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Episode 33 · 8 months ago

How to Avoid Social Media Overwhelm in 2021 feat. Andrea Jones


Does thinking about keeping up with social media marketing for your podcast make your palms a little sweaty? Creating consistent and engaging content on your social media to turn followers into listeners can seem like a daunting task, but we all know it’s so important these days. Luckily, today’s guest on the podcast is here to break it all down for you! Andréa Jones, host of the Savvy Social Podcast, is a genius at social media and she’s here to help you learn how to make social media work for you.

In this episode, Travis and Andréa chat about:

  • Mistakes people often make when posting to try to get people to listen to an episode, and how to fix them.
  • How to get people to stay longer on your post and boost engagement.
  • How to view insights on social media so you can see how your posts are working for you.
  • Ways to better understand and defeat the dreaded algorithm.
  • Trends on social media for podcasters to pay attention to, like micro-videos and reels.
  • Specific tips for podcasters who are just starting out to take control of their social media.

Memorable Quotes:

“As podcasters, we actually have more ability to get discovered if we start playing around in newer features, like reels.”

“We really should be putting our creative energy into our content, and not into figuring out TikTok, or figuring out Clubhouse, or whatever the case may be.”

“Laser focus will get you gains.”

Links to Resources

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Other Tools for Social Media insights, creation, scheduling, and more: Fanbooster | Canva | RawPixel | Restream | Streamyard

What is up you, beautiful podcasters ifyou've ever wondered what to post on social media, to turn your followersinto podcast listeners. This episode's going to blow your mind, I'm joined byAndrea Jones she's, a host of the savvy social podcast she's, a teacher at thesavy social school and she's, an absolute social media genius. Now, inthis episode, you're going to learn the mistakes you might be making, whenposting on social media, to promote your podcast, how to get people to staylonger on your posts and defeat the dreaded social media algorithm she's,going to share a bunch of new trends and tools that shes, seeing in socialmedia for podcasters and a whole bunch more along the way. Now she's. Also oneof the experts, that's included in the PODDET MOBILE APP. We've got a ton ofmany courses that you can take to grow. Your podcast and Andrea shares the fivepillars of what to post on social media as a podcaster, so go ahead. Downloadthe PODDECTS MOBILE APP it's available on Apple and Android, and we have tonsof many courses that you can consume quickly and apply that to your podcastto start to grow. Your show now, I'm super excited. I learned so much inthis episode and I can't wait for you to get all the knowledge that shedropped in this episode of podcast therapy. So what Ma stakes are podcasters makingwhen they're posting on social media? You know you release an episode and yourun up to social media to let the world. What do you think as a social mediaexpert, are some of the mistakes people make when they're posting? You know, I think it's funny, becauseas podcasters we get so caught up in our own work like we're like this isawesome. Everyone should listen to it and they should, but what we do onsocial media. Sometimes as we say that we go, this episode is awesome. Youshould listen to it without the context of thinking about how people are goingto see that post and most often our social media followers are notlisteners yet sometimes they just followed us, so they may not even knowthat this is a podcast yet so I think the biggest mistake peoplemake is not taking the time to explain it again. Assuming that you know everyone hashundreds of thousands of posts in their feed every single day. So when theyland on yours, they don't remember who you are, they don't remember who yourpodcast is or what it's about, and so you kind of have to explain it. So thebiggest mistake people make is just like here's. This new podcast, insteadof you, know kind of talking through it like this is what you'll experience.This is what you'll feel this is how you've listend to it by the way this isa podcast free. This is how you access it, and so I think sometimes we forgetthose specifics, because we just get so excited about our thing that we want toshare with everybody right. I see a lot of check out this episode of thePODCAST, and one thing I just tell people to try tofocus on is: what's in it for them right. So,instead of saying check out my latest podcast say something like in thispodcast: I'm going to teach you how to make a billion dollars on tick tockright. So then you qualify the person. That's like! Oh, that's something thatinterests me but check out. My blank, I think, is probably the worst thing youcould post because then you're becoming sort of static noise, yeah, and if you think about thefeeling to that, you want someone to have when they're. Listening to yourshow, that's e good thing to put in your post, so it works whether you havelike an educational podcast and interview podcast and audiodrama. So,for example, if you have an audio drama, you could talk about how, in thisepisode we toure a ghost a house, that's haunted and you'll be able tohear the ghosts right. So that could be great in this kind of episode. Butinstead of saying what it is, you could talk about the feeling someone havewhen they listen to it. So you got to...

