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Episode 14 · 1 year ago

Why You Need to Set Goals for your Podcast


When’s the last time you thought about the goals you have for your podcast? If you haven’t thought about your podcast goals recently or if you’re unsure what podcast goals you need, take a moment to figure out where you want your podcast to go. Then learn all about how setting smart goals for your podcast will help get you there!

In this episode, Travis shares…

  • Why setting goals can give you a vision for the road ahead
  • Jack Canfield’s theory about S.M.A.R.T. Goals
    • Specific: clear and defined, precise, detailed, and capable of answering questions
    • Measurable: dates, exact financial numbers, steps
    • Attainable: achievable, able to accomplish within your skillset and timeframe
    • Relevant: realistic and aligned with your purpose
    • Time-bound: target date, adjustable deadline
  • Why you must decide what you want when setting goals
  • 5 Goals Travis has for the rest of 2020
  • Why October is the perfect time to start working on your New Year’s resolutions

Memorable Quotes:

  • “Without clear goals, I have no idea what direction I’m heading with my podcast, my business, or even with my life.”
  • “By setting goals, you’re not going to sabotage yourself.”
  • “What do you want to happen in the next 3 months?”

Links to resources:

Jack Canfield---Success Principles


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In this episode, I'm talking allabout goal setting and I'm going to share with you my five goals for queuefour, two thousand and twenty and why you should start setting goals for yourpodcast. Starting a podcast is easy, but growing an audience can be hard. podcasters faced so many challenges that can make them want to quit, soI'm here to help them stay in the game. This is podcast therapy.Goal setting is an absolute must for people who want to succeed, and asa podcaster and business owner, I really want to succeed and I thrive bysetting goals, and without clear goals, I have no clear direction on whereI'm heading with my podcast, with my business or even with my life.So I wanted to talk to you today about some goals I'm setting for methrough q four, and I'm going to talk to you about the theory behindsetting goals and why you should be setting goals for your podcast. Now,imagine this. You're in the car, your hands are on the steering wheel, you're gripping tightly, the engine is rumbling and you're doing about eighty milesan hour down the highway and it's dark outside. It's midnight, and yourhead lights are off. Now you can basically see probably, I don't know, five feet in front of your car. So you could see the white lines, you could see a little bit. That's going to keep you on theroad, but you can't see much further out than that. So ifyou're not setting goals, you're basically driving your car down the freeway at eightymiles an hour without your head lights on. Setting goals is going to give youvision into what's coming up on the road ahead. So let's talk aboutgoals. I Love Jack Canfield. His...

Book Success Principles One of my alltime favorite books, and he has made a system called setting smart goals,smart being an acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bounded.And if you set goals using the smart theory, you will more likelycomplete those goals. Now, do I always complete my goals? Absolutely not. At the beginning of the year I set three super giant, hairy,audacious goals and I don't always hit them, but it reminds me throughout the yearwhat the big things I want to accomplish are and it's something that I'llput on a post at note on my desk and reference often. But everycouple weeks I reassess my goals and see what's most important to me and Iwill use this smart acronym. So let's go through this s specific when you'resetting goals, the goal must be very clear and defined. If you justexplained it to a stranger, they need to know exactly what that goal is. It should be precise, detailed and capable of answering questions instead of creatingmore questions. Now, M is for measurable. This includes dates, exactfinancial numbers. It shouldn't be make more money, it should be I willmake tenzero dollars extra by January, first two thousand and twenty one and whenyou can break those goals down in two steps. You can also measure though. So I'm going to make three hundred thirty three dollars for the next threemonths to make a thousand dollars by the end of the year. A isfor attainable. Your your goal must be achievable. Right. It's good tohave crazy ambitions. Elon Musk wants to go to Mars. That's a crazy, great goal, but your goals for...

