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Episode 2 · 1 year ago

Why You Need To STOP Looking at Your Stats


So I want to talk to you about the most unhealthy relationship you have as a podcaster, and how to fix that relationship. Let's go. This is podcast there. I want to let you know that the most unhealthy relationship that you have your podcast, is it with your co host, it isn't with your audience.

It's your obsession with your podcast downloads.

It is this toxic relationship you have with an arbitrary number that doesn't represent you as a podcaster it doesn't represent how good your content is it doesn't represent how fast you're growing, and it doesn't represent, whether you should continue podcasting, or not.

Here’s three ways to use your stats for good and not evil (I know you’re gonna look)

  1. Set a date and stick to it- I check once a quarter and prep myself mentally to not be disappointed or too excited.
  2. Get a stats buddy. Someone who can look for you and give you a thumbs up or down. There’s no real reason to become a mathematician unless you are 1000% ready to sell advertising or brag.
  3. Only use the stats to make better content. You’ll quickly see what episodes are performing and which aren’t. Make more similar to what’s getting downloaded!

Okay, so those are the three ways that you can have more of a healthy interaction with your podcast downloads. I just say stop looking make the podcast make the art that you want to listen to. And you will slowly grow your audience. It doesn't matter if you have 50 or 500,000 as long as you are continuing to put out good content. If it makes you happy and you have other goals in your business, other goals in your life, and what your podcast is going to do, you'll have so much more fun.

So I just wanted to tell you that you're the number of downloads that you get per episode, it means nothing. It means nothing to me, it doesn't define who you are as a podcaster. So get out there, make some awesome episodes, put the art out in the world that you want to see, and I'll see you in the next steps.

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So want to talk to you about the mostunhealthy relationship you have as a podcaster and how to fix thatrelationship. Let's go starting. A podcast is easy. U growing an audiencecan be hard podcaster's face, so many challengesthat can make them want to quit. So I'm here to help them stay in the game. This is pod cast ther. If you needsomeone who understands podcasters come sit on my virtual couch and get yourquestions answered, get help withimpostors syndrome getting overtack, issues, finding the time to Poncast, staying on track and the fivethousand other things that are keeping you from growing your audience, findingyour voice and starting your very own movementokay. So I want to let you knowthat the most unhealthy relationship that you have in your podcast is itwith your cohost. It isn't with your...

...audience, it's your obsession with yourpodcast downloads. No, I want you to stop looking at your podcast numbers. I know that feels strange right. You're like gasp. I need to know how manysubscribers I'm getting and don't get me wrong. Listen, I'm all for what getsmeasured gets improved, but you have an unhealthy relationship with yourpotcast download numbers, and I know this because I talk to podcasters allday long every day and the first thing that comes out of their mouth is howmany downloads they're getting and how they're not happy with that how theywant to get more downloads more subscribers. I need to grow my audienceright and it's this toxic relationship. Youhave with an arbitrary number that doesn't represent you as a podcasterdoes 't represent how good your content is. It doesn't represent how fastyou're growing and it doesn't represent...

...whether you should continue podcastingor not. So I want to share a brief story with you that relates to focusingon a number and how it's unhealthy for you. So my wife is into fitness. Sheeats right, she works out and she'll come downstairs and I'll and sho a lookon her face I'll, say: honey what's wrong. Well, I weighed myself and Igained a pound right and I'm like. Well, you know, that's fine, our Bodi'sfluctuate or we don't just weigh one number. We you know, we havewaterweight, it depends on when you go to the bathroom. You know it could be anumber of things, but you're not just a fixed number, all the time. So maybeyou're just in a flux state- and you know- don't worry about it right. But thepoint is she wasn't happy and another day. She'd come downstairs with a lookon her face and say honey. What's wrong, she'll say El, I weighed myself and Ilost a pound and I'm like well that's cool and that's Great Ike. If you losta pound t at means that what you're...

