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Episode 35 · 9 months ago

Should I Put My Podcast on Youtube?


It’s the hot question that seems to be on every podcaster’s lips. It’s kind of a loaded question, though, right? On the one hand, Youtube is an extremely popular search engine and invaluable resource for getting your content discovered. But on the other, Youtube wasn’t designed to host entire podcast episodes, and that’s not what most people coming to Youtube are looking for.

In this episode, Travis talks about:

  • Why you should use platforms like Youtube for their native, intended use.
  • How in order to grow a Youtube channel, you need to think about what people are looking for when they come to the website.
  • A specific way to leverage Youtube to both grow your channel and your show, by using Clipscribe to upload engaging mini-clips of your podcast.
  • Why you need to create a hook to get people interested in your content.
  • Why your title and image are incredibly important to get people to watch your video.

Memorable Quotes

“Youtube, in particular, is really geared toward people who are searching for some form of entertainment.”

“I want you to think of these platforms as ways to open doors into your podcast.”

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So podcasters everywhere are askingthis question. Should I put my podcast on Youtube, so I want to answer thisquestion in this episode and before I do that, just want to remind you that Iactually have a youtube channel. It's youtubecom, slh Poddeck, so make sureyou head over there and subscribe I'm going to share with you a tip or trickevery single week in order to grow your audience and become a full time.Content Creator so hit that subscribe button get in my world and never missanother episode. So I've been doing a lot of moderatingand speaking on club house, it's a very fun APP and podcasters are coming ontothe stage and asking this question over and over again should I put my podcaston Youtube now. This is sort of a loaded question because in theory wehave youtube as a channel that is the second largest search engine in theworld. It gets tons of traffic.

Millions of videos are uploaded everyday, it's a huge platform. So when we think about this, we want to get in theaction now. Some podcasters simply will have their podcast host immediately,send the audio and their cover art to youtube and make that into a video, andsome people, like myself, have even uploaded their zoom interviews and madeit into Youtube content. Now I don't personally think this is the right wayto put your podcast on Youtube. Now this is subjective. So if it's workingfor you go all in or if it makes you happy and you think your audience isreally listening, there go all in, but I'm a big proponent of using platformsfor their native experience and Youtube in particular, is really geared towardspeople who are searching for some form of entertainment, and when I go onYoutube, I rarely listen to just audio...

...and I rarely watch people do zoom calls.So I have completely stopped uploading my interviews, because I don't thinkit's very entertaining. I think that the interview itself in the AudioFormat is very entertaining, and I have a new strategy that I'll share with youin order to get people to go from Youtube to your podcast. Now this issubjective right. I don't think talking. Heads are very entertaining you mightso just remember that this is one person's opinion and not necessarilythe gospel of podcasting. If you're going to put your interview on Youtubeor social media, I would really recommend you: Do it in a livestreaming format get a program like streamyard or restream or any of thestreaming platforms, and do it that way, there's going to be urgency to watch,there's going to be more interaction from your audience and it becomes moreof a sticky piece of content than just...

...uploading audio or your zoom call toYoutube. If you really want to grow your Youtube Channel, you need to thinkabout how you can be entertaining so remember this when we go to youtubewe're searching for how to fix things where we want to see people dochallenges, we want to have some form of storyline, and so I really want youto think about this when you're trying to do youtube when you're trying togrow a youtube channel. So I'm sitting here thinking that my goal is to growmy podcast audience and I'm hoping that your goal is to grow your podcastaudience as well. So I want to share with you a specific way that you couldleverage youtube for your podcast without just uploading audio, withoutjust putting up your zoom call and calling it a day. I want your YoutubeChannel to grow and your podcast auience to grow at the same time. Sohere's what I'm going to do- and this I think works for other giantpodcasters- is simply putting some form...

...of clip of your show up, though thiscould be anywhere from one to three minutes or whatever you think the bestclip length is, and it's just a piece of your podcast. Now I use a toolcalled clip scribe. I think it's tendars a month and you can upload avideo. You can add some graphics and things to it. It'll amitate, your videofor you putting the little words at the bottom and you can make something.That's short format. That's entertaining that basically is going to.Let people know that this is a podcast and you can have a call of action toclick the button in the comments to go. Listen to the full episode, so we useJoe Rogan as our main example in everything. His clips channels areincredibly successful and that's because what they're doing is creatinga hook for you, you've heard me mention using a hook at the beginning of yourepisode. You've heard me mention how...

...songs use a hook right tha. The firstthing you hear is the chorus because they want to get you excited. So, ifyou think about it from the perspective of creating a hook in order to getpeople interested in your content, the best way, in my opinion to do that isthrough clips now. The good news is, is that you don't have to edit a wholevideo. You don't have to get crazy technologically into video at all. Allyou have to do is be able to find the Golden Nugget, the value bomb thatspecial moment that you think would make somebody excited about yourcontent and put that up now. You can do this as a playlist. You could just dothis as your main content. It's basically opening a door to yourpodcast and everything that I do on social media is really a vessel to getyou to either my website or to get you to my podcast right. I want you tothink of these platforms as ways to open doors into your podcast andremember I'm talking to you as if your...

...number one goal is to grow your podcastaudience. Okay, so we're going to create clips and we are going to useclip scribe to do it and you can post one per episode three per episode.However, many wonderful pieces of content, you think, will hook somebodyin and there's a second piece of this to be successful. Your title and theImage Card are the most important parts of what you're going to do. I don'tthink spending a bunch of time. Writing a caption is very important. I thinkshort and sweet to the point. Go listen to the full episode here is totallyfine, but the way that you're going to get found and clicked on is through aan engaging title and, of course, an image, so I'm using a site called Canvato create my youtube cards or images, whatever they're called I'm not fullyimmersed in the youtube world yet, but I'm trying to grow my channel throughbeing entertaining. So this is what...

I've learned from all of the Goros andpeople that I'm studying right now. So you just want to make sure that yourtitles answer a question or pose a thought that maybe your audience ishaving and then having some type of visually stimulating cover. Art isgoing to get people to actually click that button. So what I recommend doingis just going and looking at your favorite youtube channels, rememberingwhen you're on Youtube. What made me click that and try to apply those toyour own video and use that to grow your show. So do Ithink you should put your entire podcast on Youtube? No, the answer is aresounding. No. I think you should be using clips and creating clipse channels orclips playlists of just special moments of your podcast that somebody canconsume quickly and then have a call the action to govisit. Your podcast subscribe, your podcast stream, your podcast and Ithink, it's way more effective than...

...just the spray and prey method of putit out everywhere. Hope someone stumbles upon it. We want to createthese hook points. We want to create ways where people know. Oh, this is adoor that goes somewhere else, and by doing that, I think that you canminimize the overall work that you need to do as well as continue to grow yourpodcast audience. So I want to know: Do you have a Youtube Channel? Do youthink that just putting audio on Youtube is enough hit me up in a giveme a DM on Instagram at Poddeck? Let me know hey. I like listening to audio onYoutube, or maybe you agree with me- either way, I'm glad you're here and Ireally can't wait to see what you do on Youtube. I'll have a linkd to clipscribe in the notes. If you want to check it out, it's what I use for mysocial media post and what I'm going to be using for a playlist on my youtubechannel, in addition to all the videos I'm making on actually how to do things...

...showing you on screen things, I can'tdo on the podcast so happy Monday. I hope you are staying well and I'll. Seeyou in the next episode.

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