...the short term should be something thatyou're able to accomplish within some form of constraint of time, money, environment, as well as the skills and abilities that you have. So I don'twant you to overwhelm yourself by creating these unattainable goals. You can create thingsthat you can accomplish and feel good about. Now, ours for realistic. Yourgoal should be in line with the direction that you're heading, whether it'slife, podcasting, business. You want to keep those goals in line withyour true purpose. You don't want to waste time with unrealistic goals. Andfinally, T is for time bound. So setting a specific deadline to completeyour goal. That's going to help you create a target date and create accountabilityand give you more motivation. A lot of people thrive when they're working againstthe clock. A lot of people thrive when they know they have a deadline. Now, if you don't achieve your goal by the specific date, that'stotally cool. Just a adjust it and keep moving forward, but always seta date to your goals. So the first step to goal setting is todecide exactly what you want. What do you want to accomplish, what doyou want to experience, what do you want to acquire? Who Do youwant to be? And one of the reasons that most people don't get whatthey want is because they're not really clear on what they want. So youwant to potentially sit down and meditate and think about what is it that youreally want for your podcast or your business or your family, and by settinggoals, you're not going to sabotage yourself. You're not going to be driving downthe highway with no headlights on, wondering what's about to happen to you. You're going to see ahead of where you're going. Now, when Iset goals, a lot of times I'll do them in about seven areas,financial, business, family, health or appearance, relationships, personal growth andthen making some form of difference in the world. If you have more goalsthan seven, that's awesome. Write them...

...down. Keep a goal orphanage,keep a list of things that you you know have long term and short termgoals. You can pull from, but I'm going to suggest that you focuson five every three months. Set a breakthrough goal. An example of abreakthrough goal would be publishing a book or starting that business or getting a bigpodcast. Set those breakthrough goals and figure out the steps it's going to takeyou to get there and incorporate that into your quarterly goals. Now, measuringgoals, you don't want to make it too easy to accomplish the goals andyou want to make sure that it's actually achievable. So when you're measuring yourgoals, just make sure to keep that in mind. And you want towork on these goals daily, every day. You want to have a list,you want to look at that list and say, is what I'm doingright now taking me to one of these goals. So my goals for theQu for two thousand and twenty, which has been an incredible year all around, are all specific to pod decks, which is my business us. Ihave other goals in my life that I'm not going to share with you rightnow that I am working towards, but for podcasting, I wanted to sharewith you what I'm doing with podcasting. So my first goal is to launchthe pod decks mobile APP on September thirty. I've been working on this APP forsix months. Originally the goal it was set to release in June,but by creating a better platform and adding some functionalities, I reassess that goaland September thirty is the official launch date. Me and my team are working everyday, round the clock and we are going to hit that date.Now. If we didn't have that specific date, we probably would just keepworking on it, keep working on it, keep working on it, thinking thatif we make it perfect, that everyone will love it. But atsome point you've got a release it into the world, which is exactly whatwe're going to do now. We have...

...done some Beta testing and I dohave some small goals as far as how many people I'd like to download theAPP, but launching the APP is a very specific goal. Now I spenta lot of time on instagram. My second goal is to reach the nextmilestone. My first milestone was a hundred followers, then a thousand. Thenext milestone is five thousand instagram followers. What does that do for me?Absolutely nothing except show that my audience is growing, that I'm connecting with peopleand I don't buy followers, I don't do any of the the scammy employsto look bigger than I am. I want to actually have real people followingme. I won't have real conversations with them, I want to connect withthem. I've made some incredible connections with real people that I'm now friends with. Simply from messaging and talking on instagram. So it's a very powerful tool thatputs you in everyone's pocket. By having a conversation. You can dothat. So five thousand followers on Instagram is my second goal. Make fivenew connections. So this month, in September, by September thirty, Iam going to make five new connections. Now, this is something I've beenstruggling with and I want to share this with you. I've been a solopreneur my whole life. I would consider myself not a lone wolf, butI know what I like to do, I know how to do what Iwant and I know how to get things done. So I spend a lotof time in solitude. I spend a lot of time doing things alone.Now, doesn't mean I don't like to collaborate with people. It just meansI really have a specific vision for the things I'm doing and I am openingmyself up to try to meet more people and connect with more people and networkwith more people, which puts me in a very uncomfortable place. So I'vechallenged myself with this month alone, connecting with five people. Now, whatdoes that mean? That means that I...