...doing is working right, you're eating,right, you're, exercising you're drinking lots of water but she's likeyeah, but I've just been working so hard and you know it's just a pound and you know I'm likewell, listen. You don't want to lose too much weight too fast and honestly,you don't really have that much weight to lose so, but the point on the matter is itdidn't matter if the number went up or down, she was not happy with it. So Iactually took the scale and I hit it, because she wasn't getting a good feeling froma single number that had no, it had nothing to do with the way she lookedhad nothing to do with how she felt it was simply an arbitrary number oky- andthis relates to you in the same way with your downloads, okay, so you'regoing tolook at this number and if the number goes down you're going tofeel like I'm losing subscribers what's wrong, something's wrong what's goingon, but the that's good news, because...

...people that don't want to listen toyour potcastor unsubscribing, and why would you want somebody who didn't wantto listen to your potcast? Listening to your pod cast right? It's the samething with an email list. People are going to unsubscribe, your email isn'tfor them, so let them go and if the number goes up, I can tell you frompersonal experience: It'll never be enough! If you get to a hundred you'regoing to want five hundred, I you get to five hundred you're GOINGNA want tget to a thousand and five thousand and ten thousand and twenty thousandhundred thousand it'll never be enough. You'll always want more downloads, soeither way you look at it, you're never going to be happy by looking at yourdownload number. So I know you're going to look at your download numbers. Iknow you're addicted to analytics and I want to give you three ways that youcan have more of a healthy relationship with the download number. So the number one thing you can do is set a date and stick to it right. Somaybe you're going to look at those numbers. Every quarter and you're justyou're gong to go in with the headspace...

...of it doesn't matter what the number isit doesn't matter if it went up up or down, it is what it is. It doesn'tdefie me it doesn't. I have any bearing on how good my podcast is and go in andlook at the number and go on with it your day. So, at least you know what itis. The other way would be to have some type of accountability partner,somebody who could go Peik for you, somebody who can look and and kind ogive you a thumbs up or thumbs down like so you don't have to know whatthis number is, because, again, it's just an arbitrary number right. If youenjoy podcasting and you're giving value, it doesn't matter if you'regiving that to fifty people or a thousand people right. Imagine if youget a hundred downloads every episode. That means that every time you releasean episode, it's like there's a hundred people sitting in a room waiting tohear what you have to say, which actually sounds kind of nerve racking.When you put it like that right, but...

...you may be thinking, I've only got ahundred downloads. Okay. The next way is, if you're, going to look to onlyuse those numbers to improve your content, so you're not looking at it asa the big ANCHILATA right you're, looking at it as oh. This episode got alot of downloads where this episode didn't and instead of looking at itlike, you, failed you're, going to look at it like. Oh, they really liked theepisode about this topic or this guest more than this topic or this guest andthen make more content around that genre or guest or topic, or the valueyou're. Bringing Ki so only use the numbers for good, not evil. Okay, sothose are the three ways that you can have more of a healthy interaction withyour podcast downloads. I just say: Stop Looking make the podcast make theart that you want to listen to, and you...

...will slowly grow your audience. Itdoesn't matter if you have fifty or five hundred or thousand aslong as you were continuing to put out good content if it makes you happy andyou have other goals in your business. Other goals in your life of what yourpod casts is going to do. You'll have so much more fun. So I just wanted totell you that you'R, the number of downloads that you get per episode. Itmeans nothing. It means nothing to me and it means nothing to you. It doesn'tdefine who you are, is a podcaster so get out there make some awesomeepisodes put the art out in the world t you want to see and I'll see you in thenext episode. Thanks for listening, if you enjoydthis episode, the number one thing you could do to help is to subscribe rateand review this codcast or, if you know another podcast who may be strugglingand needs a little bit of podicast. There be just click that sheer buttonand Sheare it with the Podcaster Youl...

...love the most I'll, see a in the nextepisode.

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