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Episode 6 · 1 year ago

Should I Put My Podcast on YouTube?


Putting your podcast on YouTube can sound daunting but in reality it’s easier than you think. If you want more people to find your show and connect with your content, Travis explains 3 reasons why YouTube is the perfect place for your podcast and how to make the most of the recording equipment you don’t even know you have!

In this episode, Travis shares…

  • Why video is more powerful than just a static image with audio
  • 3 Reasons to put your podcast on YouTube: Searchability, visual representations, “NonPodcast People”
  • How to use YouTube’s predictive search for episode ideas
  • Suggestions for how to record videos for your podcast

Memorable Quotes:

  • “If they’re not on an app, they’re not going to be able to find you if that’s the only place you are.”
  • “Part of podcasting and growing your audience is creating your own community.”

Links to resources:

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Ecamm Live


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Hey, if you've been wondering ifyou should put your podcast on Youtube, I'm going to tell you three reasonswhy you absolutely need to be doing that right now and how easy it canbe to actually do it. Starting a podcast is easy, but growing anaudience can be hard. podcasters faced so many challenges that can make them wantto quit, so I'm here to help them stay in the game. Thisis podcast therapy. So Tom Asks. I see a lot of podcasters puttingtheir podcast on YouTube. Should I be putting my podcasts on Youtube now?The answer to this is an absolutely onezero percent. Yes, but there's acouple things I want to share with you on how to do it. Thereare some podcast hosts that will allow you to just add your audio with astatic image to youtube, which can be...

...cool, but it's not as effectiveas actually having some video like this. Okay, and having video like thiswith your podcast isn't as complicated as you may think. You can pretty muchget away with it with a couple free tools, which I'll share with youin a few minutes. Okay, but the three reasons that you need toput your podcast on Youtube. Number one is going to be youtube is thesecond largest search engine in the world, second none only to Google. Andif you're living under a rock for the last ten years, Google owns youtube. Okay, so the two top places that people are searching for things.You want to be in that world. People are searching for things every daylike how to fix their garbage disposal or what's the best camera to use forYoutube, things like that. So if people are searching for things that you'resharing, tips and tricks or some type of trending topic, and they're notsearching for it in a PODCAST APP but...

...they're searching for it in Google orYoutube, you are going to start to rank for those and get exposure.Okay. So if you've ever seen any of my other videos on Youtube,you can actually use youtube's predictive search to create podcast episodes by starting a questionlike how do I fix my and then see they'll give you ten things thatpeople have searched for. So actually show you what people are looking to fix. Okay. So if you had Mr fix it podcast, you could literallytype that phrase in and make an episode for all the things that people havealready searched for. That way you'll know people are looking for it. Okay. Now a lot of podcast hosts are going to actually just like give youthe option to throw your audio up there with a static image, which iscool, but it's not as effective as actually having video. Okay, becausethe second reason I wanted to tell you that you need to be on Youtubeis that people engage with faces. Now, podcasts are cool because their frictionless.I can listen to them in the gym, I can listen to themat anywhere I'm doing, but there's no...

...video element. Now, human beingsare very visual creatures, so we actually look for faces and everything we see. Have you ever looked at a tree and you say like Hey, Isee that face? Or you see a cloud and go hey, that's aface. Well, or the face on the moon, right, there's aman on the moon. It's because we are programmed to look for faces.So when your face is attached your podcast or there's some visual representation of you, people are going to be more engaged with it. You know, JoeRogan, the number one podcast in the universe, obviously has video on Youtubeand people like to consume his content by watching him. Okay, as opposedto people like me, we're just listening. So you're going to want to figureout how you can do something similar to this, where your podcasting andyou're talking to the camera and engaging people through a visual queue such as yourface. Okay. So the number three...

...reason that you should be on youtubeis because there's still a lot of people that are non podcast people. Okay, what does that mean? People that aren't using podcast apps yet or peoplethat are not considering using podcast platforms to consume content. Okay, so youtubeis going to be the place that people also listen in music. You'd besurprised how many people just go to youtube to listen to music. Okay.Now, if they're listening to music and they're not using a music APP likespotify, they may not be using a podcast APP. Okay. So bybeing at a place where people are actively listening or searching for answers to things, you're going to double the chances that you're going to get that exposure.Okay, if they're not on an APP, they're not going to be able tofind you if that's the only place you are. So searchability, nonpodcasters and visual representations are the three reasons...

...that you should definitely be putting yourpodcast on Youtube. This podcast right now is on Youtube. And the reasonfor that is because I want you to see how excited I am. Youcan hear how excited I am, but you can see how excited I amabout helping podcasters and it's very important to connect with you and you to seewho I am, because part of podcasting and growing an audience is creating yourown community, your own raving fan base. Okay, so you want to putyourself out there and let people see how magnetic you are and get toknow you. Okay, so you might be thinking, oh, man,podcastings already kind of hard for me. Now I have to put a videoelement to it. Okay, so listen, you don't need to run out andbuy a camera. You probably actually already have a camera. But actuallyyou do have a camera. It's on your phone. Okay. So whatyou can do is just put the video functionality on your phone or you candownload the there's an APP I love called the sure motive video APP allows youto record up to k video with your...

...phone. Kind of depends on whichphone you have, but you can record your podcast on your phone. Makesure you're doing horizontal video, but you can record your podcast video straight fromyour phone. Okay, you don't need to buy a DSLR or some giantcamera, rig it over a complicate it. Now there's also a built in camerain your laptop or computer, so you can just simply load up zoomand start the video and record your podcast and then put your audio with thevideo to make it a video podcast. Or if you're doing interviews, hopefullyyou're recording the video portion already, so you're already going to be able tohave that sidebyside interview. Look to your podcasts. Okay. Now there's alsoother software I use that I really love, like Ecam or stream yard, thatare going to allow you to broadcast as well as record that broadcast,and you can simply just repurpose that and...

...put it on Youtube. You don'thave to get crazy into the weeds with editing. You can just put upa little bumper and put your video on and make sure that your title representswhat you're talking about. For instance, if you're going to tell people whatthe best pair of scissors in the world is, you're going to have tomake sure that that title says what's the best pair of scissors in the world, so people, when they search for it, are going to be ableto find it. So those are the three reasons you should be putting yourpodcast on Youtube. I hope that was helpful. If you have any questionsabout how to put your podcast on Youtube, come up below. I love tohelp you out. This is called podcast therapy for a reason, becauseI want to help you figure out how to keep your head in the game. Remember, you're only one episode away from your next download. I'll seeyou, guys, in the next episode. Thanks for listening. If you enjoyedthis episode, the number one thing you could do to help is tosubscribe, rate and review this podcast.

Or if you know another podcast youmay be struggling and needs a little bit of podcast therapy, just click thatshare button and share it with the podcaster you'll love the most. I'll seeyou in the next episode.

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