...am reaching out to them, introducingmyself and asking them I would like to connect with you and I would liketo figure out a way that I can help you, whether that be apodcaster. I'm coaching some people on how to start a podcast editing agency,but I'm looking for other people like myself who are trying to help podcasters andtrying to connect with them and see how I can somehow help them grow theirbusiness as well, and that's all happening this month. My next goal isto write a book. I know there's lots of books on podcasting and Idon't want to write you a manual. My book is going to be alittle more about the mindset and some more. It's a more fun coffee style book, but it's a lot of work and I am not necessarily the bestperson to sit down and write something. I am good at podcasting and makingvideos and writing songs and making art, but sitting down in front of akeyboard and like typing things out is not my skill set. So I wantto challenge myself to do this and to put in the work and to putin the hours it takes to create a book, and part of that goalis legacy. If something were to happen to me, I'd love to havea book out there working and reminding people that I existed. Saying thing withmusic. For me, a lot of legacy in music. When I createa song and release a song, I know that that song is going tobe out there forever, and so when my kids are fifty they can listenand say, Wow, my dad wrote a lot of weird songs. Sowriting a book, I intend to do by January, first two thousand andtwenty one. And the last is a bigger, more audacious goal. Iwant to get either Pat Flynn or John Lee Dooms to somehow partner with megive me a shout out for pod decks on their platform, two huge influencersin podcasting, two of my favorite dudes in podcasting, and this scares mequite a bit because there's a very big...

...chance that I'm going to get rejected. Now I'm okay with rejection. I've been rejected more times than you couldlisten to on this podcast. But the fear of being rejected has overcome mein a way that I have not taken any action to connect with these people. I talk myself out of it. Don't send them pod decks, they'renot going to look at it. Don't message them, they'll never see yourmessage. Don't do anything to try to get their attention. Everyone's trying toget their attention, and the truth of the matter is I have a lotto bring to the table and they would be lucky to have me and poddecks in their world, just as I would be as lucky to have themin my world, which I already do through their pot their podcast, theirproducts, their books and their inspiration. So I'm going to take a chanceand I'm going to put together a plan to connect with one of these twobefore the end of the year, and that may mean I have to sendfifty emails or fifty packages to them or come up with a strategy to standout from all the other people trying to reach in and touch so those aremy five goals. All of them are going to be set for some timein the next three months. Okay, October, November, December. I'mfinishing up some of these other goals at the end of September and I'm excitedabout them and I look at this list on my desk every day and Iask myself, is this what you're doing right now. Is this something that'sgoing to get you there, Travis? Is this what you're doing? Isthis going to get you to write a book? Is what you're doing rightnow going to help you launch this APP? So I want you to ask yourself, what do you want to happen in the next three months? Alot of people set New Year's resolutions, which is awesome. I like tostart my New Year's resolutions in October because by the time I get to theNew Year I've already spent ninety days working...

...on them. But for you,this could send be I want to get a hundred new subscribers by the endof the year. I want to start doing video by the end of theyear. I want to learn how to edit an episode really well by theend of the year. Maybe you have a specific list of a bucket listof guests. I'm going to develop a strategy to get my bucket list ofguests. Or maybe you've got an idea for a product that you've thought offor a long time and you've never taken action because the fear that it mightnot work. So I want you to write down five goals and I wantyou to use that smart acronym specific, Measurable, attainable, Realistic and timebound. Write down a list of things you want to do. Be Superdetails and specific. Make them measurable right. Five Thou instagram followers, five newconnections? Make them attainable. You need to be able to actually accomplishit, and if you don't, it's okay. You can just give yourselfa little more time. Be Realistic. Don't do things like I want todo eight marathons in one day. Set a goal that you can actually achieveand that serves you in some capacity for fulfillment in your life. Don't setyour goals to be something that other people desire. Make it something you desireand time bounded. Give yourself a completion date. Set a date. It'sone of the best things you can do with anything you're working on today.I'm going to do this and you'll likely get it done. So that's allabout setting goals. I'd like to know what your goals are. Go ahead, send me an email travis at pod dexcom, send me a DM atpod decks or join my facebook group, the podcast Builder Club, and letme know what you're working on. I want to cheer you on. Iwant to keep you accountable. I want to see you succeed. There's nothingthat makes me happier than when I see...

...somebody actually achieving their goals and livingthe life of their dreams. So that's the episode for today. As always, I am honored to be with you and I'll see you, guys,in the next episode. Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed this episode, thenumber one thing you could do to help is to subscribe, rate andreview this podcast. Or if you know another podcast you may be struggling andneeds a little bit of podcast therapy, just click that share button and shareit with the podcaster you'll love the most. I'll see you in the next episode.

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