...listen to this episode because abouthalfway through we promise you, the hair on your arms, is going to raiseyou're going to get goose bumps you're going to want to listen to this episodewith the lights on, like those are all feelings that people have when theylisten and experience your show. So if you can put that in the social mediapost you're going no actually have a better chance of people going. Oh, Ishould listen to that episode. Instead of what usually happens, which is ohyeah yeah, I remember that I'll go check it out later and then later neverhappen. That's right! I love the feeling. That's something that I reallyhadn't thought about is you know inciting some type of maybeeven emotional response or or you know, the hair on the back of your neck.Really, I mean I almost feel like my hair. I don't have any hair anywhere,but you know I felt it stand up. You knowwhen you said that, because you've had that experience before so using afeeling that somebody is has already had or is used to will be more of avessel to get them to take action. So speaking of taking action, I thinkthat what we're all trying to do when we post on social mediy besides lookcool and show everyone were, you know really great, and everything isactually to get somebody to transition to opening up an APP and listening tothe podcast. Are there any tips or tricks you have for encouragingpeople to actually take an action and become a listener yeah. So I think there's two differentways: People Take Action on Social Media Post and there's actually twodifferent types of posts that we can ou like two different types of Post thatwe can post so an example would be if we're talking about our podcast.Typically, we want people to go, listen, but sometimes we look at that post andwe go man, nobody liked and commented on it, so it must not be successful. SoI want you to take a second, if you're listening to this, watching this toactually go into your analytics and see how many people clicked or looked atyour profile, based on that specific post for the podcast and then use thatas your baseline and you can start measuring from their based on thestrategies that you learn today right. So you want to give yourself a baseline,because sometimes we don't know how many people are taking action and we'vegot it out. Yeah Oin there yeah, I'm sorry go ahead! No! I'm just saying I mentioned thatthere are two different kinds of posts, so the second post is that post. Thatis for engagement like when you're asking someone a question, and sosometimes we look at those post and Wego man nobody's listening to thepodcast. It's probably because you ask TA question they're commenting insteadright so tha, so a singular action right. So a singular thing to do,because people get paralyzed and they're not going to go, do five thingsor if you ask hom a question they're going to answer the question engage andif you don't have a Basse Line of how many people are liking. This post, youhave no way to really measure improvement. So for some of US socialdummies. How do you see those type of insights say on an instagram or afacebook, yeah so aunt, but on both instagram andFacebook, when you're? Looking at your post on your profile, there's a littleoption that says view insights, so you want to tap on that and if you swipe upas you're looking at that, you'll actually see more insight. So they showyou kind of like some on the screen, but you actually have to swipe to seethe rest of them and from there you'll be able to see how many people clickedover to your profile and how many people looked at your website. So theseare called profile views and I think they call them website taps now,because you tapked that link in the bio right, and so those are really often oftentimes good indicators of interest.So it's really. It is really hard to track whether someone actually listento the episode from Social Media, but you can track how many people tookaction based on those insight. So definitely take a look, and you maysurprise yourself with that how much...

