adjustable deadline
  • Why you must decide what you want when setting goals
  • 5 Goals Travis has for the rest of 2020
  • Why October is the perfect time to start working on your New Year’s resolutions

Memorable Quotes:

  • “Without clear goals, I have no idea what direction I’m heading with my podcast, my business, or even with my life.”
  • “By setting goals, you’re not going to sabotage yourself.”
  • “What do you want to happen in the next 3 months?”

Links to resources:

Jack Canfield---Success Principles


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In this episode, I'm talking all aboutgoal setting and I'm Gong to share with you my five goals for Q, Four, Othousand and twenty, and why you should start setting goals for your podcaststarting, a podcast is easy. U growing, an audience can be hard podgastrs face, so many challenges thatcan make them want to quit. So I'm here to help them stay in the game. This is podcast ther goal setting is an absolute must forpeople who want to succeed and as a podcaster and business owner. I reallywant to succeed, and I thrive by setting goals and without clear goals.I have no clear direction on where I'm heading with my pod cast with mybusiness or even with my life. So I wanted to talk to you today about somegoals, I'm setting for me through Q, Four, and I'm going to talk to youabout the theory behind setting goals and why you should be setting goals foryour podcast. Now imagine this you're in the car. Your hands are on thesteering wheel, you're gripping tightly. The engine is rumbling and you're doingabout eighty miles an hour down the highway and it's dark outside it's midnight and your headlights are off now. You can basically see- probably Idon't know five feet in front of your car, so you could see the white lines.You could see a little bit, that's going to keep you on the road, but youcan't see much further out than that. So, if you're, not setting goals,you're, basically driving your car down the freeway at eighty miles an hourwithout your headlights on setting goals is going to give you vision intowhat's coming up on the road ahead. So let's talk about goals. I Love JackCanfield. His Book Success Principles,...

...one of my all time, favorite books andhe has made a system called setting smart goals, smart being in acronym forspecific measurableattainable, relevant and time bounded, and if you set goals using these smarttheory, you will more likely complete those goals. Now. Do I always completemy goals? Absolutely not. At the beginning of the year, I set threesuper giant hairy. Audacious goals- and I don't always hit them, but it remindsme throughout the year what the big things I want to accomplish are, andit's something that I'll put on a postet note on my desk in reference,often, but every couple of weeks I reassess mygoals and see what's most important to me and I will use this smart acronym.So, let's go through this s specific when you're setting goals the goal mustbe very clear and to find, if you just explained it to a stranger, they needto know exactly what that goal is. It should be precise, detailed and capableof answering questions instead of creating more questions now M is for measurable. This includesdates, exact financial numbers. It shouldn't be make more money, it shouldbe. I will make ten thousand dollars extra by January, first, Wo Thousandand twenty one, and when you can break those goals down into steps, you canalso measure those. So I'm going to make three hundred and thirty threedollars for the next three months to make a thousand dollars by the end ofthe year. A is for attainable Y R. Your goal mustbe achievable right. It's good to have crazy ambitions. Elon Musco wants to goto Mars, that's a crazy, great goal,...

...but your goals for the short termshould be something that you're able to accomplish within some form ofconstraint, of time money environment, as well as the skills and abilitiesthat you have. So I don't want you to overwhelmyourself by creating these unattainable goals. You can create things that youcan accomplish and feel good about. Now, our is for realistic. Your goalsshould be in line with the direction that you're heading, whether it's lifepodcasting business. You want to keep those goals in line with your truepurpose. You don't want to waste time with unrealistic goals and, finally, tea is for time bound sosetting a specific deadline to complete your goal. That's going to help youcreate a target date and creat accountability and give you moremotivation. A lot of people thrive when they're working against the clock, alot of people thrive when they know they have a deadline. Now, if you don'tachieve your goal by the specific date, that's totally cool, just adjust it andkeep moving forward, but always set a date to your goals. So the first stepto Gol setting is to decide exactly what you want. What do you want toaccomplish? What do you want to experience? What do you want to acquire?Who Do you want to be, and one of the reasons that most peopledon't get what they want is because they're not really clear on what theywant, so you want to potentially sit down andmeditate and think about what is it that you really want for your podcastor your business, your family, and by setting goals you're not going to sabotage yourselfyou're not going to be driving down the highway with no headlights on wondering,what's about to happen to you, you're going to see ahead of where you'regoing now, when I set goals a lot of times I'll, do them in about sevenareas: financial, business, family, health or appearance relationships,personal growth and then making some form of difference in the world. If youhave more goals than seven, that's...

