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Episode 5 · 1 year ago

How do I get Sponsored?


#SPONSORSHIPS Want to see a LOSING strategy for getting sponsors?

I get 50 messages a day asking for sponsorships. Don't get me wrong, I WANT to sponsor podcasters. In fact, I will sponsor anyone who buys and uses Pod Decks (poddecks.com/poweredbypoddecks).

The picture below shows what this gentlemen (and most podcasters) send me. Please don't send anyone a message that looks like this.

There are 3 simple components that companies want in their ambassadors:

  1. Actual users/raving fans - How can you really share how cool the product is if you don't use it?
  2. Metrics - Can be as simple as 467 downloads per episode.
  3. Information about your audience - ex Our listeners are 20-44 Men who collect baseball hats.

Here's what he could have written to even get a response:

"Hello __________ (name is important, you did 8 seconds of research),

(RAVE + METRICS) I just wanted to let you know Pod Decks are crazy awesome, I had so much fun using them on my last episode. We usually get 467 downloads per episode but this week we hit 600! Just wanted to let you know they totally work and I want to share your message with everyone I know!

(AUDIENCE + ACTUAL USER) We're growing our audience really good and the next step in the process for us is trying to get sponsorships from products we love and use. Our audience is 20-44 year old men who collect baseball cards and we think that they would love Pod Decks.

(GOOD ASK) Do you currently run a sponsorship program? We'd love to put an ad or live in the beginning of each episode. We'd send you the download numbers for each episode it ran in if you like to see numbers too.

(RAVE) If not, still love your product. Maybe you have an affiliate program we could join? If so, send me a link to sign up because again, we love using Pod Decks.


John Smith

Baseball Hat Podcast

OK, so not only would I have responded, but he gave me a couple options of programs to get him into. He didn't just ask for FREE product (telling me how easy it is) or "Financial Contribution".

He gave me a reason or several to WANT to work with him.

I hope this helps. I know sponsorship is important to podcasters but I don't want my #POSSE members missing out on opportunities because of piss poor messages like this one.

With feeling,


In this episode, I'm going to tell youthe three things that you absolutely must have in your message or emails toa potential sponsor to get sponsorship. If you're trying to get sponsors you'renot going to want to miss this episode, starting a podcast is easy, but growingan audience can be hard podcastros face, so many challengesthat can make them want to quit. So I'm here to help them stay in the game. This is podcast ther, all right, so you're trying to getsponsors for your podcast you're, going to start to monotize, make money. Youstart to reach out to companies and try to get sponsored. Now I get twenty fivemessages a day from podcasters asking to get sponsored now. Don't get mewrong. I want to sponsor as many people as possible, but I'm going to show youthe three things that you need to include in a message to a potentialsponsor in order to even get cansider.

Okay. So, let's start off by readingmost the most recent message I got from somebody looking for a sponsorship. Itgoes a little something like this hello. I see you guys followed my account acouple of friends of mine and I have a podcast and we're looking for sponsorsif you're interested the sponsorship could be as simple as you sending USfree product and letting US review it for you or, if you'd like to make a financialcontribution that could also work. Let me know what you think and thanks forthe follow okay. So this is a really good way to not get asponsor okay and I'm going to tell you why. So this person basically did everything wrong in this message:Okay and I'm Gong to tell you how you can fix it and I'm actually going toshow you the exact email. I would send so there's three components to a wellwritten message to a potential sponsor and the first component is...

...being an actual user or a raving fan.So as a brand who does sponsor podcasters, we have a program calledpowered by poddecks and we will sponsor anybody who uses our product and thereason for that is that how can you share what an awesome product is, ifyou don't actually use it now? Yes, I could send you free product all daylong, but I could do that with anybody. I could reach out to the biggestpodcasters in the world and say: Hey I'm going to send you a free product,okay, so we're not all the biggest potcastors in the world. So we need todifferentiate ourselves from the crowd, so my product is pretty affordable. So ifyou are using the product or any other product, you have an advantage oneverybody. WHO's, just asking for free product, so actual user raving fan is number one.Now number two is METRIXC. This can be...