...how much action people are taking onyour posts. Yeah. If you start go ahead, I was just saying that I think that's agood way to get out of the sometimes depressing whole of thinkinglike no one's interacting with me or no one's. Looking at me to be able to go.You know if you don't know that that exists, you can't even see that thereis activity on those posts without somebody commenting or liking it yeah for sure, and sometimes it's afeeling to because we're emotional creatures, as we kind of talked aboutalready with how we make decisions on social media, we feel like peoplearen't looking at our post or not taking action. We actually need thedata to back that up. I love that that's great and as a non adolyticalperson. Sometimes it's it's something I overlook is kind of taking a look, apeek at that to have some type of baseline, which you had mentionedearlier. So things are changing. The world is changing. The way we live ischanging. What kind of trends are you seeing insocial media? I know that you know we're sort of going from this. I feel like audiograms, have sort of are becoming a thing of the past. Theywere something three years ago that you almost had to do to try to promote yourpodcast, but I feel like now, audiograms may be behind the Times. Howdo you feel about that? And what trends are you seeing in social media forpodcasting yeah? There are two things that are trending.The first thing is just whatever is capturing people's attention, so that Changees, a lot like youmentioned, audiograms used to be audiograms used to be like people wouldlinger on those posts because they were like Oh cool, but now that we've seenit a lot, we're kind of like we'll keep swiping. So as a podcaster, we have toask ourselves what will cause someone to linger on this post versus the onesaround it and it's microvideos, so actual videos of either people orthings that are happening is what capturing attention, more specificallyon a platform like Instagram, it's reals, okay, so yeah instagram realsare getting the most attention out of any type of video content on instagramright now. Now that may change in the upcoming year, but that's kind of wher where people'sattention is going and it's the nature of social media. It's kind of like howsocial media started. Like I don't know. If you remember back in the day, weused to like go on social media and just like what am I going to see todaylike swipe and like this whole discovery function of like people, wewould have never met before and it kind of drifted away from that into like youhad to search for someone and then follow them, and then you'd see theircontent you're, not really getting a lot of like suggested content. Until wehad this shift into reels, and now it's like you can go to the reals page, justlike tick chock and you could keep swiping for hours and instagrams goingto keep delivering you content, that's enjoyable to consume, and so because ofthat, I think it's podcasters. We actually have more ability to get discovered if westart playing around in some newer features like reels yeah, and so, if Iunderstand this correctly, I'm pretty sure and I'm not a tick tacker but tick.Tock just starts playing videos as soon as you get onto the platform, and sowith that with the reals availability. You're just constantly being served newthings instead of having to sit through so for somebody who isn't using reals.Like myself, I see a lot of people dancing. I see a lot of people pointingto things. You know. Where does somebody startwith reels or what's a good resource to kind of figure out how to use it in the bestway? Yeah, you know someone who I've beenstudying because I've been studying...

...this because I actually don't have agood answer. Yet it's so new at the time of recording this, I think it'sbeen out for two months. Okbut. One of the people who I like to watch doingreals is Pat Flin, Oh yeah, because he doesn't really damn. Sometimes he doesbut like his content is just more interesting content and it's like howcan you capture someone's interest in you know fifteen seconds or less kindof thing, yeah and- and I think that is the way forward, but for a lot of a studs, it's a reallyhigh production quality. So some of the things that are working well right now,if you're like, I don't want to dance. I don't want to point is to post memesto reels, especially if theyare like a gift, so I posted one of like will farrellike on the little massage chair like trying to drink the wine, and I waslike this- is how I feel about like all of the changes on social media rightnow, like I'm just trying to keep up, and it got quite a bit of engagementbecause it was still relatable and okay. I mean I wasnin in the video I wasn'tdancing or pointing, but I think if you can take like a gift and add text to it,that's relatable to your audience. That could be a really good, easy way tostart doing, reels, cool yeah and I think some of the reals that I've seenas opposed to stories stories, are sort of. Like a point of view. I'm talkingto you, where reals are sort of the opportunity for you to create something.That's like has more of a story to it. It's almost backwards. It's likestories should be called reals and real should be called stories because youneed to have some type of element and you reference Pat Flynn and he'll. Dothings like stand in his hallway and show one door and there's somethingbehind that door, and then he walks to the other door, and- and it's more of it, has more story value to it thanlike. Hey check out my poddket. You know when you're going onto yourstories, Youre just start shouting at people and maybe tag someone, but Ithink I think I'm going to experiment with reals a little more. I've just been afraid of it, becauseI'm just like I, I tell people if you see me pointing and dancing, I thinksomeone's taking me hostage or something because it's just not who Iam you know you know and there's obviously nothing wrong with that, butthat's really the majority of what I've seen people using it for so I'm justlike. I don't really know what to do with his, but I think he'v inspired meto maybe create some type of storytelling type content. You also mentioned micro videos. So Ihave been using a tool called clip scribe. Do you have any special toolsthat you like for making micro videos for social media? Yes, so my current favorite is kapuingand they're doing actually a really good job with youtube content and kindof educating around this microvideo style content. But it's easy becausethey've got you know the the classic like there's a graphic on the image or you've gotspace to add, like the text at the top and captions at the bottom. So they'vegot these templates where you can just like pop your video in and like chop itup, and so I think that when we're lookingat the microvideo content like using those tools can really help to likefast track that process, because I don't know about you, but when I openup like a Dobe Final Cup pro or something like that, I'm like I don'teven know where it I star Yeah it's for what you're doing it's over complicated,so tools. So you said Kapeina, yes, okayclean! I wonder how they had thatthe meeting. Sometimes I wonder about these meetings like okay, we've gotthis great tool. What do you think we should call it how about kapoing all right? Let's doit, you know it's just you got to make up like a new word, all of a sudden forevery company, but they put together aworkflow for you that something like an adobe does already, but it's reallycomplicated to do that and so tools, Ake clip, rive and copoing. Youliterally drag your video, it it it's...

