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Episode 18 · 1 year ago

Why I hate Being called a Podcast "Expert"


I hate when I get labeled an expert. Expert or Guru seems like the end of the line. Someone who stopped learning at the top of their game to teach others.

I'm simply testing and sharing what works with podcasters. Period.

Will I ever stop testing? No.

Will I ever stop sharing? Nope.

You can count on me to not go GURU on you.

What the heck do I call myself?

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In this episode, I'm a Sare with youwhy I hate being called an expert or a guru and how to find good people tofind and learn from on the Internet. Starting a podcast is easy. A growingan audience can be hard podcastros face, so many challengesthat can make them want to quit. So I'm here to help them stay in the game. This is podcast there, so is recently part of the podcast it othousand and twenty, which is a stack of courses from podcasting people allover the world that you could get for a very low price. And while I was lookingthrough the landing page that they were showing people, I noticed two bigphrases that grossed me out. So the first word wasxberts. Okay and the second was Gorus. Now, don't get me wrong when somebodysays I'm there podcasgru. I know it's a complement, but I'm talking aboutlabeling myself an expert. Now I see...

...that there's a lot of people out there,helping podcasters, which really makes me happy, because if I can't help you,I definitely want you to find somebody else out there who can't. But I see alot of labels like podcasting, expert, podcasting, Guro, podcast strategistand I feel like that is a way for people who try to label themselves andlook bigger than they are now. I have no idea what to call myself, because Ido so much in podcasting that it's really hard to put it in a phrase forthat beautiful, Instagram, bio, I'm editing, Podcast, I'm coachingpodcasters, I'm making products for podcasters and in no way shape or formhave I ever sat down with a pen and paper and wrote expert, and here 'swife. I personally feel like an expert define somebody who is all knowing whoknows every single thing about a...

...specific topic, and that's just not me.I don't know everything and that's part of the wonderful thing about learningabout any type of topic or industry. Is that you're not an expert? So thereason I don't call myself is an expert. Is because all I'm doing on thischannel is testing things and sharing what'sworking, and I don't think that that qualifies me as a quote expert now, I'mall about inspiring people and I'm all about sharing what I've learned, but Ijust don't feel like expert really incapsulate, that it feels like the end,like I'm a podcast expert, and that I know everything and I really don't Ilearn from my peers. I learn from my clients. I learn something every day,and so the goal for me is honestly just to share. What's working now. Does thatmean what's working right now is going to work in a year? No, so if I'm anexpert- and I stop learning the new...

...things that are working- that I'm notreally an expert- I'm a lifelong learner- okay, so I'm going toconstantly be watching and learning the next thing, which I think is importantfor podcasters. I think, if you're going to get into this, you start inone place and you continually watch what's happening and you have to adapt.You have to try to test things and learn and seewhat works for you and do more of that. So I guess that's the reason I hatebeing called an expert because it feels like a title that makes you seem moreimportant than you are. I don't know what to call myself andmaybe you could help me I' feel like sometimes I'm a podcast Labyrat or apodcast scientist or somebody who's experimenting with things anddocumenting their findings and then, of course my job is to share it with you,so you can apply it to your show. So...

...don't get me wrong if you're a podcaststrategist or a podcast expert, I love you, keep doing what you're doingbecause you're helping people pod cast better, which is all that matters to meagain. If you get that information from me, I'm honored. If you get thatinformation from somebody else, that's cool too, but maybe you can helplyfigure out exactly what I am. I've tried to think about a one sentence:phrase where I could describe myself to you: podcast enthusiast podcastcheerleer. I can't figure out what it is, but I'm certainly not going to saythat I'm an expert because again, I'm constantly learning and I hope to neverbe an expert, because if I'm an expert I'm at the end of my journey, I'm atthe end of what all this is, which is finding out what's happening and how tomake it better. So I just wanted to share that bit ofinformation with you, because I think that it's easy to look at other peopleand see that they have some crazy title...

...that makes you feel less than you areand in reality it's just a title to make someone feel better about whatthey're doing or try to incapculate what they're doing in a very shortquick phrase or to put something in a bio that makes them look important, but I'm not an expert, and I don't plan onbeing an expert, because I intend to learn about what's happening for therest of my life. So are you a lifelong learner? Are you somebody who's callingyourself an expert? Let me know- and let me know what what the heck should.I call myself I have no idea so until then, I will see you in the nextepisode and you're. Only one episode away from your next download so keepcreating that great content and moving forward and I'm superproud of you AUI'll, see. So thanks for listening, if you enjoydthis episode, the number one thing you could do to help is to subscribe rateand review this podcast or, if you know...

...another codcast who may be strugglingand needs a little bit of podicast therebe, just click that sheer buttonand Sheare it with the podcaster Youl love the most ASEA in the next episode.

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