...as simple as saying I get sixtydownloads on youtube, every episode or I get four hundred and sixty dolnloadsper episode. Don't let the number scare you- and I know that I've told youbefore to not look at your podcast ats, but this is t important to include nowas a smaller brand. I don't care if you get twenty five downloads or tenthousand downloads, because you probably have a really great connectionwith your audience and, if you're, an actual user, you know the power of myproduct and how it works. Okay, so you're Goingta want to includesomething like it can be as simple as we get fortyeight Dow loads per episo now. The third piece of informationthat you want to include in your message is some form of informationabout your audience. So this could be as simple as saying my audience istwenty to forty four year old men who, like baseball hats or my audience, iswomen who are interested in health and fitness, specifically, the CetogenicDiet Right M, some form of information...

...to them to let them know if you arepart of the segment of people in the world that they're trying to reach okay,now you're not going to get every single sponsor that you reach out toyou, but including these three things in the message will help you at leastget a chance or go to the next level to be considered for sponsorship or anaffiliate. So, let's rewrite Mister X, his message to me: okay, thiswould have one a hundred percent gotten him into a an affiliate program withpoddecks, okay, so here's what he could have written hello name, okay, so h,it's very easy to figure out that my name is travis. I say it in every video.I have it posted everywhere. If this person would have done eight secondssorth of research before he fired off that message, it would have said hello, Travis and weall know- or if you don't know this a...

...person's name. Is the sweetest word inthe English language? Okay, so you always want to address people by theirname. Okay, hello, Travis. I just wanted to let you know thatpoddecks are crazy awesome. I had so much fun using them. On my last episode,we usually get about four hundred and sixty seven dolloads per episode, butthis week we just hit six hundred. I just want to let you know that theytotally work, and I want to share your message with everyone. I know so thatfirst paragraph includes rating fan and metric. The next paragraph would look like this:We're growing our audience really good and the next step in the process for usis trying to get sponsorships for products we love and use. Our audienceis twenty to forty four year old men who collect baseball cards and we thinkthat they would love pod decks. So this paragraph includes the audience andthat they're, an actual user and the last paragraph would gosomething like this.

Do you currently run a sponsorshipprogram, we'd love to put an ad or a live read in the beginning of eachepisode, we'd send you our download numbers for each episode it ran in. Ifyou liked to see numbers too okay, this is just a good ask. Instead of saying,like Hey, send me free shit. This is, do you even run a sponsorship program and closing out we could say, if not, Istill love your product, and maybe you have an affiliate program. We couldjoin if so, send me a link to sign up because again we love using pod deckssincerely John Smith, the baseball card, podcast, okay, so that last paragraph,let's them. Let's lets me know that, hey, if I'm not ready to sponsor them,maybe I have another program that I could put them into. Okay and, ofcourse, sincerely means a lot to me, their name and the name of their pod cast. So as asponsor, I can rip through this message...

...and the message will be down below inthe shownotes. You can literally copy and replace the text with yourinformation, but it lets me go okay. I know thisperson's name, they know my name, I feel good. I know what the name oftheir podcast is, so I can go at least listen to a few minutes of it to seewhat it's all about. I know they get four hundred and sixty seven downloadsper episode and they're, reaching men O thosanty to forty four who collectbaseball cards and they politely asked me if I had a sponsorship program, theydidn't just tell me, send me free stuff and we'll review it on our podcast okay.So this is a no brainer message that you can send to most sponsorships now again, if you'retrying to get sponsored by test law cars. This might not, you know, work,but for smaller brands and things that you actually use. This will get youthrough the initial wall of somebody WHO's. Reading these messages andemails to be considered for a...

...sponsorship so give your sponsors areason to work with you give them a reason, give them options in ways towork with you and you will get sponsors okay, so I want to know coming below.What's the first company you're going to email, this or message to get asponsorship, I want to know what you actually use and love and what's youractual raving fan of now, if you like, this video, consider,subscribing and join my private facebook group, the PODCAST Possi, it'sfacebook, dotcom, slash, poddecks, I put all kinds of information. Thisparticular post is actually in our group already, so you would ave alreadyhad this information if you were in the group I'll check you guys out in thenext episode hope you're having a great week and again, let me know what areyou an actual raving fan thanks for listening? If you enjoydthis episode, the number one thing you...

...could do to help is to subscribe rateand review this codcast or, if you know another podcast who may be strugglingand needs a little bit of poticast therapy, just click that sheer buttonand share it with the podcaster. You love the most I'll, see a in the nextepisode.

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