...going to transcribe it and it's goingto put things in the right place and then you just have to tweak it to yourbrand settings or you know, add your logo and things like that, and I dothink that there's something very valuable with you being shownpodcasting as opposed to the audiowave for moving that is more captivating topeople, because they're actually going to see ce you and as human beings welook for faces. We look for you, look at the moon. You see a face on the moonbecause we're biologically program to want to see a face right, yeah exactly, and I think too, it'skind of like the nature of social media. So if you think about the algorithm right, we're talkingabout what works right now, all that the algorithm wants is your attention.So when you're scrolling through say instagram you're going to look at animage and then you're going to see a video, an another image that video,even if you not what, if even if you're, not watching the whole thing you'regoing to watch more of that video than you would stare at an image, and sonaturally the algorithm is going to go. Wait a second. This has to be importantbecause we notice that Travis glance at this image glance at this image andthen watch this video for five seconds longer than he glance at those images,and so it's just kind of like the nature of the Algorithm to as apodcaster when we're thinking about how do we capture attention? If you havesomeone talking on the screen, it's they're going to linger longer than agraphic, or even just a little weavy line. Yeah! That's great! I reallydidn't think about engagement as far as how long you arespending with a post, as opposed to just seeing the post. Now lots ofpeople talk about the algorithm. If you imagined what dis the algorithm looklike, is it a little Goblin? What dis the algorithm look like to you to me. The algorathm looks like thatcrazy girlfriend, MEM whereit's like like he's just steririt, yeah she's,staring it's like it's trying so hard to do everything that you want it to,and it's just coming off crazy right. I think it's like the algrams desperatelike give us what we want and if it would just like. Sometimes if it wouldjust pay a little more attention, I think it could actually give us what wewant, but it's trying so hard and it's so it's like almost creepy level hardwhere you just think of something one time, and now it's like showing you amillion. You know like Siamese cats, because you thought of it for a second,and so I think sometimes it's like no. We need like a balance betweeneverything, so yeah that crazy girlfriend mean where it's like. That'sa good answer. I presume you've seen the social dilemma, with the guys inthe room with the computers and they're. Like oh he's, he's back on Facebook,let's show him a post for his ex girlfriend. You know it's like theseguys that are directing a someone's life yeah, so veryinteresting. So when you're getting into social media- and not all of usare like fully, you know using all the platforms, I think the first thing thatbecomes a bottle neck for anybody to be a creator is just like feeling like youhave to be everywhere. You get that that terrible feeling of overwhelm likeI need to make a youtube video. No, I need to make a micro video now I needto do instagram at Tick Tock and what's the new one, the private oneclub house and there's just you know it's a never ending race to beeverywhere. What are some tips? You could share forsomebody to reduce overwhelm of the Fomo of needing to be everywhere yeah, so fomo is going to happenregardless, and I think that the one group ofpeople who has the right to feel fhomo- I guessour marketers, because we have to figure it out the rest of US youwait till the marketers figure itout, because it can be a lot, especially asa content creator, because we really should be putting our creative energyinto our content and not into figuring...

