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Episode 11 · 1 year ago

How to STOP Overthinking Your Podcast


If your podcast mindset has ever shifted from optimistic to overwhelmed, you’re not alone! Learn Travis’ top 3 tips for cultivating a PMA: Positive Mental Attitude, so you can focus on your podcast one step at a time, without worrying about others or overthinking everything along the way!

In this episode, Travis shares …

  • Tip 1—Avoid the Comparison Trap: Steal like an artist instead! Apply what works; let go of what doesn’t!
  • Tip 2—Opt out of Overthinking: It’s either a hell yes or no!
  • Tip 3—Tap into the Compound Effect: Do just one thing every day toward your goal and watch your results grow.
  • Top tools to improve your podcast mindset

Memorable Quotes:

  • “Comparison is the thief of joy.”
  • “Next time you start thinking about any decision you’re going to make...it’s either a hell yes or a NO. If you apply that thought process...it’s going to save you hours, maybe years of your life, of spending time overthinking...”
  • “I’m going to do one single little thing every day—I’m not going to do it all today. Rome wasn’t built in a day and my podcast empire isn’t going to be either.”
  • “I’m going to have more fun podcasting, I’m not going to overwhelm myself.”

Links to resources:

Anything You Want by Derek Sivers

Pod Decks—Episode Deck

Interview Secrets Course

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Hey If youve ever felt down and outabout your podcast and you'r feeling, like you just don't- have a greathodcast mindset in this episode, I'm going to share with you three wayswhere you can turn that frown upside down starting a podcast is easy. Agrowing an audience can be hard podcastros face, so many challengesthat can make them want to quit. So I'm here to help them stay in the game. This is podcast ther, a friends. Is You boy, Travis Aka, yourpotcast buddy, your potcast therapists and a back to bring you another episodeof talking today about mindset. I've been talking to a lot of podcasters whohave taken a break or Hyatis or felt overwhelmed, and, and what this reallycomes down to, for the most part, is the mindset, the podcast mineset. So Iwant to share with you three things that I use personally to keep mymindset positive, a PMA, positive...

...mental attitude, about everything I'mdoing. Okay, I'm running businesses, I'm doing podcasting, I make art andmusic and all those things can be something that you get overwhelmed orjust can feel down. Ind The dumps about so the first thing that I want not toshare with you that will help with your hodcast mindset is comparison. Socomparison is the thief of joy right. That down comparison is the thief ofjoy as podcasters as human beings, aswhatever you're doing oftentimes we're looking at our peers and those above usand we're comparing ourselves and typically when we make thosecomparisons we feel down and out, we can feel like we're not doing as wellas we really are, and the truth of the matter is is that nobody can do yourstory for you and everyone has their own journey. So you want to make surethat you just remember that comparison...

...is okay in some capacity, but when youstart looking at other podcasters saying like wow, they have so much moredownloads than I do, or they have a sponsor or they have these coolaudiograms at some point in time, they were, in the exact same spot that youwere okay and they were probably looking at somebody else. thinking wowthat person's really got it altogether. So comparison's cool for looking attrends. For looking at what people are doing and steal like an artist steal,the best part of every pod cast steal their strategy. Look at what they'redoing see what's working and apply it to your podcast, but any time we'recomparing ourself to other people, we're typically going to feel down.Okay, so number two is over thinking. I do this all the time I will debatemyself like I'm two people on a stage behind two separate podiums. Should Ido this? Should I take this strategy? No, I don't know, I need a researchmore and I spend all this time over...

...thinking. So any time you catchyourself over thinking. Here's what I want you to do! There's an author namedDerick Sivers, who wrote a book called anything! You want it's a phenomenalbook and I highly recommend you read it: It's actually about selling CDs as amusician, but everything he talks about is going to apply to pod casting, buthe has a Credo and it's hell yes or hell, NO OKA! So next time you startthinking about any decision. You're going to make. Am I going to changepodcast host? Do I need a new microphone? Do I want to go on thisperson's podcast as a guest? Do I want them as a guest? It's either a hell,yes or a no okay. So if you apply that thought process, it could be for ashirt. Is this sure a hell yes or a no? It's going to save you hours of yourlife, maybe years of your life of spending time overthinking intoconsequential decisions that really aren't going to affect you in the longterm. What you're doing is delaying...

...you're saying I'm not sure I don't wantto make a mistake, and and for my personal experience when I make amistake, it's where I grow the most so hell yes or no make mistakes. Who Caresright, you're, going to learn from them and you're going to get better? Okaynow the third thing to keep a positive mental attitude, and this can bedifficult sometimes, but I want you to think about the compound effect. Doingone little thing every day towards your goal eventually compounds to a bigresult: They used to do compounding interest in savings accounts which theydon't anymore, but the thought process is, is you put in in a little Oto timeas your funds grow you're, making more interest on it right? So I want you toaply this to everything you do with your podcastle. Let's take theoverwhelm and feeling down about your podcast into the compound effect. Today,I'm recording a potcast, and that's all I'm going to do and tomorrow I'll,probably edit, that potcast and the day after I'm going to promote that potcastand the day after that, I'm going to...

...reach up to some people and tell themabout my pot cast I'd want to do one single little thing every day, I'm notgoing to do it all. Today, Rome wasn't built in a day and my podcast empireisn't going to be either now. All I have to do every day is think of that.One thing I need to do today. I wrote down on a Postat, not podcast, I'mgoing to do that, I'm going to cross it off the list, and I'm done now at theend of the week. I'll have done seven things for my podcast K and over timeas the weeks go by and the months go by and the years go by, I'm going to amass, more audience, more downloads, more episodes, more content, a bettersystem and just have more fun pod casting I'm not going to overwhelmmyself. So those are three things that can help. You keep a positive mentalattitude, a PMA when it comes to podcasting and here's. What I want tosay to you, you can do this just keep going. If you don't feel likepodcasting check out the pod decks episode deck, it's got. Fifty uniquepod cast starting prompts on it, pull a...

...car and start pod casting gospontaneous. If you feel like you're, not getting the right guests, you mightneed to up your pitch for your guests. You could check out my course interviewsecrets at secret, Dotpoddeck, dotcom. That's got a whole bunch of stuff thatI'm not going to tell you about right now, every time you're feeling downjust go, do one thing: Hell, yes or no, and stop comparing yourself to otherpeople. It will greatly help your overall podcast emotional health, and Ican't wait to see what you do next now remember: You're, only one episode awayfrom your next download see you guys in the next episode thanks for listening.If you enjoy this episode, the number one thing you could do to help is tosubscribe rate and review this podcast or, if you know another codcast who maybe struggling and needs a little bit of hodcast therapy, just click that sheerbutton and Sheare it with the podcaster...

Youl love the most I'll, see a in thenext episode.

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