...awesome, write them down, keep a goal.Orphanage keep a list of things that you, you know have long term and shortterm goals. Th t you can pull from, but I'm going to suggest that you focus onfive. Every three months set a breakthroughgoal. An example of a breakthrough goal would be publishing a book or startingthat business or getting a big pod cast, set those breakthrough goals and figureout. The steps is going to take you to get there and incorporate that intoyour quarterly goals. Now measuring goals. You don't want to make it tooeasy to accomplish the goals and you want to make sure that it's actuallyachievable. So, when you're measuring your goals, just make sure to keep thatin mind, and you want to work on these goals daily every day you want to havea list. You want to look at that list and say is what I'm doing right nowtaking me to one of these goals, so my goals for for Q, Four to thousand andtwenty, which has been an incredible year. All around are all specific topoddects, which is my business. I have other goals in my life that I'm notgoing to share with you right now that I am working towards, but forpodcasting. I wanted to share with you what I'm doing with potcasting, so my first goal is to launch the poddecks mobile APP on September thirtieth. I've been working on this AP for six months. Originally the goal it wasset to release in June, but by creating a better platform and adding somefunctionalities. I reassess that goal and September. Thirtie is the officiallaunch date me and my team are working every day round the clock and we aregoing to hit that date. Now. If we didn't have that specific date, weprobably would just keep working on it. Keep working on it, keep working on it,thinking that if we make it perfect that everyone will love it, but at somepoint you've got ta release it into the world, which is exactly what we'regoing to do...

...now. We have done some betatesting andI do have some small goals as far as how many people I'd like to downloadthe APP but launching the APP is a very specific coal. Now I spend a lot oftime, O instigram. My second goal is to reach the next milestone. My firstmilestone was a hundred followers. Then a thousand. The next milestone is fivethousand instrument powers. What does that do for me? Absolutely nothingexcept show that my audience is growing, that I'm connecting with people, and Idon't buy followers. I don't do any of the the scammy ploys to look biggerthan I am. I wanta actually have real people following me. I won't have realconversations with them. I want to connect with them. I've made someincredible connections with real people that I'm now friends with simply from messaging and talking on instagram. Soit's a very powerful tool that puts you in everyone's pocket. By having aconversation, you can do that so five thousand followers in inscramt it's. Mysecond goal make five new connections so this month in September by Septemberthirtieth, I am going to make five new connections now. This is something I'vebeen struggling with, and I want to share this with you. I've been a solo preneuer my whole life.I would consider myself not a lone wolf, but I know what I like to do. I knowhow to do what I want, and I know how to get things done. So I spend a lot oftime in solitude. I spend a lot of time doing things alone. That doesn't mean I don't like tocollaborate with people. It just means. I really have a specific vision for thethings I'm doing, and I am opening myself up to try to meet more peopleconnect with more people and network with more people which puts me in avery uncomfortable place, so I've challenged myself with this month alone,connecting with five people now. What...