...out TIK. Tock are figuring out clubhouse or whatever the case may be. So my suggestion is to focus on oneplatform, and I know it feels restrictive. But honestly, a lot of myclients and students are able to get to their goals faster because of thatlaser focus. Okay- and I want you to think of it. Kind of like the analogy Ilike to use is going to the gym, which you know, wear ing Covid Times. I'm notquite sure how this analogy still works. Yeah. But if you go to the gym, it'sbetter to have like a plan where you're, like I'm, going to do these threemachines and I'm going to do these three machines on this day and thenthese three on the next day and I'm going to rotate and then I'm going tohave a break like that's a plan and if you work the plan, you could, you know,build up your Mussles if you just go into the gym and you do every singlemachine in the same amount of time, so you're only going to spend like aminute per machine or thirty seconds per machine you're not going to see theprogress because you're just not going to have spent enough time there. It'sthe same wath social media right like when we're thinking about a platformstick to a platform work that platform. The only platform that I would say isthe hardest right now, if you're starting from scratch, so starting fromzero you're, just starting your podcast is facebook. It's one of the hardestplatforms to grow organically without having any paid advertising and even asa podcaster paid advertising is a slippery slope in the beginning,because we're not quite sure what resonates with our audience oreven sometimes who our listeners are yet yeah. What two of the easiest rightnow are twitter and instagram for podcasters. So if you're a podcaster, Ialmost always recommend starting with either twitter or Instantagram, becauseyou can find people and have conversations and make connections andwhen you post something people are actually maybe able to see it. It's good advice, yeah and people willask you what Hay aren't you on this platform? Aren't you on this platformand you can just say: Hey Right now, I'm focused on instagram and that'ssomething I tell people is you want to find me? I spend most of my time on hisdram, because it's what I enjoy using the most? It's not because I think Ihave to it's just the one that resonates with me. So I highlyrecommend that, like hey, maybe you just love tick tack, then just go totick tock and spend all your time there and there's a concept. You know an inchwide and a mile deep right. So I think what you were describing in the gym isyou know, focusing laser focus will get you ganes wriht those huge muscles, andthen you can slowly start to add more machines into your repertoir or moreplatforms into your repertoir as you're marketing yourself was a really goodanswer, a really great analogy. I love that. So we've been talking about change andchange and new things, and and are there any new tools that you are beenenjoying e now we mentioned caping for social media or four content creators yeah, so my go to tool, especially ifyou're trying to get into the consistent habit of crate and content scheduling posts isfan. Booster, it's really great for some of the things I mentioned likeseeing how many profile visits you have and how many website clicks you get. So that's a really good one. Some of the other tools for socialmedia, like I have just I use my trid in Tru like Camba. I love Campu fordesign for grating, great graphics. I love using ROC Pixel for stock photosand finding like stock potos that look like real people and not weird like.Why is someone doing that stuff? I know the ones very well.

