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Episode 3 · 1 year ago

How to write Show Notes fast!


If you’re confused about what to do with your podcast show notes, I’m gonna show you my super easy show notes framework, how to transcribe them for free, and where you can get the coolest new tool for podcasters called Pod Decks.

In this episode, I share:

  • How podcasters can write show notes easily
  • Why podcasters shouldn’t spend too much time on show notes
  • How to transcribe your show (super easy) for Free
  • How to have deeper conversations in your podcast interviews
  • My review of the hottest new tool for podcasters: Pod Decks

Pod Decks - Unique interview questions

Otter.ai - Free Transcription Service

Get your very own Pod Decks episode deck for Free at free.poddecks.com and never run out of podcast episode ideas again!

If you're confused about what to dowith your podcash show notes, I'm going to show you my supereasy Shonot'sframework, how to transcribe her free and where you can get the coolest newtool for podcasters call poddecks starting a podcast is easy. A growingan audience can be hard podcastros face, so many challengesthat can make them want to quit. So I'm here to help them stay in the gain. This is podcast there oky before we get started. I just wantto invite you to sit on my virtual podgast therapy couch. If you've got aquestion about what you should do with your podcast or anything aboutpodcasting. All you gat to do is go to speak, pipe dot, com, slash pod, casttherapy. You can record your question and I'll answer it on this show. Today,we've got a question from Samantha about shownots. Let's hear what she hadto say: Ithis is Mantha Ihad a question about show notes: I'm not really surewhat to do with Showtote forshow notes.

How long should they be should be likea paragraph or a bullet point. So would like your advice, what do O forshornuts for my bodcast all right? So let's Talk Showno, it's the mythicalcreature of podcasting. If you like me, you love, recording the show, but thenyou've got to write, show, notes and let's be on it. Some of US just aren'twriters, so I developed a strategy called the five, our three two onestrategy that les me write, notes Super Quick that are very effective, nomatter where I put them. So let me break this down for you and then I'lllike span on each one, so we're going to do five key words: Four bullets, three sentences Max twobacklinks and one called t action again: That's five keywords: Four bullets,three sentences, two back links and one called action. Now let me expand uponthat. So five keywords right keywords are going to be something that you'veheard like Seo. So search engine...

...optimisation uses, keywords o these arejust words that you want to be ranking for when people search, so mine aregoing to be for this episode. PODCASTER interview show notes, transcription and,of course, pod decks. Okay, so those are my five keywords now four bullets:these are for the skimmers. This is for somebody who just sees your notes andthey wan to like rip through it, real quick they're in a hurry. They want toknow what am I going to Getout of this pot cast? What's in it for me, so my four bullets for this pod castare going to be how podcasters can write shownoteseasily. Why podcasters shouldn't spend too much time on show notes how to transcribe your show for freeand how to have deeper conversations in your podcast interviews? Now, if younoticed, I used all five of those key words in my bullets, all right, sothat's what the key words are going to...

...be for all right. No, the next one isthree sentences. Now this is sort of out of order, because I'm actuallygoing to start my shownotes with the sentences, and you can go look at theshownoats for the show and see exactly what it looks like when I'm done, butthe three sentences Max at the top or ar basically going to create intrigueand I'd like to start it off with he question. What is the problem thatwe're solving in this episode right or if it's just a show for fun? What are they like? What is the bigintrigue in this show? So, for this show it's going to be. My entiresentence is just one sentence: It's if you're confused about what to do withyour show notes, Comma. So I'm basically saying hey if you're, ifyou're having an issue with show notes the next part of the Sentenceis, I'mgoing to show you my super easy way to write, show notes how to transcribethem for free and where you can get the coolest new tool for podcasters calledpondecks okay. So I'm basically saying if you're having this problem. This iswhat I'm going to tell you in this...

...episode. That goes on top of thebullets, so then the next we have our bullets. Then we go down to twobacklings backlinks are simply links two places outside of your podcast.That aren't you, okay, so m. If you talk about, you know a cupcake shop,you like you'd, want to link to that or if you talked about a book, you want tolink it to Amazon, and what this does is when you put this show notes in inin a podcast APP or on your website, Google does this thing called crawlingsounds kindo gross, but they crawl your data and when they see that you haveback links to other things, you get more points in the Google point systemwhen they say this is a good. This is a good blog and the likely show to morepeople or you'll search you'll end up in search results. If you have backling,so you can have more than one you get it more than two. If you want, I justusually throw in two backlinks, because I don't want people going too far fromme, because the last thing we're going to do is one call. The action thats issuper important. You only want one...

...calld, the action. I see too manypodcasters saying check out. My Patriot. Go to my facebook page sign up for myemail, Lis wash my car. Take me to the store. It's too many things. It causesWHATI's called paralysis. Bianalysis people want to do one thing, so,whatever the one thing you want them to do, the most you're Gongna want to putthat at the end, and usually it's good to have a link there. So if you havetoo many back lenks and they're clicking away from you, they're notgoing to get to that called t action. So a I called T E action is: If you've ever been uninspired orrun out of podcasting ideas, I've got the perfect tool for you. It's calledthe poddecks episode deck. It's got fifty unique podcast starting promptson it. All you have to do is simply shuffle up pull a card and star startpotcasting and you can get your very own. PODDECKS EPISODE DECK FOR FREE ATP, Freedotpoddeck, tcom. Okay, that's going to be my call the action! So ifwe go through back toh this, my showno...

...like this, it's the three sentences atthe top. It's the four bullets. It's the two back links and its to call theaction. If you're confused about what to do with your shownotes, I'm going toshow you my super easy shownotes framework how to transcribe for freeand where you can get the coolest new tool for podcasters called poddecks.The bullets are hatapod cast. How pod castors can write shownotes easilywhypodcasters shouldn't spend too much time on shownotes how to transcribeyour show for free and my review of the hottest new tool for podcaster's pot,decks, there's two links and then there's my Cala action now the cool part about this is, if youdo it before you record your episode, you can actually use this as aframework to record your episode. Now, while I'm looking th, I forgot to tellyou how to transcribe your show for free, so there's lots of services outthere that will transcribe your pod cast for you for a dollar a minute and I'm not a big fan of transcribing andposting that anywhere, because I don't...

...think people read transcriptions, butit can be cool for you if you're looking to take out chunks of your ofyour show for other content and things like that, but there's a great way todo it for free and if you go to oter dot ai, it's an APP that all you haveto do is press record. It records your audio and it transcribes it in time.Stam say it's amazing and it's really accurate. I mean as long as you're, notsaying things like Super Califagaax Paladocias right. It's going to bereally close to what you're saying, and I think you get five hundred minutes onthe free account which is supergenerous. So you don't need to pay somebody adollar minute to transcribe your podcast. All you have to do is justplay it back after you're done eniting it into this AP and then send the textto yourself. So that's how you can transcribe your show super easy forfree and that's one of my backlinks is otter, dot. Ai! So do you feel betterabout shownotes? Do you feel like there's a weight lifted off yourshoulder? Like you, don't have to write?...

Is She experient novel for everyepisode? You can just record your episode, use the five four three twoone framework and then publish and get onto the next episode. I hope so. Ihope this episode's been therapeutic for you. So again, if you have aquestion, go to speak, pipe, dotcom, slash, podcast therapy and I willhappily answer it for you and I'll see you on the next episope thanks for listening. If you enjoyedthis episode, the number one thing you could do to help is to subscribe rateand review this podcast or, if you know another podcast who may be strugglingand needs a little bit of podicast therapy, just click that sheer buttonand shear it with the podcaster. You love the most I'll, see Ya in the nextepisode.

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