...does that mean? That means that I amreaching out to them, introducing myself and asking them. I would like toconnect with you, and I would like to figure out a way that I can help you,whether that be a Podcaster, I'm coaching, some people how to start apod cast editing agency, but I'm looking for other people like myself,who are trying to help podcasters and try to connect with them and see how Ican somehow help them grow their business as well, and that's allhappening this month. My next goal is to write a book. I know there's lots ofbooks on podcasting and I don't want to write you a manual. My book is going tobe a little more about the mindset and some more it's a more fun coffee stylebook. But it's a lot of work and I am not necessarily the best person to sitdown and write something. I am good at podcasting and making videos andwriting songs and making art but sitting down in front of a keyboard andlike typing things out is not my skillset. So I want to challenge myselfto do this and to put in the work and to put in the hours it takes to createa book, and part of that goal is legacy. If something were to happen to me, I'dlove to have a book out there, working and reminding people that I existedsame thing with music for me, a lot of legacy in music. When I create a songand release a song, I know that that Song's going to be out there forever,and so, when my kids are fifty, they can listen and say wow. My Dad wrote alot of weird songs, so writing a book I intend to do byJanuary. First, two thousand and twenty one and the last is a bigger, moreaudacious goal. I want to get either Patflynn or JohnLee Dumis to somehow partner with me. Give me a shout out for pod decks ontheir platform, two huge influencers in podcasting, two of my favorite dudes inpodcasting, and this scares me quite a bit becausethere's a very big chance that I'm...

...going to get rejected. Now, I'm okaywith rejection. I've been rejected. More Times than you could listen to onthis podcast, but the fear of being rejected has overcomeme in a way that I have not taken any action to connect with these people. Italk myself out of it. Don't send them poddecks they're not going to look atit. Don't message them they'll, never see your message. Don't do anything totry to get their attention everyone's trying to get their attention and thetruth of the matter is. I have a lot to bring to the table and they would be lucky to have me andpobdecks in their world, just as I would be as lucky to have them in myworld, which I already do through their pot, their podcast their products,their books and their inspiration. So I'm going to take a chance, and I'mgonna put together a plan to connect with one of these two before the end ofthe year, and that may mean I have to send fifty emails or fifty packages to them or come up witha strategy to stand out from all the other people trying to reach in andtouch. So those are my five goals: all of them are going to be set for sometime in the next three months: Okay October November December, I'mfinishing up some of these other goals at the end of September, and I'm excited about them, and I lookat this list on my desk every day, and I ask myself: Is this: What you'redoing right now? Is this something that's going to get you there? Travis?Is this? What you're doing is this going to get you to write a book? Iswhat you're doing right now going to help you launch this AP? So I want youto ask yourself: What do you want to happen in the next three months? A lotof people set New Year's resolutions, which is awesome. I like to start myNew Year's resolutions in October 'cause, by the time I get to the newyear. I've already spent ninety days...

...working on them, but for you this could simply be I wanto get a hundred new subscribers by the end of the year. I want to start doing video by the endof the year I wan to learn how to edit an episode really well by the end ofthe year. Maybe you have a specific list of abucket list of guests. I'm going to develop a strategy to get my bucketlist of guess, or maybe you've got an idea for a product that you've thoughtof for a long time and you've never taken action, because the fear that itmight not work. So I want you to write down five goals and I want you to usethat smart, acronym, specific, measurable, attainable, Realistic andtime bound write down a list of things you want to do be super detaild inspecific, make them measurable, Write Five Thousand Instragram follers fivenew connections make them attainable. You need to be able to actuallyaccomplish it, and if you don't it's okay, you can just geve yourself alittle more time. Be Realistic. Don't do things like I wanta do eightmarathons. In one day I set a goal that you can actually achieve and thatserves you in some capacity for fulfillment in your life. Don't set your goals to be somethingthat other people desire, make it something you desire and time boundedgive yourself a completiont date set a date. It's one of the best things youcan do with anything you're working on today. I'm going to do this and you'lllikely get it done. So that's all about setting goals. I'dlike to know what your goals are go ahead. Send me an email travis atPoddex tcom, send me a DM at Pod, decx or join my facebook group, the podcastBuilder Club, and, let me know what you're working on I want to cheer you on. I want to keepyou accountable. I want to see you succeed, there's nothing that makes mehappier than when I see somebody...

...actually achieving their goals andliving the life of their dreams. So that's the episode for today. Asalways, I am honored to be with you and see you guys in the next episode. Thanks for listening, if you enjoy thisepisode, the number one thing you could do to help is to subscribe rate andreview this codcast or, if you know another codcast who may be strugglingand needs a little bit of podicast therapy, just click that shear buttonand share it with the podcaster Ye love the most I'll, see it in the nextepisode.

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