Yeah, Yeah S, there's quite a few outthere, but yeah. I use my trid and true tools to really help me kind of takethings to the next level and then the last one that I've been playing aroundwith just recently like within the past few days is restream. I want to do more,live streaming New Year and so I'm using re stream to stream both onfacebook and youtube at the same time. So that's a fun one. I man they've gotlike a studio where you can like add branded graphics and all sorts of stuff,so I'm going to play around with it, but that's kind of like the newest one.I don't have a review of it yet because I just started using it, but I'm reallyliking it. So far, cool I'll use streamyard for that and it's prettyNice Interfase, I'm sure they're all very similar, and I'm glad you broughtthis up, because this was something that wasn't on my planned questions for you forpodcasters, but you know with social media seems likelivestreaming, is growing in popularity and creates some form of exclusivity or urgency to participate. Are you saying the same thing on yourend with going live? Is that why you're endeavoring into that more as opposedto just static content like YouTube, video or podcast yeah? So I would say the the livestreams definitely serve a different purpose than the static content. Sowhen I think about something like a podcast or even like a youtube video,it's more for those people, who've just discovered the brand and they're, maybelearning something or getting to know the brand, whereas the life streamserves those people in the middle who they already kind of, know me and theywant to feel connected. They Wat that sense of community, and so it serves adifferent group of people. I think it's rare to have someone who joins alivestream and then hangs out with you for know thirty minutes whatever theydon't know you rare, but not impossible. I me N, so Ido want to serve kind of that Middle Group of people who you know maybethey're, not in my programs or theire Notta client, or something like that.But let's just hang out for a little while and teach something live so yeah.I do see that shift, especially now that we're spending so much timeindoors and not as much time socializing as we have been this year,and so I'm seeing a lot of people actually like enjoying life streamingagain, which I went against my predictions. Last year I predicted thatlifestreaming was not going to be popular and then Apann down the Capt.well, how do you predict that right? If you could have predicted the pandemicnow, then there you'd be like podstrodamas right, so I'll go back in time? Yes, I knowit's very strange and it's funny because the last time I actually sawyou in real life was right before everything exploded. It was at podfestand just at this is he part where peoplewere putting stickers on their badgs and said, like I'm, not comfortable,being touched right now, because it was just starting and then right after thatit was just like you know. The movie outbreak started to happen, and, andhere we are, and now people use zoom as a verb right. It used to be like I'llskipe you, but now people use zoom as their official verb of videoconferencing, and I think that theren we were just talking about thisbefore we started the podcast that there's a lot of opportunity right nowfor people to start podcasting start growing their audience through socialmedia start doing, live streaming and there's a lot of great tools that wementioned in the show. Already. CANBA is one of my favorites. We've talkedabout STREAMYARD CAPEING clip scribe. So there's all these tools out therethat are going to allow you to do this much faster. So I have to tell you guys,you're, listening or watching. I took the course that Andrea offers at Savisocial school. It really helped me start to figure out how to do socialmedia better. I am not a marketer, I'm just a dude, and this gave me somereally great insight. So I highly...

...recommend you check out the savy socialschool. Additionally, you have a free course, which is available at onlinedreacom, free and I'll. Put that, of course, in the show notes below orwherever the show notes go today and what can they expect from that freecourse? It's a participate, yeah. You know it's a really great foundationalresource, especially if you feel that overwhelm like you're, like I don'tknow what I'm supposed to be doing or where to start, and it walks throughour social media framework, so building out a strategy that works for you and Iactually use podcasting as an example for what a typical week should looklike for a content plan so definitely check it out, there's a workbook thatgoes along with it, and I think it's a really great resource, whether you'rebeginning or not, to kind of give you that foundational strategy so that youdon't have to guess what you're supposed to do. Next, that's so great,and I think that you know if you fail to plan you plan a fail and so givingpeople this free strategies really going to help them have a leg up on thenext person and stop posting check out my latest episode, because no one'sgoing to do anything when you do that Andre you're, one of my favorite peoplein marketing in podcasting- and I really appreciate you coming on topodcast therapy- to share all these valuable tips with my community. Thank you so much for having me, Ialways love talking. You TRAV, always a good time yeah. So we'll have to do itagain soon and is there anything else you like to share with the world beforewe go? If you like, listening to this podcastcheck out my podcast and hae social pidcasts, I forgot to mention the savvysocial podcast. My bad so savvy social podcast is how you can get all kinds oftips and tricks right into your ears, Andreas, a rock star podcasting, and Ithink that you would absolutely love the show so just go ahead. An hit thatlittle subscrib button and get in there and take yourself to the next level.

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